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Life (Part 1)

Life is temporary and so unpredictable. I still think about Erin a lot. I think about the times we spent together in the city which was my second home. 357 more words

Personal Thoughts

What do we truly own?

Many years ago, when my daughter was around four, one of my cousins had come to visit us, with her son, who was the same age as my daughter. 289 more words

Everyday Moments

Everyday Carry Items

It is liberating to feel light every day. However, you do carry something with you to work every day. These are your everyday carry or EDC. 456 more words


I'm Trying, But.....

I’m trying, but…

what I want to do,
I don’t do enough of,
and what I don’t want to do,
I do too much of. 163 more words


Pursuing God

A few of my friends went on study-abroad trips in college and absolutely loved it.

I had the exact opposite experience. To be honest, it was the worst experience of my life. 267 more words


95 Personal Items

It is liberating to live with fewer possessions. I have with me a list of 95 personal items that will allow you to live life comfortably. 268 more words


10 Verses on Money to Memorize

We know memorizing scripture is essential to our Christian walk … but did you ever think about memorizing verses on money?

Believe it or not, there are over 2,000 scriptures relating to money and possessions … that’s more than heaven and hell combined! 369 more words