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Positive Focus, A Natural State of Being

Positive focus is the natural state; we don’t need to learn how to do it. The reason why we focus negatively and then have unwanted results is because we were trained out of our own compass to conform the expectations of the family and society we were born into. 183 more words


5 Things of Blossoming April

We are half done with the spring – and I just realized that I haven’t shared my 5 things for ages. Isn’t it great to have such a feature when you have desire to post but don’t have idea or the will to work hard on something sophisticated? 696 more words


Positive Focus

{Just A Thought}
Focus on the positive things about myself. Sometimes when I am dealing with an upsetting behavior, I forget to focus on the positive things about myself — like my strength or my resilience. 529 more words

My Insight

What is success for you?

“This is my mind, and I want it to work for me, not against me”, my friend said. “Let other people say to me negative things, I can ignore them. 775 more words


It is OK to be on pause

Last summer I joined a yoga retreat. Which has been my dream for the couple of years. At last, here I was, in a tiny village in the heart of Croatian island of Hvar. 775 more words


Why I ditched conspiracy theory writings?

I do believe there is a great conspiracy in this world. I do believe there is some hidden force manipulating and using human race in the worst possible way. 1,088 more words


Ho'oponopono practice – does it really work? (How it helped me to transform my marriage and my life.)

It looked too simple to work as it was promised. All you needed to do is to focus about what troubles you and to say: 1,467 more words