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Sometimes It's Just a Matter of How We Look at Things

Even when it seems as if there’s nothing we can do

To escape the weather or to change an outcome

We have God’s given free-will  power, to change our attitude


Spiritual Impressions

Fighting depression - one day a time

I have been struggling with Depression and anxiety for a while. About 1.5 years ago- I decided enough was enough- I hated my mood and how easy it was for me to become irritable- I talked with my doctor about prescribing medication to help. 330 more words

My life is a fairy tale, but yours could be too

My life is a fairy tale, and I am in fact a princess and nobody can make me believe otherwise. People always tell me that my life is “perfect” or that things that happen to me couldn’t happen to anyone else. 881 more words


It's All in the Perspective - Chanie Gorkin

This poem was written by teen Chanie Gorkin 17 yrs old in 2014. It’s all in the perspective.

Today was the absolute worst day ever… 130 more words



All the wisdom and spiritual traditions speak of forgiving others.  I was recently in a situation that we are all familiar with –  I had to deal with a person who is extremely difficult and unable to talk about what is upsetting her.   210 more words


If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

DON’T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL.  Wise words my mom used to tell me often.  “If you can’t say anything nice…don’t say anything at all.”  She used this saying as a response to bickering between my brother and I but today I realized that there is a much bigger application that this can be used in. 481 more words


Positive attitude and Islam

Islam and positive attitude are concordant and in fact reciprocates each other. The concept of tawheed in and itself is a positive attitude approach which teaches us to have hope and rely only on Allah azza wajal. 257 more words