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The secret is....

…There is NO secret.  Honestly.  There is no answer that will be revealed when you’ve learned enough, or suffered enough.  There is no Secret to happiness, success or lasting contentment.   404 more words


Making Right Choices

I’ve heard of some cultures and how they make decisions based on the generational rules. For example, they would look at what their decision would mean to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and that is how they’d know if they should follow-through or not. 94 more words

Do it, don't dream it ...

Dreams are lovely. We all have them. We value those moments when we can close our eyes and be in our dream

My dream has been to work as a professional psychic. 297 more words


Is being 'fine' costing you business?

Do you really know anyone in business who isn’t finding times hard at the moment? Is there any business that has not been touched by rising costs or falling demand – or both. 727 more words


16 Feb 2016

I didn’t go out to breakfast, and I didn’t eat the poptarts at work

I read my devotional

I took a nap

I got up when my alarm went off to buy the kitty’s food even though I wanted to sleep… 76 more words


24 Feb 2016

I grabbed a  bag of cheese doodles, but I put back.

I went to the gym AND worked on my arms

I had a healthy dinner, but I ate out for breakfast… 45 more words


Are you celebrating your successes?

Are you celebrating your successes?

In the current financial climate, there is so much negative talk and focus that it is easy to lose sight of our achievements. 705 more words