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Mendidik ANak Ala Positive Parenting


Oleh: Sukmadiarti Perangin-angin, M.Psi, psikolog

Parenting adalah ilmu tentang pendidikan dan pengasuhan anak. Ilmu yang sangat berharga dan dibutuhkan oleh orang tua atau calon orang tua sebagai bekal dalam mengasuh buah hati. 1,048 more words

Be positive

I’m currently sat in a Macdonald’s in some random area of London that I couldn’t even tell you where it was if I wanted to! Thank the tech gods for Google maps. 228 more words

Guilty as charged

All guilt consists of 3 parts:
1) what you did was avoidable, 2) but you did it, 3) and you will do it again.

Guilt is a double-edged sword. 751 more words

"Mommy, Do You Still Love Me?"

Look. Sometimes I am not proud of myself. There are days when all I really want is to sit on the couch, watch Forensic Files on Netflix, and NOT BE TALKED TO OR TOUCHED ALL DAY LONG. 557 more words

The Proverbial Heart

#Easiest Way to Start a Positive Affirmation Practice

Every year, I purchase the Louise Hay I Can Do It® Calendar with 365 Daily Affirmations.I love reading the “I CAN DO IT” daily affirmations every morning to myself and my family.  150 more words


I've Decided to Stop Disciplining My Kids and This is Why

I am going to say something incredibly controversial and entirely counter-culture to what centuries of parenting pop culture considers to be the mark of a “good” parent. 2,777 more words

Attachment Parenting

Please don't cut me off

So I’m about to get a little real, raw and personal.
Someone reading this may come to the sudden realisation that this interaction i’m talking about was between me and them… but it doesn’t matter. 1,104 more words