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The Screen Time Dilemma

Letting the children watch how much screen time is quite a conundrum.

When Gregory was younger I could definitely see a change in persona when he watched way too much TV…not so much any more (although he gets addicted to game playing).   282 more words

My Life

The other point of view

“Where did we ever get the crazy idea that in order to make children do better, first we have to make them feel worse?”(Nelson).

In my opinion, I believe that the key to classroom management is to get to know the students really well and try to understand their perspective and their point of view of looking at things that is a first and secondly to try to decode the students hidden messages that mainly not said but reflected on their actions, which sometimes is really obvious but we just get caught in trying to ignore those actions or interpret them based on how we see things only ignoring theirs. 472 more words

Learner Profile

Manic Brain

When I decided that screen time would no longer be a part of my 4-year-old’s life, I knew I would have to deal with screen detox.   460 more words


Positive Discipline

Jane Nelson is the author of positive discipline for empowering parents and also for class management and a lot more.

if you are interested in her methodologies, please check her website. 58 more words


Catherine A.Z. Gruener

Title: Founder, Owner
Company: Gruener Consulting, LLC
Location: Elmhurst, IL United States

Driven by the belief that parents and educators have to start with a child’s strength to help them solve problems in other, more challenging aspects of their lives, Catherine Gruener founded… 283 more words

Educational Services

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

For Agatha’s first birthday we got her the most amazing truck ever! It was the Sprig Safari Expedition Jeep. It was kid powered, the more the child played with it, the better it worked. 356 more words


March Edition - Hello Spring!


March was marked with many holidays as well as special dates dedicated to raising awareness about important emotional, physical and psychological health issues. And because we feel it takes just one person to make a difference, we invite you to mark your calendar with these essential dates, and teach your child the importance of recognizing them; … 426 more words