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How Amber Grimes Hustled To Become A Senior Manager At Spotify

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It was just a few months ago that I stumbled upon Amber Grimes Instagram account. The blue icon, with the white check mark intrigued me. 414 more words

Money Matters

Okay We Need to Talk About Memes

It’s pretty much a universal human experience. You are laughing until you can’t breathe at some picture on your phone and someone in the room is like “What in the world is so funny?” so you, laughing all the while, pass them the phone to show them the absolutely hilarious. 834 more words


I Played That Right, Didn't I? (Part Two)

Part One of “I Played That Right, Didn’t I?” described a two online poker hands where I was all-in and way ahead, only to see the villains hit a 2-outer and 4-outer, respectively, to win big pots. 698 more words

Bad Beats

Reveal the Secrets about Woman by Sleeping Position !!

Have you observed your sleeping patterns and wondered about why you sleep in a particular posture? If not then maybe you would do tonight, as your sleeping position holds secrets of your psyche. 334 more words

Universal Secrets


Of late I have been reading a book written by a South African lady, Suret Morkel called “The anointing of the Royal Priest and Bride”. She writes a  section on having a posture of prayer and worship, a deepening of our love for Him that comes from our brokenness of self. 927 more words

Seeking Deeper Meaning

My Splatoon 2 Match Became A Dance Party

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Last night, during a match of Splatoon 2, everyone got fed up with our senseless land war. We all laid down our arms and came together for the one thing that matters most: having a kickass party. 376 more words


The Complete Guide To Understanding Chess

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You probably remember the rules of chess, but what’s actually happening there on the board? How many moves are Grandmasters really thinking ahead? 7,954 more words