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African Me & Satellite TV, on Lisa Burton Radio

Today on Lisa Burton Radio, we’re on the phone with Princess Sithole, all the way from Zimbabwe. I’m your host, Lisa the robot girl. “Welcome Princess.” 1,933 more words

Lisa Burton Radio

How To Get Through The Tough Negative Times!

“Choose your thoughts. Pick the most positive, powerful, supportive ones you are able to. First, congratulations on making a decision. You decided to choose to focus on these positive thoughts. 749 more words

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How Precious is Time to You?

Do you spend it wisely on those you love, including yourself or do you measure it out it in meager doses? Do you squander time on meaningless things and find you don’t have enough time leftover to do what needs to get done or enjoy the quiet times? 362 more words


When You Don't Feel Like It: Do This

“Expectations can be a blessing and a curse. We should expect the best of ourselves and others and be realistic at the same time. Fear and worry about the future doesn’t support us at all. 1,002 more words

Personal Development


As I took a look at my trophies, I put my hands up in despair. They had lost the luster. They were no longer the glittering trophies I had once been proud to put on display. 249 more words


Being a Cup of Coffee with a Positive Attitude at Work

Every morning we crave for a well brewed cup of coffee. Imagine a day we do not get your cup of coffee or your coffee does not taste good. 521 more words

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