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The secret is....

…There is NO secret.  Honestly.  There is no answer that will be revealed when you’ve learned enough, or suffered enough.  There is no Secret to happiness, success or lasting contentment.   404 more words


Spring into Action

I’ve not written a blog for over 3 months – talk about needing to spring into action! The past few months have been filled with skiing, our engagement (yup, Mike popped the question!) family trips, hikes, snowshoeing, Colorado adventures, cooking, and beer. 506 more words


Parenting Newsletter

Parenting can be hard as it is, but with both working parents it gets harder. Who has time to read long parenting books when that time could be used for something productive. 141 more words


Loneliness - The "Illusion" That Feels So Real

Many of us are lonely today. It crops up in my own life from time to time even though I am married, do work I enjoy, and have a few people I care deeply about and who also care about me.   1,063 more words

A Philosophy of Health

Hippocrates once said, “Let food by thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” As a child, I often had meals that were very healthy. I have my mother to thank for that, but in my teens I admittedly ate a lot of fast food. 253 more words


Is being 'fine' costing you business?

Do you really know anyone in business who isn’t finding times hard at the moment? Is there any business that has not been touched by rising costs or falling demand – or both. 727 more words