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The importance of the language we use

During my Montessori training, I found myself, OFTEN, writing down the words my teachers used with children.  I also remember thinking: “Well, what is he/she going to say/do about THAT!”  Of course, before that, as a parent, I was always looking for the right language. 1,757 more words

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Positive Discipline

Taking the Positive Discipline class was a HUGE help to my husband and I as our daughter hit the two year old independence stage. We had read books and of course gotten ears full of advice from our parents and friends, but taking the class was a totally different experience. 377 more words

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Positive Discipline: Forgiveness

Life with Mr.4 has not been easy lately.  He is quick to anger, quick to lash out in his anger and quick to retaliate against his siblings.   226 more words

Secret Cartagena

We have been happily trapped in Cartagena ; we felt into a black hole and time stopped. We enjoyed living in the marina (usually, we do not spent more than 2 nights in a row), we loved the city with all its small museums and people from Cartagena have proved to be really friendly. 856 more words


Positive Discipline: "Can I have a hug?"

“Can I have a hug?” or “do you need a hug?” is a hallmark of Positive Discipline.  The physical connection between parent and child is powerful and can not be underestimated.   418 more words

The Three Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Disciplining Children

Parenting is hard work. Even when everything is going well. Parenting when it isn’t, can sometimes feel impossible. Parents who have committed to following a more mindful, gentle style of parenting can often be hit with ‘discipline burn-out’. 1,215 more words


Positive Discipline: No Punishments and No Rewards

“No punishment and no rewards” seems overwhelming without understanding the big picture of Positive Discipline:  children making good choices because it’s the right thing to do.   784 more words