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Will Honesty Be Your Best Policy?

The world of internet fame isn’t only hard for the few, but for the many. And when society comes to expect a certain image, you’ll be d*mned if they don’t remind you every time you don’t match it. 308 more words

Kyoto Luffy [Blog]

In Kyoto Station you too can pose with the famous soon to be king of pirates.


-Surprise Birthday Shoot-

“There are some people that make you laugh a little louder, smile a little bigger and live just a little bit better”

A surprise birthday shoot was all she wanted for her birthday so I gave that to her. 62 more words


Bathrobe Secrets

There are few things more touching and more arousing than your sweetheart geeting out of the shower and, still moist, slipping into her bathrobe. You’re a lucky guy, if she is into playing around with herself and showing her goodies. 19 more words


Odd Number

June 2017, in a school in the bush of Zimbabwe. I watched some children play football during their break time. Suddenly I noticed that I was being watched by three boys. 26 more words


This racy wedding photo is getting lots of attention, and not in the good way

Wedding photos are inherently boring to pretty much anyone who isn’t in them. And, honestly, that’s sort of to be expected. It’s hard to spice things up when it comes to photographing newlyweds, who simply want decent photos of the dress, their faces, and maybe one or two kissing shots. 368 more words