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Posh brought me back to me.

I’m sitting here at my computer thinking that I really have absolutely nothing to say. Today is my 4th wedding anniversary.  And I’m sitting at my computer typing away as I eat frozen yogurt while my husband is down in the basement eating his. 289 more words

Pampered Pooches Top 5 Products

The dogs of today are not the dogs of yesterday. In the last 20 years, the pet industry has boomed; in 2016, studies show that the amount we spent on our Fidos peaked a staggering £10.6 BILLION and that number continues to grows every year. 1,316 more words


Sexual Harassment at Work and its Prevention

Sexual harassment at workplaces is not hidden anymore with the fact that women go through constant despair because of persistent offensive sexual jokes, inappropriate touching or even posting offensive material on boards at their workplaces. 325 more words


David Beckham Debuts New Collection For Kent and Curwen at London Men’s Fashion Week

Posh supported her husband at the debut of his new collection for Kent and Curwen at London Men’s Fashion Week. Of course, they looked like something out of a magazine. 170 more words



Meryl and Beryl the Gemstone twins had been home schooled and were visiting the Foggy Bottoms Resort and Spa for the first time.  They were critical to the Nth degree.   54 more words

Lime Crime Liquid Lipstick Haul

Have you ever said to yourself ‘I have bought enough makeup for now, I will give it a break for a bit’ and then half an hour later discover that something you have been looking at for what seems like forever is on sale? 537 more words

Makeup And Beauty

PowerShell - How to Create an Array with PSObject

As I told you before in my previous blog post, I was asked to build an interactive PowerShell script for creating Virtual Machines in Azure. 348 more words