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Focus on positive discipline

Does the following account sound familiar to you?

Johnny took off his belt and stood with the most pathetic pout face you have ever seen. “Let me help you here.”  I said, as I reached down to retie the belt around his tiny waist.   540 more words

GTMA 2012

The Five Principles of Positive Parenting

The foundation of Positive Parenting rests on five principles. These principles go hand in hand to help you build a strong bond with your children and to position you as the effective leader your child needs throughout childhood. 772 more words

Jonathan Sheklow

How to Discipline A Child God's Way

Because the Lord disciplines the one he loves, and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son. – Hebrews 12:6 1,155 more words

Pregnancy, Motherhood & Homemaking

Changing the system of parenting through family meetings

We’ve changed family meetings at home from weekly to every season.

I am rethinking this.

I am also thinking how we normally do it and how it can change to empower my children more. 172 more words


Practicing Agreement

After several days of really challenging practices with my daughter, I decided to apply some Positive Discipline techniques. This afternoon she and I discussed how we both wanted to structure her piano practices, and what we want to try in case of conflict. 180 more words

ChooseDay: To Palo or Not to Palo?

When children grow and start to gain their independence and personality, one of the many issues most parents face is Discipline. Little E isin his toddler years at age 2 years and 8 months, and I’d say we have our off days and weeks of shouting, fighting, biting, etc. 588 more words

Toddler Life

The Screen Time Dilemma

Letting the children watch how much screen time is quite a conundrum.

When Gregory was younger I could definitely see a change in persona when he watched way too much TV…not so much any more (although he gets addicted to game playing).   282 more words

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