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Equal Opportunity = Freedom

Real Freedom absolutely depends on Equal Opportunity. If meaningful opportunities are not made available to ALL PEOPLE then we can know for certain that we are still living in an endarkened world.  528 more words

Equal Opportunity

positive vs negative experience (in politics, democracy and life)

I’m borrowing hallowed terms here, of course.

I’ve been wondering on Twitter this evening about how we can make politics more useful; or maybe that’s less useless you might prefer to say. 820 more words

Thinking Time

Freedom or freedoms?

References to the concept of freedom are ubiquitous throughout contemporary political discourse, and given the way people speak it seems that everyone is in favour of freedom, and yet people disagree deeply about the nature of this concept. 1,163 more words

Political Philosophy

Freedom on the Fourth

As we approach the 4th of July, American Independence Day, I have been thinking of what it means to be free. Freedom, of course, has different meanings to different people. 595 more words

Nick Clegg's press conference shows the problems for democracy of being in a coalition

If you are ever in need of a primer in the problems of coalition government, you should look no further than Nick Clegg’s press conference yesterday. 653 more words


Specific policies: some preliminaries

The goal of the preceding posts on politics has been to start thinking through what it would look if a progressive today tried to write the kind of book that Milton Friedman wrote in Capitalism and Freedom: a general vision of government capable of displacing the discredited Reagan era vision of “small government” as good government, alongside a number of specific policies that illustrate how the vision could be made concrete. 258 more words


Back to Basics (and Beyond)

Over the past six weeks, Publius and I exchanged thoughts about Gordon Wood’s Radicalism of the American Revolution, mining it for insight into the cultural complexities and political tensions that recur throughout American history and into the present. 1,978 more words