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An American Haiku in the Style of Jack Kerouac

The draining of

          this car battery

I call heart.


I Like Floating on the Assured Buoyancy of Literary Devices

I like it when

the irony is so


such as when

Ishmael uses

a coffin as a life preserver

at the end of Moby Dick… 36 more words


Whose rookie card should you invest in? Buster Posey vs. Gary Sanchez

When looking into a possible head-to-head comparison article, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the catcher position and compare the two players with the highest value baseball cards. 592 more words

Baseball Cards

Crystal Cathedral—an epigram

One of the largest glass-dominated buildings

in America kills up to 500 birds a year.

Kills each one with the promise

of more sky.


With the Lights Out

Pull the sheets over your mouth.

An ethereal pane to kiss through.

Small fingers guide my face.

To the same hours you have, I

share mine from the beginning. 61 more words


The Bird I Was

a bird, I am

still running its face

into the glass of a lovelier life

close to where I choose my words

at a desk… 35 more words


Pathetically Romantic

A small picture

of a clenched fist

raised inside a lowered skull

pressed to a cold

toilet. Framed

Above where I broke

on the floor of a bedroom— 184 more words