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25 Acts of Christmas Kindness for Children

With the Christmas season fast approaching, it seemed appropriate to write a post about children, appreciation and kindness.

One idea I particularly like is to help the children create a Kindness Calendar. 278 more words


A FORK in the ROAD

Lucky Enough:  To Have a Choice.

Did you know that the average North American adult makes about 35,000 choices each day? The choices can be as simple as what to eat or what to wear. 156 more words

Simple Mindfulness

More than Expected

Beachbody came into my life when I needed it more than ever.  I have always had body image issues and it was a time in my life where I wanted, no needed, to move past that.   433 more words

Beachbody By A

You CAN please everyone - if you want to be average

It is one of the conversations I hear most often as a Mentor; a client is feeling down, their confidence is at an all-time-low and they’ve just admitted that today, someone told them they didn’t like what they do.   1,009 more words


Brexit: much more than politics

It’s taken until now for me to feel ready to write about the results of the UK Referendum on our membership of the European Union.  I made no secret of the fact I was voting to remain, and while I stand by my decision, I am more in despair of how we seem to be reacting to the result than I am by the result itself.   1,353 more words


We've got chemistry

Since moving house I have registered with a new GP, who has been very thorough in checking all of my existing treatments and conditions and booking lots of fun blood tests and nurse-consultations for me to attend. 616 more words

Mental Health

Opposites attract

I am beginning to think that, of all things, the single harshest hindrance to good mental health is being on your own with nothing pressing to do. 515 more words

Mental Health