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90 Day Challenge: Day 55 – Make Consistency Your Friend

“Lack of consistency can bring on a lack of interest.” Unknown

You don’t have to be the best, but if you can develop the habit and make consistency your friend, you’ll be more likely to succeed.

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Why Snacking Isn't Good For Your Health.

I’m going to dive straight in here and give my reasons, which you are welcome to look up and research yourself, why snacking and grazing are not good for your health. 2,015 more words

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Summer Is Here!!!

With temperatures soaring and the heat perspiring every ounce of water from our bodies , it’s a much wanted need to stay hydrated and enjoy the summers with its blessings (Vacations being one of them). 211 more words

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How Eating Bread Made Me Crave Chocolate.

I have found that since cutting out bread, my sweet tooth has SERIOUSLY lessened.

Is this because the willpower I exerted over cutting out bread (and other grainy foods) has strengthened my willpower muscle? 991 more words

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Nourishing Yourself on a Budget. Part 2.


Once your belly is fully of veggies, and you’ve got a few herbs growing in the kitchen, how else can you save whilst looking after yourself – inside and outside? 1,943 more words

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A Healthy Meal Plan For Children (And Grown Ups).

If you’ve just read my article “What to Feed Children” then you may be thinking that the lists of foods I am not a fan of, and the foods I think are the best for children might be a bit overwhelming. 2,149 more words

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Choose Connection For Contentment.

I’ve realized that whatever I engage with is either going to give me something, or take something away from me. So I’ve figured that for the sake of my wellbeing, it’s worth paying some attention to what takes the stuffing out of me, and what brings me to contentment and calm. 802 more words

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