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Changing Bad Habits

Changing a bad habit is no joke. It’s basically a constant struggle and forces you to evaluate and re-evaluate significantly more than is typically comfortable. For about a month, I’ve established a few healthy habits, but it has all been to no avail because I am undoing all my hard work nonstop! 512 more words


I spent the day with a headache but managed to make some really awesome muffins before giving in and going to bed. I might have eaten 4¬†of them first…

Yes, Life Isn't Fair

Life has been never fair to anyone of us.

It does not look fair to us that a few people experienced childhood in a home where they could not store food in the fridge because their family was living paycheck to paycheck simply trying to get by. 521 more words

Kicking things off...again

Hi All,

So, I have restarted the Benevita challenge. The plan is, to monitor how I feel, and most importantly if it does actually help with any weight loss. 259 more words

Lumut-Ipoh trip Feb 2017 Day 1

Recently went to Swiss-Garden Beach Resort, Damai Laut and Ipoh with my friend-colleague and ex-colleague on a girls trip. The last time I had been to Damai Laut was probably 10yrs+ ago. 1,192 more words


My First Half-Marathon

This weekend I ran my first half-marathon and it was SO MUCH FUN! Now here is a little recap:

If you have been following my Instagram account for a while you know a couple things about me: 1) I LOVE to run 2) I ALWAYS get injured running. 471 more words