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Review buku Positive Parenting (Rebecca eanes)

Setelah beberapa bulan megang buku ini, Hamdulillaah bisa selesai juga buku yang berseliweran di medsos Positive Parenting luar sana. Mungkin kita sering membaca meme atau quote2 nya Rebecca eanes tentang positive parenting yang menyentuh hati lewat facebook atau broadcast.   987 more words


Antara Adab dan Ilmu

Antara Adab dan Ilmu

Oleh: Lailatul ma’rifah S.hum

Pada hakikatnya pendidikan berlangsung seumur hidup, seawal dari dalam kandungan kemudian mempengaruhi seluruh prosesnya kehidupan manusia.
Upaya dalam pendidikan tidak hanya dilakukan oleh lembaga pendidikan melainkan karena pendidikan yang paling awal adalah bermula dari lingkungan keluarga. 257 more words

holding Limerick through a meltdown

Tonight Limerick had a meltdown. He doesn’t have them as often as Rondel, but when he’s tired his big emotions can overwhelm him, and little things will push him over the edge. 435 more words

Family Life

Dear Sara...

This week I address a concerned parent over her child’s ability and desire to connect with other children. Here is our exchange…

Dear Sara,

Despite being very outgoing, extroverted, friendly, and energetic, my son has still not developed an interest in same-aged peers. 745 more words

Dear Sara...

This week a parent writes in about the battles (and silliness) that commonly come when we utter the phrase “time for bed.”

Dear Sara,

Lately I feel like I have been in a good space with parenting and respectful parenting and can really see the benefits which has been an amazing feeling. 1,262 more words

Sensitive Souls in the Classroom

More and more, I am hearing stories from parents and educators of an epidemic in our schools.  Seemingly on an upward trend each year, mainstream school classrooms are more packed with children with IEPs (individualized education plans) or needing additional services like counseling, than ever before.   1,005 more words


Raising a girl. 

And so it begins…

Whilst the husband was drying my darling daughter’s hair last night, I overheard their conversation, which both scared and bothered me greatly. 476 more words