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So much Beauty

It is easy to focus too much on what you’re missing,
But maybe it is time to appreciate what is already there with you.
All we have to do is look around, … 14 more words


Quote by Wade Boggs on the benefits of a positive attitude

You’re thoughts are energy, your thoughts become your reality. Positive, loving thoughts….positive loving attitude…positive loving life… The opposite is also true. You are the architect of you life.

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A Secret to Getting Smarter in Almost Any Part of Life (1 min read)

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Kalin W.

Founder & Owner of: KDS

Millionaire’s Digest Staff Team, Author and Writing Writer

Smartness along with ability. It’s what makes us be productive and able to do and use concepts in so many different ways. 272 more words

Light, Shadow, and a Few Crooked Fingers

Shadow owes its birth to light. (John Gay, poet and dramatist)

My fractured metacarpal is healed. Or at least the break appears as a fading memory on an x-ray. 400 more words


Four Big Little Words

Today a “trending” topic on Twitter is “Be Positive In Four Words.” Nice little mental challenge for hump day that’s evoked responses from the whimsical (a cat with a spoon saying “Too hot.Need Ice cream”-which is 5 words actually!) to New Age hopefulness (“Earth.Human.Freedom.Love”) to ones which require a lot of thinking (“Please remove one electron”). 635 more words

Parade Of Homes

One of my favorite shows are fixer uppers; I love watching an outdated home being transformed into a buyers dream home. Watching an episode of behind the scenes, we find the potential buyer narrowing down three contending homes for the makeover. 458 more words


Hard work and consistency:

Hard work and consistency is the key to success. There is no alternative to it. It is often said that luck has a role in success but in reality it is just the hard work that counts. 432 more words