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Troy Boys and Girls Club Pizzapalooza 12/6/2016

Our young people and mentors attended the Pizzapalooza event at the Franklin Terrace in Troy tonight, and got to meet some of the generous donors and supporters of the club.

Volunteering at the Turkey Trot

The Block Center’s young people and mentors volunteered at the Turkey Trot Road Race on Thanksgiving morning. Thanks to the race organizers for giving us the opportunity and for their donation to our program!

We're Going to the Via Aquarium!

All our young people and mentors are invited to come with us to the Via Aquarium this Friday. Young people should bring a completed and signed permission slip and be at the club by 3:00PM.

11/22/16 Session: Capture the Flag

Our young people and mentors playing capture the flag at the Troy Boys and Girls Club last night:

Let Them Be Bored

by Amanda K.

Today, parents are doing everything in their power to ensure their children are preoccupied at all times. Children are being introduced to technology such as television and electronic devices at a young age in effort to keep them busy. 516 more words

Positive Youth Development

Barbells and Babies

By Kelsie P.

‘CrossFit’. By simply hearing the word, an abundance of stigmas, fallacies and negative connotations about the sport jump to the forefront. Inaccurate generalizations such as “CrossFit is a cult” or “CrossFit is dangerous” are quick to spring to mind – but possibly the most controversial misconception about the sport is “CrossFit is harmful to children”. 612 more words

Positive Youth Development

How helicopter parenting can affect youth development

by Dexter P.

Everywhere we look now a days it seems as though you can see an example of over parenting. Whether it is a parent at the park constantly telling their kid to “be careful”, or a parent constantly being at their kid’s sporting events trying to correct them. 357 more words

Positive Youth Development