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The Fantasia Effect: Training Our Kids To Cheerfully Clean Up

Dear Groovy Mama,
How do I get my little ones to pick up with a cheerful spirit? And do you have any tips on minimizing the messes they can make?   864 more words


Ten Things: How Managing is like Parenting

I’ve been asked “How long have you been doing project management”? My answer is invariably, “I started when I was five.”

Ever since I can remember, I loved to organize. 839 more words


Stepping Toward Unforgettable

Yesterday, Ella woke up and wanted to make a souffle.

I didn’t have milk.

We needed to be out the door by 10:30.

Normally I’d tell her no. 629 more words


3 questions to ask every night before bed

I had an adorable conversation with my three year old right before he went to sleep tonight. In fact, I have a pretty adorable conversation with my three year old almost every night before he’s off to bed, so I thought I’d share what we talk about. 241 more words

Positive Parenting

Những lời khuyên thú vị đơn giản cho cha mẹ ( st)

Tiếp xúc, với trẻ, lớn lên cùng trẻ như là 1 cơ hội mới để mình nhìn lại chính mình, để lớn lên 1 lần nữa cùng trẻ, nghĩ như vậy  khiến nghề làm cha mẹ cảm thấy vui hơn nhiều, háo hức hơn với hành trình lớn lên cùng con. 1,172 more words

Giáo Dục Gia đình

The showers where it always is and the spaghetti's in the pan.

Do you ever get the feeling that your relationship is like the passing of ships in the night? Sometimes life is such a busy juggle of school, work and home it’s hard to remember when one day begins and another ends.   745 more words


Do Your Kids Know?

“Can we hang out tomorrow, Mama?”  My 13 year old daughter asked.  I assured her that we would indeed make the time to do something together, glad she wanted to spend time with me.  304 more words