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Achieve Success with Positive Communication

Use these six strategies to communicate effectively.

1) You can accept anything without agreeing with it. Thus, acknowledge amazing requests and outrageous statements with responses such as: 317 more words


How To Make The Right Impression

How To Make The Right Impression

You only have one chance to make the right impression whatever the context: interview, sales pitch, networking at a conference, presenting a Report or briefing the Boss, the Team or both. 467 more words


What are you talking about? Make yourself understood.

When you say something, do people misunderstand what you’re trying to say? Do you feel like you often have to defend yourself because people get the wrong idea about you? 822 more words


House Rules For Effective Positive Communication

Do you have ground rules in your house for effective communication? Well we do!

Negative family communication is where we have been – and what’s that teaching the children? 434 more words

Recovery From Abuse

A communication tip for leaders and for life: Take a Step Back

In this article, I want to share with you a communication technique that has made a positive difference to my life as a leader, team member, life-partner and a friend. 936 more words

Communication Technique


Some of these topics were already discussed in previous sections, but I don’t think all the readers read all the sections, so it’s important to answer some common questions here too. 1,750 more words


Intro to ethical non-monogamy

If I had to sum all of it in one word that would be “Communication”. In two words? I’d probably add “Respect”. I’ll use “non-monogamy” from now on, but remember that we are talking about ethical non-monogamy (as opposed to cheating that is unethical non-monogamy). 978 more words