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Personal and Professional Accountability

Personal and professional accountability is a choice.

I don’t think there is any better way to talk about business and life accountability than to use youth sports as an example. 279 more words

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What would you do if no one was watching?

Integrity comes from within and may change your business plan.

Some believe the definition of integrity to be “doing the right thing when no one is watching.” … 508 more words

Integrated Life Choices

Right Versus Results in Communication

Communication is not about what works best, but what is right.

When we define our job in terms of results, we struggle to support the men and women who receive services at ILC in a manner they deserve. 357 more words

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Better is Born from Innovation

Innovation begins when limitation is not present.

In order to do something “better”, we have to be at least a little bit innovative. Each day we are faced with obstacles. 275 more words

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The Dangers of Caring in Developmental Disabilities Services

Support individuals to live a fulfilling life.

Everyone who has worked with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities for any length of time will have endured a constant onslaught of “you must be so patient” or “you must be a very special person…” Some of us have even started to believe it. 347 more words

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Professional Dedication: A Lesson To Learn From The Wright Brothers

Following your passion requires dedication.

They said it wasn’t possible, that planes would never fly. If the Wright Brothers listened to such criticism of their passion, the history of aviation might be different today. 227 more words

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ILC's Positive Support Blog Series


When ILC started in 2006, we began with the goal of being the best provider to the consumers we served. Somewhere between the beginning of ILC and now, we realized that our sole focus should be supporting individuals. 232 more words

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