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Day 141 - The Jigsaw Comes Together

Awaking before sunrise, to join a field of outdoor dancers moving to the sound of Kamananda, was to be how my Sunday began.
Watching the sunrise whilst dancing to… 246 more words

Positive Change Project

Day 140 (positive project) It's Just Your Reaction

I am known for my hatred, or should I say, non-acceptance, of the musical genre, dubstep. This was one element of the festival that I was not too excited about. 81 more words


Day 139 (positive project) Connect To Your True Depth

After a good nights sleep in our rented tent, we awoke to find breakfast. All the food stalls were supplying organically grown produce, mainly vegetarian and some raw. 340 more words

Positive Change Project

Day 137 (positive project) Wow, What Happened?

Wow, it’s now March 6 and I haven’t posted an update since February 29. Since we last spoke, I have been on an incredible journey. I have had fears calmed, faith restored, heart opened, passions reinforced and path lit. 153 more words

Positive Change Project

Day 136 (positive project) Your Potential to Achieve

Each morning and night I travel up or down these stairs, they are steep and tiring. Whilst traveling down them I was reminded of a time when I was much younger. 159 more words


Day 135 (positive project) Nurture your Passions

Life can be challenging, that’s for sure. Some people have it easy and some extremely difficult. Everyone however has the strength to make their own choices and to do this must truly connect to who they are. 201 more words


Day 134 (positive project) Water Management

It’s hot in Costa Rica. Today, the temperature says thirty three degrees centigrade. It feels so much hotter. I decide to have a shower to cool off. 212 more words