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Things All Over The Place

Things all over the place. Someday, some yet unknown civilization will study us and think that we had things all over the place. We are consumed by our things and few things ever remain in their right place. 661 more words

1.2.0 Shoot #3.2

I have had a discussion with this model around my use of masking within this project. He has a broad interest in traditional folklore and was able to inform me about some aspects of these tales which strike a resonance with my intent. 1,018 more words


1.2.0 Shoot #6

This is the first shoot I have actually done with a stranger. All previous shoots were with friends / acquaintances I had met before and therefore were a lot more forgiving with my requests. 952 more words


1.2.0 Shoot #4.2

After capturing some good quality banal shots of this subject’s personal possessions on my first visit I was under pressure to keep up this quality when I returned specifically to photograph his naked portraits. 880 more words

6. Major Project

1.2.0 Shoot #5

This was an interesting but difficult shoot. The subject lives on a boat so there is very little space for much in the way of personal possessions. 520 more words


1.2.0 Shoot #4

After seeing the initial edit this subject was surprised I found so much of interest in his home. Indeed he has even requested several shots as canvas prints. 581 more words

6. Major Project