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Are you celebrating your successes?

Are you celebrating your successes?

In the current financial climate, there is so much negative talk and focus that it is easy to lose sight of our achievements. 705 more words


We Meet Again

Its been 18 days since I woke up.

Not literally, of course. Figuratively.

First of all, I want to say that I thought long and hard about whether or not I was going to come back to this blog in the first place. 551 more words

Weight Loss

New year, new life, new choices

It’s been a long time. I’ve been working at being well; at living with “heart failure” a name I choose not to repeat and that I certainly don’t choose to give much space in my life. 614 more words

Opposite Day

Yesterday was not opposite day, it was a typical I am nursing a broken heart day which consisted of me not showering, not eating any healthy food, not drinking enough water, not going outside at all, binging on Netflix and indulging nervous self-destructive habits. 425 more words

A Griever's New Year

So the holidays are over. Life is getting back into the old “normal.”  Your heart might still be trying to navigate the swells of grief that ebb and flow.  556 more words

Conversations For The Hurting

Positive Thinking Day 2 – Part 4 - Thinking Effects our life in much bigger way then our actions

Thinking Effects our life in much bigger way then our actions, Actions are just consequence of our thinking. Great actions may create temporary results, but great thought processes create long lasting results. 717 more words

Happiness Therapy

Positive Thinking Day 2 - Part 2

This is a quotation by Mother Teresa. That to do big things in our life, we need not work very hard and do lot of big things. 165 more words

Happiness Therapy