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“I’m a big boy, Mi. Stop calling me ‘baby’!”

Sudah sebulan ini Attar masuk sekolah dasar. Usianya baru 5,5 tahun, tapi di Victoria anak usia 5 tahun sudah harus masuk primary school, di level Foundation alias kelas 0. 552 more words

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Can't help falling in love

Funny thing about relationships is that whenever you would want to express love, you express anger. Fights with your partner about things that don’t matter are so very common. 310 more words

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Can You Discipline Your Child Without Using Punishment?

This is the third in a series of weekly blog posts addressing discipline and parenting practices. In this series we will  explore the reasons that parents choose among discipline approaches, the science behind those techniques, and alternative approaches to discipline.

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Positive Parenting: Megaskills 7


Are you worried about your child’s ability to care about others, to show affection, to be thoughtful?

“Don’t be so selfish.”

“You’ve got to care  about other people.” 928 more words

Things Many Moms Say To Kids Without Realizing How Damaging They Are

Someone once said to me – “How you speak to your children becomes their inner voice.” With time, I have found that it’s totally true! While talking to in-laws, relatives, friends and our boss we always keep our tone polite; we choose words sensibly. 34 more words


Master of Your Destiny

The morning Sloka:

Meaning: At the tip of your fingers lives Goddess Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth and prosperity). in the middle lives Goddess Saraswathi (Goddess of knowledge) and at the base live Lord Govinda. 86 more words

Way Of Life

10 Life Lessons and Values to Teach Your Children Before They Turn 10

There are many skills that our children are expected to learn and master in order to excel in today’s fast-changing world. In our bid to give them the best things in life, we do what we can to give them the foundation to these skills. 1,263 more words

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