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Years ago I considered myself  a worrier. I worried about everything. I would go to bed at nights with worry on my mind and wake up refreshed, stretching and yawning at the new day, as the sun beamed through my window, but as I stretched and yawned I also searched my mind to remember what was it I was worried about before I went to sleep. 2,525 more words

Spiritual Inspiration/Advice

Broose the Moose on the Loose - New Children's Book from Jemsbooks!

I am happy to announce my new children’s book. Book illustrated and cover created by my husband, John Spina. Copyrighted by Janice Spina and John Spina… 197 more words

Positive Attitude

How To Deal With Anger & Insecurities "Surrender To Your Better Self!"

Have you ever done something out of anger or frustration; something crazy, which in hindsight you realized was kind of crazy? I have. The other day, I got up to make a report at a church council meeting and mentioned the pain on the stroke affected side of my body. 207 more words

Positive Attitude

Emotional Roller-coasters: Highs & Lows Of My First Week Back At Uni.

Okay, so once again it has been a while since I made my last post.

This is entirely to do with university resuming for the year – I have just been preoccupied and busy! 1,332 more words

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A positive attitude equals positive results

“Control what you can control.”

A phrase I have heard my whole life in sports. It can be the most frustrating phrase in the world when you are mad at yourself in a game, but it also one of the most helpful phrases in sports. 497 more words


Trials on Trails

What a weekend of running it was for me! I had two trial-some adventures on two snowy trail runs. Both were related to work, group runs I was bringing demo shoes for. 813 more words


Embracing my "monsters"

There are times when jealousy, ego, selfishness, anger and other inner  monsters wake up and wanna come out, they want to make a statement , they want importance. 320 more words