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Tips to Enhance Teen Involvement in your Club or Program

Friendships are extremely important to teens. University of Illinois Extension lists the following benefits to teen friendships:

1) Friendships provide teens with opportunities to develop conflict resolution skills. 409 more words


Critical Youth Work

Historically, the primary focus of youth work has been on risk prevention and rehabilitation, such as delinquency and drug addiction, and to keep youth off the streets, known as a person-centered approach.3 Such approach has led to service providers to regard young people as problems requiring a solution or intervention. 482 more words


Promoting a Positive Environment for Youth Development: Traditional Sports vs. Martial Arts

by Jake M.

Sport and recreation have served as tools to aid in youth development for many years. Particularly, team sports are most often chosen for children by their parents to engage them in physical activity that promotes social development through teamwork and build confidence in their physical abilities. 504 more words

Positive Youth Development

Over-involved Parents and Youth Development

by Kendra U.

The term parental involvement is defined as “the amount of time a parent spends in activities with the child, and participation in relevant areas of the child’s life” (Fagen, 1996). 642 more words

Positive Youth Development

Youth Resiliency in a Sport, Recreation, and Leisure setting

by Brandon B.

Youth in recreation, sport, or leisure activities get to learn many qualities through playing. Resiliency is one quality that they learn about and eventually learn to master. 512 more words

Positive Youth Development

Sport Offers More Than Just a Game When Considering Youth Development

By: Marcus. M

Often times when we consider sport, we tend to believe that sport is just a game. A game that consists of two teams playing each other or in individual sports two players competing against each other. 459 more words

Positive Youth Development

Substance Abuse in Youth

by Carson M.

As youth become older, they are exposed to an increasing number of factors that can negatively affect their development through sport and leisure. 478 more words

Positive Youth Development