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Assisting People in Need - Positive Expectation

I’m off to a jobs fair.
I’ve printed 40 CV’s. That’s what I call Optimism.
Yesterday I sent an application for a job that looked appealing to me: Consultant in Absenteeism.

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Positive Expectation

[Fractal In Love Quotes] Find The One You Do Not Need To Doubt Yourself.

Do not get yourself drunken with the idea of love, just feel loved.

You are worthy of love and a good partner. 


Safe Childhood for Children - Positive expectation and Eagerness

Hey, so, what do I so positively expect to happen?
Now, in with my kids this week. I’m a little tensed about this week. It looks pretty tensed though. 201 more words

Positive Expectation


Approaching the future with great expectations.
I don’t see failures, only lessons learned.
Ambition and passion burn brighter than fear.
Everyday that’s survived is another stripe earned.


GREAT goals - Trust in yourself and the Universe

“As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.” —Anthony Robbins

Note: This is Part 6 in a 7-part series called…

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Thinking Positively

The power of expectations

The Pygmalion effect is defined as “ the superior’s expectations of his or her subordinates’ abilities become manifest in reality as the subordinates’ actual perceived and performed abilities “(Burgess, 2007). 1,170 more words

Individual Differences