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5 simple ways to start communicating positively. (4 min read)

Positive communication. That phrase gets thrown around a lot these days. Does it really make a difference in our lives? Well in my opinion yes, it really does. 1,009 more words

Step out and make new relationships

My best friend called me a “friend collector.” I laughed at the thought of it, but I guess it’s true. “Acquaintance collector” might fit better since I only have a few people I would call good friends, but I do meet people easily. 1,225 more words


5 Communication tips to make sure you are heard

When you speak – you want people to listen (especially our partners and children). Although most people think that if you yell, you will be heard.   753 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

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Love this quick guide to rational and productive conversation. There is nothing like accidentally coming across as accusatory or malicious to end what could be a great conversation. Using these quick and simple tips in your next important conversation can help you avoid accidentally causing your communication partner to shut down and shut you out.

15 Phrases You Need to Say to Yourself More Often

This is another post that I felt I should share in its original form. Lolly Daskal is a regular contributor to Inc. and Forbes, and has a great deal of good advice to leaders at all levels. 991 more words


The end of criticism

I am sure there is more than one guy out there who would love to know why women criticize. And what they can do to stop it. 1,643 more words