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Why Home Care Is Self Care, In Tough Times Part 2

Are you overwhelmed when you come across the state of the world? Does your heart break learning of the destruction from all these natural disasters these past few weeks around the world? 1,296 more words

Positive Habits

Why Home Care Is Self Care, In Tough Times Part 1

Are you caught dead center in the stormy waters of change? Are you trying to get back into the non-summer swing of things or riding some other bigger-then-you, life transition? 1,461 more words

Positive Habits

The Mindful Revolution

We live in a society where we are encouraged to consume thoughtlessly and continuously. We are supposed to keep up with the latest fashion trends each season without thinking about the 15 million tons of used textile waste generated per year by the United States alone. 1,038 more words


How to Make Impromptu Self Care Doable and Fun


The other day something rare, precious and phenomenal happened to me. I was surprised with the unexpected gift of 45 minutes to myself in the middle of the day. 1,344 more words

Positive Habits

What can help when you starting to give up? Cure for a slight depression

From time to time I have some kind of slight depression.

I will try to analyze that phenomenon.

The main reason is expectations about reality… 226 more words

Who you associate with, shapes who you are!

Stop and observe if this statement is true. Hence the saying ‘Birds of a feather, flock together’. Sure, we all want to hang out with true and successful people, but often we get confused with FAKE people who have different Mal-intentions. 575 more words


Be aware of toxic habits

Not so long ago I started creating positive habits to improve satisfaction of my life.
Soon I discover that I have many bad habits.
Especially during a work. 64 more words