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Just because negative beliefs are sometimes easier than positive doesn’t mean you should choose and adopt them.

Law Of Attraction

Illuminate your dark side

There is a dark side within all of us, whether we display it or not that puts a fierce resistance to change. We are always under pressure to be good and we don’t want to show our less politically correct selves. 829 more words

# Motivation

Psychological impact of writing about abuse or positive experiences.

Violence Vict. 2005 Dec;20(6):717-28.

Antal HM1, Range LM.

Writing often helps people deal with trauma. To see if writing about childhood physical or sexual abuse, or positive experiences, helps, psychology undergraduates wrote for 20 minutes on 4 days about their abuse, a positive experience, or a trivial topic. 131 more words

Expressive Writing

Expressive writing and positive writing for participants with mood disorders: An online randomized controlled trial

Karen A.BaikieaLiesbethGeerligsabKayWilhelmab

Journal of Affective Disorders

Volume 136, Issue 3, February 2012, Pages 310-319


he following questionnaires were completed online: Centre for Epidemiological Studies—Depression Scale (CES-D), Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS), Pennebaker Inventory of Limbic Languidness (PILL), overall health questions, Temperament and Personality Questionnaire (TPQ) and COPE Inventory (COPE). 86 more words

Expressive Writing

The Perks of Being Norwegian 

I love flying from Oslo. And not in the meaning of leaving Oslo for some exciting or sunny destination (though I love that too). I mean, I love how smooth the process is. 1,461 more words



I had a familiar dip in mood today around noon and I wonder if it was the result of the intensity of my codependent energy the other day. 341 more words