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Flipping the Switch to Freedom

Those who have been successful in finding freedom from sexual addiction sometimes talk about “when the switch was flipped.” They describe a process in their healing that enabled them to begin looking at their addictive behaviors in a totally different way. 486 more words


Perspective and Attitude

When the scale was moving steadily down and I got to my current weight, I was over-the-moon delighted and excited.  I felt powerful, supercharged, able to take on the world and pursue any activity or adventure.   544 more words

General Musings

4 Big Lies that Keep Us Stuck

Every one of us has a personal set of beliefs that have become the “laws” that rule our lives. The majority of these beliefs were already firmly-established by the time we started school. 432 more words

Christian Recovery

Why I Did Not Work Out In Mexico.

I was blessed to spend a fun filled week in Mexico with my husband and kids celebrated the marriage of my brother-in-law.  It was our first trip as a family to an all-inclusive resort and I was super excited not to have to cook and clean for the whole week. 352 more words


Is Addiction Hereditary?

There is scientific evidence that suggests that our genetic make-up may make us more vulnerable to a specific type of addiction. Most of us are aware of at least one instance where addiction appears to run in a family—the parents of the addict, and sometimes even the grandparents, have had their own struggles with addiction. 686 more words


Reimagining Prom

Researchers say that the members of Generation Z (born after 1993) are the “we” generation, the crowdfunding Kickstarter generation. They embrace innovation, collaboration, inclusivity, and philanthropy. 400 more words


#BlackLivesMatter: stylishwomen_ofcolor

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