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John Christman’s Content-Neutral Version of Positive Liberty

This is a post is a follow-up to a previous post discussing Isaiah Berlin’s distinction between positive and negative liberty.

In his essay “Two Concepts of Liberty,” 1,183 more words


Freedom is Freedom is Freedom: Gerald MacCallum's Singular Concept of Liberty

In a previous post, I discussed Isaiah Berlin’s distinction between negative and positive liberty (or freedom). Here I will discuss Gerald MacCallum’s objection to it… 718 more words


The Liberty Bell’s Crack: Isaiah Berlin and Two Concepts of Liberty

Which Liberty?

It’s hard to find someone who is against liberty, but it’s easy to find disagreement about what the term “liberty” means.

Imagine a conspiracy theorist who is convinced that government agents are blasting mind-controlling waves into his apartment. 1,523 more words


Holy Hospital Week: Freedom

Free at last! I have just been discharged from hospital after my final procedure yesterday afternoon.

Before I went down for surgery they placed a cross on each foot. 543 more words

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