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#Lifelessons101 - I do everything in our house - but do you really?

After talking to a Mr  the other day about our role in our homes and in our families. It became very obvious that we both were having the same feeling and frustration about our lives. 552 more words

Mark Calima: How to Develop Effective Communication Skills

Having effective communication skills is imperative for Mark Calima’s success. As a Director of Bands at Westfield High School, it is important for him to clearly communicate to his students. 234 more words

Mark Calima

Vanquish difficult people with your verbal powers

They’re everywhere. At work or school, at the store, in your personal life…possibly in your dreams. I’m talking about difficult people. We can all be irritable or indecisive at times, especially when we’re… 1,009 more words


Check if you're too stressed and ways to work through it

Not all stress is bad. We all go through it at different points. Things such as getting fired from a job or a death in the family will cause stress.  474 more words


Courage and ways to get more of it

With respect for those that have served and fallen for their countries.

It’s not an easy decision for many to make to fight for what they believe in, or for their country, especially when death… 1,034 more words


Language and Cognition - Can Linguistic Choices Lead to "Bad Thinking"?

Words are extremely powerful. Let us start with this axiom. A word is a powerful tool.

And powerful tools can be both excellent friends and formidable enemies. 551 more words


Listening is communicating too

I’m lucky today! I got my inspiration for this post from two sources. The first was from a comment Cahla’s Tawkin’ made on a previous post… 595 more words