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Positive Discipline: greedy vs. grateful

I know I’m not the only parent to struggle with teaching my children gratitude in the face of constant consumer pressure.  Our culture preaches more more more while my parenting instincts scream less less less.   518 more words

agile4life event in Las Palmas

3 weeks ago, I gave my first conference about Agile4Life. What an opportunity to inspire others sharing our journey! I really enjoy sharing some of my passions: family, agility, positive discipline and sailing. 374 more words


The Illusion of Control

It is number four on the list.

The list is actually a good set of questions at the beginning of Positive Discipline for Teenagers: Empowering Your Teen and Yourself Through Kind and Firm Parenting… 622 more words

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Always Apologize

A few days ago, I said I would write about the importance of apologizing for our mistakes. So here it is!

First off, I want you to think back to a time when someone did something hurtful to you on purpose and didn’t apologize. 418 more words


Positive Parenting

Since completing my Positive Discipline Parenting Teaching Certification, I have really learned some of the ways our old parenting methods were hypocritical. Let me elaborate on one experience between my husband and our kids from a few months ago. 360 more words



I have to say that I’m pleased with my practice both on and off the cushion today. I have been largely keeping off the phone and just staying with whatever arises during the daily commutes and especially when I’m around my kids. 82 more words


Be positive

I’m currently sat in a Macdonald’s in some random area of London that I couldn’t even tell you where it was if I wanted to! Thank the tech gods for Google maps. 228 more words