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Accessing Your Soul by Pete A. Sanders Jr.

The Power which animates our physical body is called Soul, Higher Self, Omnipresent Multi-dimensional Self, Consciousness, God, Fundamental Electromagnetic Quantum Energy, and Other Names.

During these end times as systems that serve few at the expense of many dissolve, the more often we align with, integrate, and embody our Soul, the more our Soul is grounded in physicality to empower SOULutions and greater well being. 174 more words


Shadow Work: Go Within To Seldom Go Without

© Ariadne Woods

A lot of blogs and books discuss shadow work, but don’t actually tell you what it is.  What a tease!  It’s like telling someone about the wonders of chocolate, but not actually having any chocolate.  972 more words


dearest ego...

ego.  ego.  how you posture.  what is it that you hope to find??  in that stance.  uncompromising.   what is it that you hope to find??  let your guard down.   35 more words


Seven Super Strategies for Success

Success is a subjective concept. It is not necessarily about imitating someone else, or about being as rich or famous as a celebrity or a tycoon. 888 more words


19 December 2015

Be clear on what you want.
Be unwavering in your faith.
Listen to your messages.
Trust your path is being revealed.
Walk your path with love, trust and gratitude. 130 more words

Wholly Accepted.

Do you ever feel
Out of place
Lost, alone
Surrounded by people
Who don’t understand?

There is a person
Or a group
Who welcome you… 37 more words


Mostly Accepted. 

Today I can say, mostly
My body is accepted
Not perfect, but
Flexible, functional
Strong enough
Fit enough
Performs well enough
Not a luxury item… 48 more words