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Quiz - Rate your relationship building skills

Do people seem to enjoy being with you, or do they head the other way when you enter the room? Part of building strong relationships is how you show others you care about them. 318 more words


1,2,3,4 your negativity won't affect me any more

Inspired by a comment on my post last week, “Positivity is contagious so pass it on“, I wrote this post with strategies to deal with the negative people we may come across. 1,495 more words


Dominance thinking getting in the way...

Daily I am confronted by the pervasiveness of dominance theory as a describer of canine behaviour problems. As an explanation for canine behaviour it befuddles clients with advice like not letting dogs go through doorways first, getting them off high vantage spots like couches or beds and insisting owners take stuff from their dogs. 486 more words

What are you talking about? Make yourself understood.

When you say something, do people misunderstand what you’re trying to say? Do you feel like you often have to defend yourself because people get the wrong idea about you? 822 more words


Listen up! The unspoken part of a conversation.

Fifty percent of all communication involves listening. Knowing how to listen well can improve your communication skills and relationships. I talk a lot, too much sometimes, but I also make an effort to ensure I listen and ask questions as much as I talk. 526 more words



“Leaders are born but not made” is what one half of the world says while the other half says, “Leaders are made, not born”. Every person has leadership qualities present but not everyone gets the opportunity to showcase them. 594 more words


Online Publicity

An important part of public relations is publicity.  Publicity in its simplest form is the means of conveying information to the general public through the media.   528 more words

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