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The god Chronicles by Kamery Solomon

  1. THIS IS SOOOOO UNFAIR!!! AFTER ZEUS AND POSIEDON SOLOMON DARES DOES THIS TO HADES!!! This is the most unfair thing I have ever experienced in my whole life!
  2. 1,101 more words

Letters to Poseidon by Cees Nooteboom

A serviette, a glass of champagne taken outside a fish restaurant in the open-air Viktualienmarkt in Munich, all taken to celebrate the first day of spring, prompt Cees Nooteboom into Proustian reverie. 812 more words


H is for Hrimthurs

When the Aesir had only first claimed their dominion over the Vanir, the Jotunn and all the other beings, they had no home in which to live.   2,018 more words

Greek Mythology

Shrine Kit - Greek God Poseidon - Sea Chest, Artwork, Prayer Beads - Gold and Blue

Artwork, beads, and chest for Poseidon

The kit laid out, sans beads.

The chest, in all its glory.

The Gates of Poseidon.

Beads made from turquoise, sodalite, and black onyx, with a dolphin charm. 300 more words

Father of Mine

Its ironic really.
I live in a landlocked place.
No places to visit to feel you.
So I must find you
in the smallest of ways. 78 more words

Poetry In Motion

Bloggy McBlogface: Appeasing Poseidon and the Boat-Loving Internet Trolls

This week I was reminded that even in the era of Donald Trump, people are still capable of taking voting seriously. Because a few days ago my attention was drawn to an exciting ongoing voting process on the Internet. 792 more words



we needed a break in january and we found great cheap flights to athens.

besides exploring the city, we went on a mini-hike to the poseidon temple in sounion. 18 more words

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