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Someone I love dearly has recently been diagnosed with illness, which requires long-term treatment and can be very critical for some patients. It was shocking for us and hard to accept what she will be going through. 213 more words

Positive Habits

Seven Habits of Highly Spiritual People

Spirituality is all about recognising our inner spiritual truth, simplicity and oneness. Here are seven behavior traits we would commonly find in true spiritual beings: 594 more words


Workouts I Am Not Really Working Out

They say that to lose weight you have to control your diet and workout.

Exercise and working out gives you a healthy mind-set, toned body, beautiful glow, reverses aging, improves and strengthens memory, etc etc. 321 more words

Positive Habits

3 Types of Habits That Help in Tough Times

No One Comes Out Unscathed

We all go through seasons in our lives of prolonged stress. Death of a loved one, unemployment divorce, accidents, illness, our business gone bankrupt etc. 1,123 more words

Self Care

You CAN please everyone - if you want to be average

It is one of the conversations I hear most often as a Mentor; a client is feeling down, their confidence is at an all-time-low and they’ve just admitted that today, someone told them they didn’t like what they do. ¬† 1,009 more words


Document my journey

Something I learn from Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a truthful guy. I wish I could have been more brave like him. That is what I was thinking and what he said is true. 117 more words

Building the best of ME

After listening to one telecast, I went through whole night thinking and searching my WHY again. That why which will set me free, do what I love and be myself again. 151 more words