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Stopping the Madness of Perfectionism: part 4 Incremental Increase

The Pendulum Lifestyle

Have you ever created crazy standards for yourself  on how you should be and what the process of change to be that way, s… 1,094 more words

Self Care

Give yourself some relaxing time everyday 

No matter what you have to do during your day, always set aside some time just for you. A moment to relax, do something you really enjoy and just savor the moment. 26 more words

How To Allow

Why You Shouldn't Set Goals.

I have a problem with goals. I think setting goals can be detrimental to getting what you want. And the further away, or larger a goal is – the worse it is for you. 1,106 more words

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Stopping the Madness of Perfection: Part 2, Tiny Steps

The Nuts and Bolts of Making Change Sustainable

In the last post I gave an example of how the extreme pendulum of perfection moved aggressively in the way I exercised. 1,423 more words

Self Care

7 easy ways to take control of your life

Very often, we struggle with the challenges that life throws at us. This in turn takes us off track from our goals and dreams. Here are 7 ways to get back on track and make the best of what we have. 10 more words

Driving Positive Change towards Success: 3 Practical Tips to Keep At High Momentum

Written by Josephine de la Paz of CoachingByJ  I Wednesday, May 25, 2016 I Read Time: 6 minutes

Where is your current momentum taking you? How well are you managing the diversions ahead?  1,060 more words

Personal Transformation

Build Better Habits

I’ve always researched what it takes to make changes in life, and what make them stick. I love finding out more about habits – making good habits stick, and breaking bad habits. 2,894 more words

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