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How to help your teen build esteem, by Brenda in Canada, from her blog "I'm Confident"

Every new school year is the start of something different and for many teens it is the start of more problems.  They are already experiencing drastic changes in their bodies which can cause a lot of stress and anxiety.  239 more words

Child Advocacy

The Other Piece of the Equation

I’ve watched in awe with the skills with which some people are able to search out and validate the needs that are behind negative behaviours.  It’s almost magical to watch how honest and open a child becomes when they feel that an adult truly understands their point of view. 398 more words


Fierce Femina

How to raise up our girls?

She might be small but she’s fierce. May she be kind and surefooted. Please tell her, her body is a bridge between the Earth and the stars. 688 more words

Prime-Time-Parenting Pt.2


Parents who have highly demanding jobs must rely on someone else to take the major responsibility for child care. Taking sole responsibility for parenting (child care) while holding down a full-time job is like trying to light a candle with just half of a match–it’s a lot easier to get your fingers burned. 1,251 more words

Positive Parenting

The One Where I Was Nearly Ironic

My daughter came up to me just over an hour ago and said ‘will you play with me?’

My instant reply, because I was in the middle of something, was ‘no, I have some work to do’  but then I stopped and thought about it and changed my mind. 173 more words


But He's A Good Boy!

“But he’s a good boy”, I overheard a parent say.  Something about this bothered me, and it stuck with me all day.

I finally figured out why this statement was causing such a problem for me.  283 more words


Yeshi bid goodbye to terrible two.

Yeshi and Edsel religiously play hide and seek upon his arrival from a hard day’s work. She will bury her face in the throw pillows or hide from the bar, the door or the stairs, and then his Daddy will pretend to be looking for her. 546 more words