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This is healthy habits with Kyle Merritt and today’s healthy topic is Strawberries. Strawberries are sweet, soft, red fruits that are coated with seeds. The Native Americans discovered strawberries in the late eighteen hundreds. 53 more words

Deep Breaths

Breathing is something that most people don’t even think about. It’s vital to almost every action your body takes to function properly. During this month of Asthma Awareness, however, remember that not everyone can breathe easily. 77 more words

Allergy Awareness Month

Spring is here and with it comes all the beauty of nature. For some people, spring is met with dread as their eyes water and their nose runs uncontrollably. 72 more words

Health Education and Positive Youth Development


July 6, 2015

NYC MAPSCorps is following the same agenda and schedule like the one in Chicago. We were suppose to have a day off, but a majority of us decided we want to come in and learn about sex education, it felt like a review of health class in high school. 423 more words


Resilient Youth

Like plants, youth grow.

Whether they are planted in soil that is difficult or rich, they stretch toward health. Positive Youth Development is a constructive, measurable model of how “nutrient” rich a young person’s life is. 226 more words

Youth RE

PYDSportNET from the CASA Lab

One of the goals we hoped to achieve with the Team ABC3 blog was to highlight the research being led by our team members, research that is either directly or indirectly related to the academic and clinical activities our team leads in severe obesity. 148 more words

Obesity Research

Taking Baby Steps

Hello everyone. March is Nutrition Awareness month, which is very fitting since that is primarily what this blog is about. People think that eating healthy can be difficult, but you don’t actually have to make drastic changes to your diet or lifestyle to see improvement. 59 more words