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Just About Done


I once knew a middle-aged man, an accountant, who had a ledger-book-size Christmas-card list. In this thick book all the pages were filled; there were hundreds and hundreds of names. 497 more words

Positive Parenting

Not Enough Fun!

I have done a lot of writing about belonging, and how important it is for kids to feel they have a place where they are loved and accepted for who they are. 415 more words


Raising Lucky Kids

It seems like some people are born lucky while others constantly have a dark cloud swirling overhead. How does a parent help ensure that their children have that lucky star? 536 more words

Universal Law Of Attraction

April Pulley Sayre's Books

Joyful big words about FOOD! With vibrant photos of edibles familiar and novel, April Pulley Sayre celebrates the fun and fascination of things we eat. The words beg to be memorized, then get stuck in your head and return in the grocery store as you shop. 11 more words


What Do You Want Your Children to Think?


How many of you out there want your children to feel that they need to be perfect? That they should be racked with guilt when they make a mistake? 325 more words