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Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs


Q: I know about the Abraham Maslow hierarchy of needs. Are the three spheres an explanation of psychological needs? What is the difference between your work Maslow theories? 408 more words

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Carl Rogers Psychology


Q: I have heard of the work of Carl Rogers on personality and have admired it considerably. How is your approach similar or different? 1,083 more words

Positive Mental Health

Happiness, Pleasure, Life Purpose, Wellbeing?

Goal Happiness?


Q : Is the goal of Lifetrack Positive Mental Health happiness?

A: Yes, the goal of Lifetrack is happiness or wellbeing!! 325 more words

Positive Mental Health

Love Definition

Intimacy Sphere

The intimacy sphere extends one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions beyond the self to become close to another human being.

Different types of intimate relationships such as that with a parent, spouse, significant other, children, friend(s), God or the universe bolsters the psyche. 425 more words

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Self Definition

Self Sphere

Definition of Self

Traditionally, the integrity of the Self refers to the entire personality of the individual.

The Lifetrack model of positive mental health developed by  387 more words

Positive Mental Health

Econometric Modeling and the Mind

Econometric Modeling

Econometric Modeling, Quantification and the Subjective Mind

Ishizuka, Nathalie, “Travel inside the Mind of an Executive: To Hell, Back and Beyond,” Analyzes the extensive daily self-rated data by one of Dr. 529 more words

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Japan and Psychology

Models Applied to Individual, Organization, Nation, and International

Dr. Yukio Ishizuka has applied the model on individual human personality to the Japanese, Japanese Organizations, Japan as a Nation State and Japan’s role in International Affairs. 1,096 more words

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