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A Lesson Taught By My Students During A Homeless Shelter Project

Day 1:    A long term project has been the topic of discussion for the last month.  My fondest hope is to build character and empathy in the children through a donation drive for the homeless shelter. 1,721 more words


An Example Of Engaging Children So They Want To Learn

Today I decided to take advantage of the children’s creativity and curiosity. I am reinforcing math skills by developing a secret code. We sat in a circle with math manipulative s. 366 more words


Aspergers Syndrome The Hidden Disorder

Lately, I haven been observing comments regarding what Aspergers is, how it effects the lives and family of individuals living with this syndrome , their family, and individuals whom they have daily interaction with. 1,208 more words


Memoirs From Halloween - A Pumpkin Became A Classroom Learning Tool

The school age children had the day off from school. I worked a nine-hour day. My kindergarten charges joined me for the day as the kindergarten room follows the public school schedule. 780 more words


The Reflective Nonjudgmental Educator In The School Age Program Classroom

I sit here pondering what to do. I struggle to run a functional program.  I have had an epiphany. Education and personal life need to be separate entities. 641 more words

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Tips To Encourage Development Of Social SkillsOf Children On The Autism Spectrum Used In My Classroom

1) Set aside a table in the corner of the room. Make sure ample space is provided in proximity to other activities. In doing so, the child on the autism spectrum will not feel crowded or feel as though their personal space is being intruded upon.This should be left out as a long-term project and can be used to encourage non threatening solitary play during times when the child is anxious and needs space. 556 more words


A Very Special Mothers Day To Special Needs Moms

I was perusing the numerous racks of mother’s day cards recently. As is characteristic of me, my experience jettisoned into a silent analytical observation.  I made mental notes pertaining to the responsibility afforded to a mother. 726 more words