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To go against the dominant thinking of your friends, family is perhaps the most enormous thing you can do. Cleaning out your mind and thoughts. 274 more words

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Surviving Depression

Hey there!This is my first ever post so kindly bear with me because I’ve got tons to share with you guys..! So first of all,the reason I’ve decided to start blogging about surviving depression is because I felt many of you are fighting to live through this shit.Its hard.I know.I’ve been there but all you gotta know is that you CAN survive.It might not be easy but you CAN.That”s the Mantra you gotta keep telling yourselves. 13 more words


Positive Mental Attitude

Or PMA for short. It may sound like a throwaway phrase spoken by the wealthy, who may or may not have inherited their riches. There is a trend with the successful in any venture, though, to owe some of their gains to a positive mental attitude. 441 more words


How is Wisdom achieved in life? Wisdom is understanding how to apply knowledge in the real world.

Wisdom deals with the application of the Greater Power which lives within you at this moment and which seeks to express itself through you. 16 more words


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Just because someone stumbles and loses their way, doesn’t mean they are lost forever.



Not Happy, Positive

I have had it with being happy. I am not one to be negative but I cannot be happy any more. I will strive to see that positive in the situation as in “She is still breathing” but I am not going to be happy that that is even a question. 585 more words