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Looking For A Job Is A Job In Itself

Anyone old enough to have a job know that getting one that is satisfying both mentally and financially is very difficult. Jobs are either really nice but the pay sucks or really bad and the pay is awesome. 685 more words

Nothing In Particular

Thoughts towards maintaining a classroom culture

As I’m gearing up for the responsibility of teaching (or, more accurately, facilitating the learning of) 250 bright-eyed undergraduate university students, I’ve been consciously collecting wisdom that is applicable in the classroom. 472 more words

Physics Education

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Implementing Research–Based Practices to Teach Students with Emotional Behavior Disorder
Quint Eby
Seattle Pacific University
In general and special education classrooms, many teachers have been implementing practices which they have found to be effective from their experience in the past. 3,123 more words

Self Reflection

How Successful People Handle Toxic People

Toxic people defy logic. Some are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on those around them, and others seem to derive satisfaction from creating chaos and pushing other people’s buttons. 2,024 more words


How To Achieve A Good Life Through Home Improvement

How your house looks influences the way you feel on a daily basis. You spend a lot of time at home. There is a direct correlation between how you feel each day and whether or not you like your home. 481 more words


How To Do Home Improvements For A Better Life

Having a home you love is important. The way your home makes you feel will have a big impact on your everyday life because you spend so much time there. 436 more words


Back to school bullying prevention

VENTURA, Iowa – The beginning of school is exciting for a lot of students, but it’s important to make sure kids start the year  feeling accepted and comfortable with their environment. 164 more words