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The 10 Rules for Positive Communication

  1. Welcome others. In order to start any type of positive communication, welcome others by smiling or even opening your arms. People will immediately feel more at ease and welcome.
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Jessica J. Lockhart

New Term, New ‘Tude’

In conflict resolution it is often helpful to find ways to start fresh. There’s frequently a need for folks to put history behind them; to rebuild trust, or maybe establish it once and for all after prior attempts faltered. 469 more words


Post-Divorce Issues

An official divorce document may seal the end of your marriage, but it may not necessarily resolve all of the unforeseen or unpredictable post-divorce issues. If there are children involved, there needs to be a modification in your communication with your ex and in the handling of post-divorce issues. 121 more words

Metaphysical Communication Tools - Part 2: Build a Bridge

Communicating well is a life skill and it’s well worth investing time in developing it. The better we are at making ourselves understood and understanding others, the more connected we feel to those around us. 315 more words


Emotion Coaching: helping children to understand and manage powerful feelings

Children’s behaviour is often problematic because they are trying to solve a problem of their own. Learning to understand your emotions and identify your needs takes time and often a child’s solution is both impulsive and centered on their own needs. 1,875 more words

Helping Children Flourish

The Five Purposes Of Meetings

The Five Purposes Of Meetings

There can only really be four reasons why meetings take place – these at=re listed below.

If YOUR meeting does not fall into one of these five categories think again on why you want the meeting and what it is set to achieve. 97 more words


Positive communication is a key life skill

One of the most important gifts you can give to a child is to communicate with him or her by talking and listening. Everyday interactions that take place during communication form the foundation for lasting healthy relationships. 569 more words

Interpersonal Communication