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How To Talk So Kids Will Listen, a review 

I joined a parenting book club. I hate reading, but I love comparing notes with other parents, and this book club (started by a friend) was advertised as reading optional. 2,041 more words


What are you feeling?

#Punishments, #Yellingatkids, #KidsFeelings, #Empathywithkids

Recently I read an article about yelling and punishments. I got that article just on time, because I yelled at my daughter yesterday. 357 more words

Positive Parenting

Grain Train

What is it with mothers and food? My whole life seems to revolve around making dishes for pogo, trying to get him to eat (Read… 348 more words


Positive Parenting - Engaging With Nature (Part 2)

Ten Ways to Help Your Child Connect with Nature

1) Notice It!

The first step is for you to start noticing nature yourself – if you notice and remark on nature, then there is a greater chance your children will too. 979 more words

Positive Parenting - Why Engage with Nature? (Part 1)

Having recently attended a couple of seminars discussing the benefits of outdoor play it is worrying to note that in recent years, childhood has undergone a massive shift – it has moved indoors for screen time, as opposed to outdoors for play time. 699 more words

What kind of a teacher she was??

I am sharing one of my worst experiences, which is also one of the reasons for my journey to positive parenting.

Last year I got an opportunity to be a volunteer in my daughter’s play school, in her summer camp. 329 more words

Positive Parenting

A Positive Breastfeeding Story

So, I just want to start my saying this post is not meant to make anyone feel inadequate, or to shame non-breastfeeders. I know that not everyone’s breastfeeding journey is smooth sailing and there are plenty of reasons why women chose, or have the choice taken away from them, to stop. 257 more words