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It Can Get Better from Here- (honest....)

Did you know that if you do things consistently for just long enough, instead of feeling like you are running up a hill all the time, you will reach the summit and can start to slow down and enjoy the view? 176 more words


It's Sunday - Guess What?

The following made me smile this week:

  • my car is fixed. I can listen to music again and I have navigation capabilities in case I get lost….if I don’t have a map or something prehistoric like that…
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Sunday with April

During my rendezvous with Dr. Chill this week, I began our session with my whine, whine, whining about how frustrated I am with myself being able to stick to my goals. 300 more words


Gratitude Changes Your Attitude

You may have heard or read in many self-help or self-development books about gratitude and being thankful.

I used to kind of write this step off as a bit of hokum and that it really couldn’t be that simple. 798 more words

Posts About Happyness

Grounded ~ Recharging ~ shifting time ॐ

Hello everyone <3

Shifting hit me hard on friday, I got a cold and spent most of my time in bed sleeping, till now. Couldn’t even visit my fiancé which made us very sad, as we only have the weekends until we finally move together, which will hopefully happen soon. 644 more words


14 May 2015

Good things come to those who see good things in the things that come to them.

– Unleash Your Happiness

Sure life isn’t always that simple.  125 more words

Finding Your Way

“How do you manage to stay so balanced and grounded?” That seems to be the million dollar question and lately, it’s been posed to me many times. 619 more words