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Well Mr Suckfest….Giants lost Friday 8-6…but Saturday Lincecum was injured but the Giants picked up a win. And Sunday the MadBum only gave up 2 runs in 7 2/3rds inning and hit a home run.  410 more words

Mr Suckfest


Wow !  I thought Mr Suckfest decided to quit after the Giants take the Dodger series and Posey hitting a Grand Slam and a stolen base.  399 more words

Mr Suckfest

Life 'n' times: A Duvet

For Kung Foo, may you forever inspire.

Becoming a Duvet, the latest from up-sleeve, did not help my case. Apathy of gnosis worsened, tardiness accelerated and debauchery, kept under wraps, rejoiced in unabashed growth. 179 more words


Infinite Sadness (and love)

I’ve read some pretty neat stuff on here and have been wanting to spout for sometime now! I’ll write in the form of confessions, poems, and strange fiction. 2,577 more words



Good Morning Mr Suckfest…Hey Vogey pitched a nice game last night his fastball was around 93 mph as he pitched a shutout.  By the way Mr Suckfest the Giants lead the league shutouts…What do you think about that? 345 more words

Mr Suckfest


Oh my god the Giants lost over the weekend…I wonder if Mr Suckfest watched the games…let’s find out…Hey Mr Suckfest did you…. I watched as much as I could stand!!!! 368 more words

Mr Suckfest