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3 Simple Steps To Self-Appreciation

The concept of loving ourselves can be an uncomfortable one. Years of self-criticism can make it difficult for us to see past the pattern of negative self-talk that often becomes so familiar to us. 617 more words


Five Ways to Stay Positive

Coming off of a somewhat dark post, I want to reinforce the fact that this is an optimist’s blog! I am irrepressibly positive, or, as I’ve been called, “nauseatingly optimistic.” I like blue skies, music with eighties-sounding synthesizers, and kissing my wife on top of ferris wheels – something we haven’t done since we’ve gotten married! 876 more words


Time For A Check-up...Target Change

On January 9th I posted a blog titled Target Change offering suggestions to modify how to effectively articulate New Year’s resolutions, written and verbal. Instead of declaring what we want to give up, goals are best identified by the change we want to experience.  1,148 more words


Rich People Live Longer

“The study divides Americans into five income groups and finds that each income group is healthier than the one below it and sicker than the one above it.” … 1,232 more words

Self Development

Can your words influence you?

If you pay attention, you will notice that words can have a great influence on our feeling, beliefs, and behaviour.

Some words have a demanding effect to our unconscious mind. 762 more words


31 Day Habit Challenge #3 - Silence

Due to my recent move and some other things going on in my life – I postponed the third addition to my 31 Day Habit Challenge… 598 more words

31 Day Habit Challenge

31 Day Habit Challenge #2 - COMPLETION

I know, I know – I am very late in writing the update on my #2 Habit Challenge – Lemon Water, BUT it’s ok – I was moving – so it’s a good excuse. 361 more words

31 Day Habit Challenge