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Wheelbarrow walks - old-school tech

Walking on your fists is great. Walking on your first with a friend is even better.

Enjoy both rolls in this movement and note how the body learns to move as one, once tension is healthily distributed throughout the body. 139 more words


Are you serious about those who shower unconditional, unlimited love to you irrespective of your power or position?

Dear Samuel,

How you are recognized in professional and social world – based on your earning, designation, power, status or qualifications! The list is long going… People’s mentality, behaviors and views will be getting changed for you based on the variations in above factors. 333 more words

Copy Writing

Position vs Empowerment

Good evening! I first want to say that the reason you haven’t received your daily devotions in your emails was because me and my family were on vacation. 355 more words


PLO update, part 4

Another update to my online low-stakes PLO play.

I continue to make plenty of mistakes, but overall winning just a bit.

Rather than catalog specific hands, I’ve developed a summary of spots where I’ve gotten all-in prior to the river card. 273 more words


What does your sleeping position tell about you?

We have been sleeping the same way ever since we came into this world. But have you noticed that each person sleeps differently?

The fact is the way you sleep can tell a lot about a person. 186 more words

[People.] - People In Positions of Power. - #PIPOP

Do You Know Who Demis Hassabis Is? And Why He Is One Of The Most Influential People In The World of Technology In Current Day? 141 more words


there are already

there are already
arguments to your arguments –
we are all so good

at gift-wrapping ourselves in the
shiniest and smartest posture
y… 15 more words