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5 Ways To Squash Victim Mentality Once & For All!

Victim mentality….well put bluntly, it SUCKS!

It sucks your resolve to achieve.

It sucks your desire to overcome.

It sucks the happiness right out of your life. 998 more words

Write good reviews!

Too often I see people write negative reviews of companies on yelp and social networking sights. I  think its fine to express a negative experience you had at a business and make it known you were unhappy. 208 more words

Afternoon Tuesday

The day is starting to wind down, and my stomach is starting to grumble. I’m in the mood for some burgers so I think im going to have some burgers tonight. 146 more words

What your last night dream means


“I had the strangest dream!” Have you ever wondered what that crazy dream you had last night really means? Over the past century researchers have been trying to discover the hidden truths that lie in your subconscious mind when you go to sleep. 2,142 more words

Mental Health

How to have a healthy sex life

Whether the problem is big or small, there are many things you can do to get your sex life back on track. Your sexual well-being goes hand in hand with your overall mental, physical, and emotional health. 2,348 more words

Mental Health

lets talk about: favourites of le month

Guess who’s back? (back again)

swear I write this sentence everyday and just never end up posting anything. incredibly, profusely sorry (look at me using big words) for getting peoples aka like 1 persons hopes up when I say I’m back and never end up posting. 831 more words


Falling for you

I think like many others, Autumn is my favourite season. For me, there are many reasons why I truly appreciate this season.

First and foremost, the colours. 195 more words