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긍정적만 (geungjeongjeogman) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (Annyeonghaseyo!)

Today’s word is all about being “positive”. Going into the weekend, it’s good to let go of the stress and anxieties of the week so you can start a new week fresh! 41 more words


"Fair-weathered Friends"

I will no longer waste my time on people who look for a reason not to be apart of my life until I've "gotten everything together"

774 more words

Stay Hopeful Stay Humble

I came home to the most beautiful and meaningful present I’ve received in quite some time. Maybe ever! My beautiful and thoughtful friend Maija sent me a “lokai” bracelet. 248 more words


'C' Is For Contribute

There is a Distress Tolerance skill which goes by the acronym ‘ACCEPTS’, and which provides a set of healthy distraction tools to help oneself get through challenging times. 472 more words


Greater Energy

She thought she could
And she did
She thought she couldn’t
And she didn’t
The bad is negative thoughts
The good is positive thoughts
Desire over Fear every time… 137 more words


Friday Floral Fun!

Guess what?? It’s Friday again!! Yep… that day of the week most folk look out for. When Friday rolls around the anticipation grows. It’s an exponential thing. 58 more words


Happiness From Within

Sometimes we look too much to others to create happiness for us..

We should try to find happiness within ourselves..

Being honest about our bad points can help us improve our wellbeing.. 67 more words