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Watch "The Vibe Clinic Intro..." on YouTube

Check me out on You Tube!!! Here on WordPress, yall get the “EXCLUSIVE”, lol. Jus sayin…
This video introduces my podcast, The Vibe Clinic. We are now in the 2nd season of The Vibe Clinic, and I cannot recal clearly stating my full intentions😕, but I did today!!😀😀🎶🎉 This whole process has been extremely sentimental  to me, I can truly say, …”I am stepping on Faith!”   💜🔥 17 more words


Welcome Spring, A Time of Renewal

I love living in the South where spring comes early. While NY where I came from is still having freezing weather and snow storm is still the norm in March, here in Charleston, the days are getting longer and warm air is creeping in. 694 more words

Positive Thinking

Starting Out

When my husband and I were barely married, we were blessed to find our fist place to call home. I remember the nice new trailer was set inside a retirement village. 816 more words

Back in the Day: March 2016

Two years ago, in March of 2016, I was in a much different place than I am today.  Currently, I am working a nearly full-time job, in school as a part time student, a fully engaged step mother and spouse and in a place of stability mentally speaking.   787 more words

The art of badassery!

Frequently I have been told that I am a badass! And I am here to say that being a badass is an art not something that has been taken or given, but something that comes from within yourself. 485 more words


Today's Quote

“Discovering the truth about ourselves is a lifetime’s work, but it’s worth the effort.”
― Fred Rogers


Are you living an illusion?

Much like Robert Gonsalve’s paintings, life is an illusion. How we interpret an event depends upon our point of view. Perspective. Current emotional state. Self-esteem. Self-talk. 359 more words