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EU insists on orderly Brexit as UK battles for upper hand

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Britain is in a hurry to get Brexit talks to envelop trade. Not so fast, the European Union says.

Prime Minister Theresa May’s government is issuing on Tuesday its third position paper in two days on how it sees its future relationship with Europe. 982 more words

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Pardon Me, Britain, Your Brexit Schizophrenia Is Showing

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Will it be partially out, or will it be fully out? Or will it not be out at all? 

And what does “out” mean exactly? 693 more words

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UK to release tranche of Brexit position papers

LONDON (Reuters) – Britain will issue a cluster of new papers this week to outline its strategy positions in divorce talks with the European Union, ranging from regulation of goods to data protection, the UK’s Brexit department said on Sunday.

Racist Daily Stormer goes down again as CloudFlare drops support

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All week, the infamous hate site Daily Stormer has been battling to stay online in the face of a concerted social media campaign to shut it down. 514 more words


'Graffuturism' blog: points of interest

Photo: ‘Days and Shapes’ Mylo Elliott 2016

‘Post-Graffiti, Post Pop Art, Graffiti Art, Style Writing, Gothic Futurism, Urban Art, Graffiti, Street Art etc. etc. These are the labels that someone has already posted on the artists involved in the show, and most of the artists that are our peers. 274 more words



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Why Benchmark's Suit Against Travis Kalanick Is a Brilliant Move

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For the umpteenth time, especially in the last few months, we are seeing why the Valley isn’t just hyper-insular; it’s often flat-out ignorant of how people think about and react to things in the real world. 962 more words

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