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Positive Parenting: Megaskills 6


“It’s not enough to start–you have to finish.”

“Even when you feel like quitting, don’t.”

“Keep at it; you’ll get it.”

There will always be others who are more talented than we are, who are better looking, who have more education. 708 more words

Positive Parenting

Parenting: Being Here Rather Than There.

Present parenting, not presently parenting. If you do a bit of googling on this topic you’ll find two main threads. Either, some direction around Mindfulness, yourself and the benefits this may bring to your parenting. 1,275 more words


Squeals of Approval 

It’s strange having a little person. You become familiar with your baby before they develop expressions. You talk to them before they acknowledge you. Then they start responding. 326 more words

Children more likely to confess misdeeds if they feel parents will react positively

Children of any age are more likely to confess, instead of hide, their misdeeds—regardless if they might get punishment—if they feel like their parents would react positively to their confession. 404 more words


Convos With My Kid

I’ve told this story out loud to a few friends, but I realize I better “write it down” before it’s completely lost in the ether and out of my brain forever. 990 more words

Parenting Stories

2 Golden rules to raise a happy child

The quality of the relationship between parents and their children is one of the key elements that determines the psychological development of the child and determines his overall well-being way into adulthood. 580 more words

Seeking Infinite Bliss

We did it. Our little guy is 3 months old.

There is a lot to reflect on.

During the first week of his life he was mostly strapped to a bilibed. 780 more words