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Rescue Me from Ladder 49

Saw another picture of my brother climbing a ladder

how high does he have to climb to get our mother’s attention?

to say nothing of our father… 295 more words


The English Teacher

The English teacher


that love is often lucky at best,

tragic at worst.

He lived in Florida.

She lived in another man’s heart.

He wrote her poems based on the earnest, but honest, poems of Pablo Neruda. 182 more words


Where One Can Still See the Back of the Bait and Tackle Shop

Wasn’t I in this canyon six years ago?

I sat on that tire. My bald head in my hands,

crying—acting, but really balling—like rain in a b & w… 197 more words


San Francisco Giants' Buster Posey is no ordinary catcher

When it comes to card collecting and fantasy sports, catchers hardly get any love from prospective owners (of their cards or on their fantasy teams). 173 more words

Baseball Cards

Played by Jeff Daniels in the Movie

Curled up with the Battle of Fredericksburg (the first one)

while nursing cold coffee

on a warm bed one early afternoon in April


of the predawn darkness… 436 more words



from the place where its hiding

with feet stuck out, dirty from walking

behind me. it’s able to use hands

but I can never see them moving… 89 more words


Styrofoam Cup with a Hole in Its Side

so, just to mollify

for a moment

just to pour myself

from one broken


into this poem

without wetting

the page too much

to delight in how… 69 more words