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Approaching the future with great expectations.
I don’t see failures, only lessons learned.
Ambition and passion burn brighter than fear.
Everyday that’s survived is another stripe earned.


GREAT goals - Trust in yourself and the Universe

“As soon as you truly commit to making something happen, the ‘how’ will reveal itself.” —Anthony Robbins

Note: This is Part 6 in a 7-part series called…

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Thinking Positively

The power of expectations

The Pygmalion effect is defined as “ the superior’s expectations of his or her subordinates’ abilities become manifest in reality as the subordinates’ actual perceived and performed abilities “(Burgess, 2007). 1,170 more words

Individual Differences

Words Are Energy

It amuses me that words seem like solid things, but are really no more solid than thoughts.  Words are energy.  For thousands of years, we’ve assigned meanings to words.   933 more words

Law Of Attraction

What I learnt from poker

My previous work required me to spend a lot of time in casinos and especially Vegas. It reached a stage where I started getting really tired of those visits. 782 more words

Money Management