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Lying to yourself doesn’t work...

My final two days of Hell Week are done. Thank god. These were:


2x Poseidon

I quite liked Perseus. A nice mix of exercises: Strict Pullups, Mountain Climbers, Sphinx Push-ups and High Knees.

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Hell Week progress

I’m almost at the end of Hell Week. Worked out every day apart from Thursday when I was dealing with a crisis at work and had to have a meeting over the time I would have worked out. 168 more words


Mermaid's day and 'Weird and Peculiar Tales' paperback.

I’m delighted to announce our latest book ‘Weird and Peculiar Tales’ is now available in paperback format. Thanks to all our American friends for the 4th July fireworks to help us celebrate. 532 more words

Short Stories

July 7th 2018 Journal Poseidon's Music Box - Cycles of action

  • The frame and structure

The construction of the main frame is almost complete, it has been a monster effort to get all the dimensions accurate enough for the whole structure to spin and be balanced enough to serve as a musical instrument. 1,027 more words


June 18th 2018 Journal Poseidon's Music Box Cycles of action

  • Research into the exhibition

As I am getting closer to having the sculpture finished I have revisited the public launch aspects and connecting the sculpture with the community to serve a public purpose. 313 more words


Devil Dog

I love the smell of…coffee in the morning. And you thought I was going to say hand cream! Well straighten up soldier and grab that weapon…no, the other one…and let’s get marching. 175 more words


How Do I FriendZone the Beach Without It Getting Mad At Me?

I’ve always done my best in life to make sure my allegiances are known (sports, city, restaurant chains, etc.), but I’ve never been that vocal about this one. 340 more words