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In the midst of chaos and confusion...

Our world is overwhelmed with images of violence and rage over the injustices against Black America! There is a clarion call to action…SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING…ANYBODY, DO SOMETHING! 348 more words

Inter-generational Conversations

Welcome to my blog!


I’m Katina, “Let’s-iMPACT!” Speaker. Coach. Trainer. World Changer.

I’m excited about sharing my thoughts with you about making a social impact through leadership development, specifically positive youth and community development. 41 more words

Inter-generational Conversations

Small talk

While the nation shakes its collective fist at TSA for failing to get passengers through security in a timely fashion, I found myself staring down one TSA man in particular during my most recent travel. 282 more words


You are exactly as you are meant to be...

Absorb what you need.

Discard what you don’t.

That is the phrase that launched the next stage in my career within the field of preventive health education for children and youth. 128 more words

Asset-based Development


This is healthy habits with Kyle Merritt and today’s healthy topic is Strawberries. Strawberries are sweet, soft, red fruits that are coated with seeds. The Native Americans discovered strawberries in the late eighteen hundreds. 53 more words

Deep Breaths

Breathing is something that most people don’t even think about. It’s vital to almost every action your body takes to function properly. During this month of Asthma Awareness, however, remember that not everyone can breathe easily. 77 more words

Allergy Awareness Month

Spring is here and with it comes all the beauty of nature. For some people, spring is met with dread as their eyes water and their nose runs uncontrollably. 72 more words