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Stop Chasing Happiness

If you ask me what is missing most in my life, often times I will respond “happiness.” When I’m asked what I want most out of life, the typical response to that is “to be happy.” 822 more words


Calming Anxiety By Finding My Paradise (And How You Can Too!)

We’re all on a journey toward finding our paradise. What makes us happy? What brings us joy? What fills our lives with purpose? That’s what I have been longing to find. 975 more words


Three Ways to Relieve the Pressure When You're Pushing Yourself Too Hard

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

A year ago today, I was just waking up and coming back to consciousness from my ruptured aneurysm. It was around my sister’s birthday because I remember my boss offering to buy her a birthday gift from me. 517 more words

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Getting My Second Chance Right

By: Mary Pat Baldauf

I know I’ve mentioned how much I love Positively Positive, and an article in today’s morning email just reminded me why. 221 more words

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A Letter To My Cheeky Toddler

To my beautiful, cheeky toddler,

Mama writes this letter to you. Even though it will be years until you can read and understand it…

As you took your nap today, I didn’t put you into your cot as I normally do… I held you in my arms and stared at you as you slept, like a creepy stalker. 493 more words


An Invitation to Start Over

We’re six months into the year. For many of us, our New Year’s resolutions are somewhat of a distant memory. The blank canvas we excitedly laid our good intentions on is laying over there in the corner being ignored. 538 more words

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