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You CAN please everyone - if you want to be average

It is one of the conversations I hear most often as a Mentor; a client is feeling down, their confidence is at an all-time-low and they’ve just admitted that today, someone told them they didn’t like what they do.   1,009 more words


Document my journey

Something I learn from Gary Vaynerchuk. He is a truthful guy. I wish I could have been more brave like him. That is what I was thinking and what he said is true. 117 more words

Building the best of ME

After listening to one telecast, I went through whole night thinking and searching my WHY again. That why which will set me free, do what I love and be myself again. 151 more words

6 Benefits Of Hobbies That Shall Not Be Ignored

Hobbies are our interests in varied fields that keeps us nourished. Since very early times we are advised to pursue at least a hobby or two. 476 more words

Positive Habits

Brexit: much more than politics

It’s taken until now for me to feel ready to write about the results of the UK Referendum on our membership of the European Union.  I made no secret of the fact I was voting to remain, and while I stand by my decision, I am more in despair of how we seem to be reacting to the result than I am by the result itself.   1,353 more words


My Top 5 Dreams I Aspire For

Every person has dreams. Dreams keep you alive. They provide you something to look forward to. I am not talking about dreams that we see whilst asleep. 706 more words

Positive Habits