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Daily Prompt Cur |Cur Is A Curse!

Cur! Actually, cur is a curse. Our life is a roller coaster it has lots of ups and downs. We all go through them to gather our experiences good or bad but these experiences make us learn a lot, they definitely shape our personality. 426 more words


Quote of the day

7Don’t bother about the eclipses in life… but always be hopeful in those dark periods for a bright sunny day.

The subtle art of learning...

As some of you know, at 50 I decided to continue my life long learning and enrolled in classes at ACNT. Naturopathy seemed to fit my interests so, away we went! 660 more words

Life's Journey

First foray into motherhood...!

So I’ve been busy getting upset and annoyed with the doctor who tells me that I only have a 5% chance of ever getting pregnant with my horribly low AMH and my normal’ish FSH (apparently upper end of the normal range). 518 more words

Daily Life

Daily Prompt Elaborate|Elaborate Positive Thinking

Elaborate, to elaborate something we need patience and dedication. It is not an easy task to do. To provide details we need to have full knowledge. 247 more words


Do You Realize The Impact You Have On Everyone Around You?

We all have an opportunity to influence the people within our circle positively or negatively.  In our day to day lives this may not even be a thought because you are just busy doing your daily routine as usual.  552 more words