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From The Tongue of Poseidon

This poem From The Tongue of Poseidon is the first piece of a larger project entitled Nightswimming, a collection of short stories and prose centred around the unnamable force that is the ocean.

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Game Level Task 4

‘Betrayal’ is a RPG 2D platformer game where the player gets to play the role as Poseidon, one of the twelve deities from Greek mythology. In this story the protagonist has to rescue his siblings from Hades, who kidnapped them due to conflict between siblings. 795 more words

Unit 68

Poseidon's Rays

The thunder pounded loud
Louder and louder
Why.. Why?
Any particular reason?
No, or maybe Yes
Was she here? Or he?
Or they?
Was the gate to heaven finally open… 40 more words



The city that pride built

And brought to ruin.

Vaunted towers made of crystal,

Carved in gold and vanity,

Wrought from the suffering of her enemies,

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GMC: Other Sea Gods and Goddesses

Other Sea Gods and Goddesses

“In the waves the Sea-gods (Di Caerulei) dwelt, Aegeon . . . ambiguous Proteus, Triton with his horn; and Doris and her daughters might be seen, and some were swimming, some on fishes rode, or sat on rocks to dry their sea-green hair.” — Ovid. 2,570 more words

God Of The Month Club