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What And Who Determines Your Success? The Bad And Good News

“The great problem for most people is they believe they’re victims of circumstance, events and other people; others and circumstances determine whether they, the individual, rise or fall, succeed or fail. 793 more words

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Slamisms - 501-600

     If I am nothing else. I am definitely persistent. And so I publish my 600th Slamism quotation. Of course, Slamisms are my own brand of inspirational, educational, motivational and helpful personal quotations. 2,473 more words

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I Wish I Could Be...

Imagine this. My six-year-old wearing his fuzzy pj’s makes this imperious proclamation: “I wish I could be public schooled so I wouldn’t have to walk… 336 more words

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Soar - #DailyHaikuChallenge

When chaos ensues

Trying to drown your Spirit

Soar about the Tides

To take part in the Daily Haiku Challenge see  The Original Post from Day One… 17 more words



“Mom, look at its long neck. Why does it have such a long neck?” My son asked looking at a bird that totally amazed him. We were in Dehradun zoo and it was difficult for me take my son away from each animal. 387 more words


You Can't Get There If You Don't Know Your Destination!

“You can’t get there if you haven’t set and don’t know your destination. The reason most people don’t accomplish their goals and dreams is because they want to be comfortable. 323 more words

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Exposure of a Sales Professional

A few months back I ranted on about mobile phones and the lack of attention the sales staff were paying to the passing trade on their exhibition stand – … 527 more words