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Sitting at A Picnic Table in A Park, Writing

I am the naked rock at the bottom of a ditch,

constantly regretting its place in the world.

I am the pine tree celebrating its contact with the wind; 56 more words


Billy Collins in Flight

LaGuardia to Orlando International Airport

I noticed waiting for a flight from New York to Orlando

that Billy Collins was in the food court,

eating with chop sticks. 141 more words


Green Leaf Volatiles

I’m the concrete your bare feet padded down

as I backed out of your driveway.

I’m every grenade ever rolled at you

that never exploded, 49 more words


Across state lines

I saw your car

pull away from the curb, and,

just for a moment, I saw myself,

as if beheaded by light shining off

its chrome. 86 more words


Anna is a Pseudonym

Anna of the woods and hills.

Anna with the soul of the universe.

Anna of the tiny blades of grass.

Anna went north and married someone else.


My Hour

it’s a little funny how the hurts hurt us

a secret told only to those who are ready to hurt us the most

those ready to learn the hurt of a bird, the hurt of a cat… 42 more words


Getting Hit On

A local color—imagine this color on your lips.

Now, see the differences in us, and see through

the many specks darkly, if you wish, go deeper… 17 more words