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Being More Powerful Than You Are Today!

I am re-posting from February of last year as it is still so relevant this year, asking the question, what characteristics make up your power? 257 more words


Grand Opening






Happy Thoughts-Let the Seeds Grow


Do you ever put forth effort, intention and energy on goal & nothing seems to be happening? Maybe we just need to relax & let the seed take the needed time to bloom and grow! 116 more words


Day Fifty-Lesson 5-Unleashing Your True Passion & Self Confidence-Sacral Chakra (Svasdhisthana)

As a high school counsellor I was on the front lines of the direct effect

the absurd way that sexuality, sex and intimacy were portrayed on the… 965 more words

Daily Ponderings

Happy Thoughts-Bless the Little Things


For today’s podcast share we’ve got a quote that got me thinking about how important it is to turn away from our busy lives and goals, & just relax refresh and recharge ourselves by going out and experiencing nature. 92 more words


When I AM

When I AM more Forgiving of Myself
I AM more forgiving towards others…
When I AM more Loving towards Myself…
I AM more Loving towards others… 23 more words

The person you meant to be!/Αυτός, που ήρθες, για να γίνεις!

“Η ζωή είναι γεμάτη αλλαγές, μην φοβηθείς, να γίνεις αυτός, που ήρθες, για να γίνεις!”
“Life is full of changes, do not be afraid to be, who you meant to be!”
Fotini Kehagia

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