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Morose Trident

The miles that follow through behind us

drown me

every part of me

Poseidon once came down saying that my

tears were too much

maybe for him Athena was too



Chapter 1: Loomings

Well, there it is, the most famous opening line in all of lit’rature. Personally, I never found it all that impressive. It’s been quite over-exposed, removed of all context. 1,514 more words


When the night is overcome...

…you may rise to find the sun


• Arch Vie outfit by Lomomo @Enchantment
• Ayaka boots by Candy Doll
• Travellers elixir by…

35 more words

One island with many names

Scheria, Drepani, Island of the Phaeacians, Corcyra, Corfu are few of the names given to this shinning diamond of Mediterranean Sea. An island with so many names cannot help but to be a place that ignites curiosity, the desire for exploration, the need to make contact. 576 more words

Ancient Greece

Nelson Rockingham Reads Sexy Mythology

Every once in a while, a sub-genre of erotica comes across Matt’s desk that he’s simply not versed in enough historical knowledge to fully appreciate it. 625 more words


The Infant Medusa by Thomas Gordon Hake

By Poseidon

I loved Medusa when she was a child,
Her rich brown tresses heaped in crispy curl
Where now those locks with reptile passion whirl, 128 more words