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The Supercell Storm

Ever since I was a kid, I have been transfixed by storms. There is something fascinating about them. The power they wield. The striking features they display. 347 more words


“Don’t worry” he says. “There is nothing you should be worried about, I’ve got this under control.” You sit there listening as scenes from your life pop in to your head. 

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Making Space

My never-ending journey of decluttering made a new turn today. I realised all these years, I’ve accumulated all this stuff due to my unfortunate inability to fall in love with things. 783 more words

[facing Fears]


I have your sweater.

The one you wore on your first day of work.

At a new job.

I think you even took a selfie wearing it that day. 25 more words

Writing 101, Day Twenty: The Things We Treasure‏

I seem to have here yet another post on treasuring things. I see someone has a mindset that’s going to get them into a lot of trouble one day, so I’m happy to write a treatise on the dangers of treasuring things in the hope it will help somebody. 937 more words


Life (Part 1)

Life is temporary and so unpredictable. I still think about Erin a lot. I think about the times we spent together in the city which was my second home. 357 more words

Personal Thoughts

What do we truly own?

Many years ago, when my daughter was around four, one of my cousins had come to visit us, with her son, who was the same age as my daughter. 289 more words

Everyday Moments