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Notes from HR: Components of a Successful Interview

From the HR team: three key components to a successful interview.

Interviews have the power to bring out the best or worst in a person. Practice remains the key to success to ensure peak performance during the interview. 361 more words

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Meaningful Work Opportunities

As our understanding of disabilities, supports and equitable treatment improves, so should vocational opportunities.

When I started working with people with developmental disabilities (nearly 15 years ago), it was common for all of the work “opportunities” to be based on contract work in workshops. 375 more words

Integrated Life Choices

The Privileges of Adult Status

People with developmental disabilities deserve the same rights as adults in society, regardless of ability.

Most people don’t have to earn the respect and privilege that comes from adult status. 392 more words

Integrated Life Choices

Improving Community Supports

Everyday courtesies that will overall improve supports.

It’s easy to find situations in the community that are unique to people with developmental and or intellectual disabilities. 457 more words

Integrated Life Choices

Personal and Professional Accountability

Personal and professional accountability is a choice.

I don’t think there is any better way to talk about business and life accountability than to use youth sports as an example. 280 more words

Integrated Life Choices

What would you do if no one was watching?

Integrity comes from within and may change your business plan.

Some believe the definition of integrity to be “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” … 508 more words

Integrated Life Choices

Right Versus Results in Communication

Communication is not about what works best, but what is right.

When we define our job in terms of results, we struggle to support the men and women who receive services at ILC in a manner they deserve. 357 more words

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