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X Ambassadors "Torches" Single Review

Torches is a surprise release by American alt. rock band X Ambassadors.

Everything Mainstream Consensus:

“With a magnetic atmosphere and grand lyricism, X Ambassadors return with an inspiration ballad that leaves a sizable impression by the end.” 40 more words

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The Hunchback of Notmuch Goingon

Fronds, how are we? It’s ya gurl, Rach, here with a blog post fresh out the kitchen, laden with shit writing and not much else. Wayoo! 370 more words

My Employment Status

OneRepublic "No Vacancy" Single Review

‘No Vacancy’ was released on the 27th of April 2017, just after taking a 4-month break and a few minutes before sharing a post explaining the bands’ future. 76 more words

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Did you know: Pakistan ranks in the Top 25 out of almost 200 World Economies

April 28th 2017: We randomly stumbled upon these rankings (on Wikipedia) which show, that according to all major databases, Pakistan ranks in the Top 25 out of almost 200 World Economies. 36 more words



Work took us to the baseball game. It was supposed to be all inclusive which apparently meant a small plate of sad nachos and however much beer you want. 15 more words

A Better Environment


If you’re constantly in one place, make sure you remodel it every once in a while. It is very healthy and inspiring to change the view of things. 116 more words

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The law of negativity.

The concept of law of negativity is pretty simple and straightforward. It is such a powerful law that once we step into it we get swallowed deeper within and if we do not recognize the pattern we may not be able to get out of it. 320 more words