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Mango and Cardamom Eclaires

I love cardamom, and mango just goes so well with it. Choux pastry has always seemed really boring and hard but I can make it really simple. 925 more words


What is Perfectly Posh?

What is Perfectly Posh? Great question! My favorite question, in fact.

Perfectly Posh is an experience. We are not simply lotions, face masks and cleansers. We are so much more. 214 more words

David Oldfield (Assistant Manager)

19-05-2017 – Appointed permanent assistant manager on 2-year deal



Josh Tibbets, 18-year-old goalkeeper, signs a 2-year deal following the end of his contract at Birmingham City


My Life, My Goals, My Plans and My Money

I want to drive a LEXUS, an AUDI, an ACURA, a BENZ or a BMW just to name a few…as long as it’s one like the car from Migo’s Bad and Bougie video that the girls popped out of. 1,188 more words

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Hi everyone,

 Welcome to my blog, my name is Kapreecia but you will commonly know me as Pree. I’m 24 years old and I’d like you guys to have a peek into my everyday life. 178 more words

Fox Or Faux?

Gene and I started a project called “Ask Gene Hackman” years ago solving real problems for real people. We were inundated with letters to the point where a hiatus was in order; however, since this is such a heinous issue that needed to be addressed, I asked Gene to bring his remarkable powers of common sense to bear and settle it…..once and for all. Thank you, Gene. FT