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Happy Thursday

Hang in there! Anything positive is possible! Let’s do this! Geronimo!

Everything is going to be alright

Recently I’ve had a few wobbles, and for most people it’s nothing out of the ordinary, but after being so happy for so long it was worrying for me. 985 more words



Now on seeing this definition I couldn’t help but think “hey they have a word for what I’m trying to be”.
I see something beautiful I take a picture of it . 111 more words

I assure you

Good morning.
If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’re Alive.
And if you can’t find a reason to smile about that, you’ll have an awfully tough time finding a better reason to do so. 140 more words

Food For Thought.

Lifestyle Experiment 2: Positive Thinking

Today is day 2 of my experiment.

I decided on today’s theme at the last minute this morning, when instead of taking the usual thought path of criticizing my adult-acne-laden face (yuck), I looked away at the rest of my body in the mirror and told myself that I liked being fit.   384 more words