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Parenting in Panic Mode

What happens to you when your child, teen, or young adult has said and/or done something that is completely against how you raised them to be?   586 more words


Positive Discipline and Unschooling

Our unschool day is also a Positive Discipline day.  With lots of support from real-life local friends and a PD Facebook group comprised of my gentle mother friends in Mississippi, we have changed the culture of discipline in our little family.   537 more words


Terrific Twos: Positive Views on Parental Discipline

Written by Merry Palmer

I found this book to be an effective resource for parents searching to get a handle on positive discipline techniques for toddlers and even for older children. 229 more words

Book Reviews

The Fine Line Between Freedom & Limits

Before even becoming a parent, you probably heard that children need limits and boundaries. It is not a secret that disciplining and setting boundaries for toddlers and preschoolers is no walk in the park. 1,644 more words

Early Childhood

Silence Speaks

Lately, I’ve been intrigued by what children and adolescents, really learner of any age, says by their inactions. You know, all those little idiosyncrasies that make them them: the twirling of their hair while they are speaking, the chewing of the pen as they learn, or the constant tap tap tapping of their feet. 419 more words


Mindset Matters

Mindset… it’s  the buzz word of all professionals who deal with children and adolescents. If you break the term down literally, you can think of it as what framework your mind is or can be in to prepare for what you are currently thinking or doing. 180 more words


Emotional Rescuers

I came across this article in The New York Times  which mentioned the term neontocracy, the downward spiral of parents putting their kids needs above your own, even above your parent-to-parent relationship. 260 more words