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What it means being a mom?

Positive Parenting

How To Be a Positive Parent

So, what does Positive Parenting involve? It means each of you:

  • Provides physically and emotionally safe surroundings.
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Parent challenge

It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life and forget the most important thing as a parent…showing love to our children. 613 more words


5 Mindfulness Exercises (Games) for Toddlers

As a young adult I bought into the idea that children are natural Mindfulness Experts. Today as a mother to 3 yr old Scorpion 🦂 child I know that’s not true. 358 more words

Siblings Without Rivalry Overview

Parenting is one of the biggest challenges we face, and I struggle with the balance of being a loving, nurturing, understanding Mom, and putting my foot down without losing my shit. 2,291 more words


4 Great Reasons Families Should Eat at Home More

Families with teens are BUSY! Between school, homework, part-time jobs, dates, time with friends, and extracurricular activities, adolescents are always on the go. Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate parents and teens to be in the house together for more than a few minutes! 691 more words

Parent/Teen Relationships

Alice || 2 Months

I cannot believe Alice is 2 months old. I have definitely found that the second month went by a lot faster. Alice is now smiling a lot which her big sister Lily adores. 209 more words

Parenting Blog

Positive Parenting: Addressing the Smartphone Hang-Up, by Keith Glendon

I’ve made a career of technology. I’m an advocate of computer science education programs in our communities and public schools. I use a smartphone, a computer, and dozens of applications and internet resources every day, so it may seem odd that I don’t let my kids have a smartphone. 833 more words

Positive Parenting