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Minimalism Series: Investing in Quality

Imagine having only a cupboard filled with paper plates and plastic utensils rather than dishes. What if you ran out?

Well, there you go running to the store again. 507 more words


Go Lean

Nobody Brings All Their Crap Here

A great opportunity inherent in retiring on the other side of the world is that you’re strongly persuaded to get rid of most of the crap you’ve been dutifully hauling around for the last thirty years. 465 more words


T-Shirts of Relationships Past

I noticed the other day that, when I thought about it, a good number of my t-shirts are directly tied to a memory of a relationship.  417 more words


Of the many failings we have in being a part of the human race,  the one where we get attached to  objects, outcomes and feelings is probably the silliest. 552 more words

Posession And Non Perminance.

Everything flows.

I have been struggling to be creative of late and here I think is the crux as to why. I thought I would share my experience and musings. 303 more words


1.2.0 Shoot #5.2

I was given the opportunity to revisit this model and was determined to capture at least one shot this time that was both intriguing enough to become part of this project while also flattering the model 726 more words


1.2.0 Shoot #10

I have photographed this sitter in the studio before, but he has recently lost a fair amount of weight so he was a lot happier about his self-image. 1,094 more words