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5 Things to Work for YOU

Normally I post about health and nutrition related information but today I wanted to change gears because I know life happens. Today’s video is based on improving confidence and positive thought to work for you. 35 more words

What To Do To Begin Changing Your Life For The Better 1

“People ask me what they might do to begin transforming their mind and their life? It is simpler than you think it is. The only limitations that truly exist, exit in our thoughts or ways of thinking. 618 more words

Personal Development

The Power of Yet: A Growth Mindset

Small words are often our most powerful words. No, Yes, Now, Love, and Stop are all small words with power. When we respond to a situation or question with these words we convey power of conviction. 729 more words



Sipping tea in my balcony, I wondered what will happen if I jump down. “No”, said my inner soul, “My children need me”. I shuddered and came inside my room. 316 more words


Who You Are Speaks Volumes: You Can't Hide It

“First impressions are lasting impressions. Are you a friendly, reliable, loyal, honest, trustworthy person that people want to do business with or say yes to? What message do they get fromYOU beyond the message you are attempting to communicate? 334 more words

Personal Development

If you live in the present your new world starts every day!

Over the last 48 hours there has been so much talk and comparisons made regarding the inauguration of the latest president of America. I do not doubt in the slightest that things on the world stage are going to change over the coming weeks, months, years; and I really don’t want to start hypothesising about where America is going to be 5 years from now, because quite frankly there is precious little I do in my life which can influence the direction she is taking. 336 more words



Whenever people talk about truth, certain phrases like “the truth will set you free” and counsel that it isn’t to be feared, ought to be embraced, etc. 515 more words