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4 Ways to Beat the Morning Blues

So much of my own personality informs my teaching. I am definitely a morning person who has her highest energy levels early in the day. However, I also like to have a smooth transition into a busy day. 1,045 more words

Back To School

Silence Speaks

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by what children and adolescents, really learner of any age, says by their inactions. You know, all those little idiosyncrasies that make them them: the twirling of their hair while they are speaking, the chewing of the pen as they learn, or the constant tap tap tapping of their feet. 419 more words


Mindset Matters

Mindset… it’s  the buzz word of all professionals who deal with children and adolescents. If you break the term down literally, you can think of it as what framework your mind is or can be in to prepare for what you are currently thinking or doing. 180 more words


Emotional Rescuers

I came across this article in The New York Times  which mentioned the term neontocracy, the downward spiral of parents putting their kids needs above your own, even above your parent-to-parent relationship. 260 more words


Kindness Is a Muscle

Not just any muscle, but the most important one of all. Like any muscle it needs conditioning, active practice to make it healthy, strong, even grow. 273 more words


Positive Discipline

Exploration is important in a baby’s development. A bruise or a bump on their heads are sometimes necessary for them to understand why some things are forbidden. 238 more words


Emotional Detectives

Adults who work with children are generally perceived to be warm, nurturing, and tend to usually be great with children. They spend countless hours outside the classroom working, and their summers taking professional development classes that are required of their school districts. 369 more words