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Positive Quote 18.01

Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.

Jim Morrison (1943-1971)

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What Others Deserve + Christ

I am a Christian woman, and as a Christian woman, I try to follow Jesus’ example.

To follow His example, I look to the Bible to see what kind of things He did and what He valued. 271 more words


7 Days of Affirmations - Day 2

Earlier today, I caught myself saying how I looked crazy cuz my hair wasn’t done. So that’s what led to my first affirmation for today I AM BEAUTIFUL and I need to really believe that. 142 more words

7 Days of Affirmations - Day 1

For my first day of affirmations I wanted to use things that could motivate and fuel my mind with positivity. I woke up today tired from lack of sleep, my left shoulder blade is killing me, but it’s all no problem. 160 more words

Sometimes a rant is completely necessary

I know we’re only a few weeks almost a month into the new year but oh my god how great things really have been! I’ve stuck to my goal on making better meal and snack choices and going to the gym as much as I can handle! 263 more words

Steam Removes Game After Developer Posts Fake Reviews

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Art of Stealth

Valve announced this afternoon that the poorly-reviewed stealth game Art of Stealth was removed from Steam after it was discovered that its developer forged positive reviews. 155 more words