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Quote of the day

 I will never let the cloud of sin darken me but will wait for GOD to show the light as a sun to my path.

Quote of the day

Truth is an elusive version of stipulations with perceived reasonings, unless aberrated and then becomes a lie.

When True Love First Struck

Patience and Love agreed to meet at a set time and place; beneath the twenty-third tree in the olive orchard. Patience arrived promptly and waited. She checked her watch every so often but still, there was no sign of Love.

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Hunting for The "Dream Guy": Checklist

We all know that love usually has the worst timming ever. It comes and strikes you from behind when you least expect it to. Therefore, I think it would be a really great idea to be well prepared in advance; so that you can bring your A game to the dating arena. 1,241 more words



“Do you find me beautiful?” asked the mirror.

“Yes.” I replied.

It has taken me a long time to reach to a point where I’m comfortable with my body. 480 more words


"Dream Guy": What That Should Really Mean

Dream Guy.

Prince Charming.

Knight in shinning armor.


These are just few of the words that come into one’s mind when you get asked about your ideal partner.

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