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Have the Best Intentions

The things we do, and the things we say, define the way we are remembered by those around us and mark the way we see ourselves. 117 more words

It's Okay

A lot of us have unhealthy habits, like smoking or procrastinating on priorities or biting your nails. Mine is worrying over the small stuff. I love to obsessively stress about the little things in life that wouldn’t even effect me if I would just let it go. 449 more words


A (not so light) Introduction

First of all, I swear to you that this is as dark as my posts will get. This blog is not meant for sadness or comparison or any general negativity- quite the opposite actually. 606 more words


Give your energy to the solution, not the problem.

When you’re trying to make a change,  you’ll find it beneficial to focus your energy and attention on your solution rather than your problem.

Remind yourself daily that what you feed will grow. 157 more words

2015 Week 1: GRATITUDE

Look at this.. It’s only January 5th, and I’m already a day late on my 52 week blog challenge.. However, it’s not without good reason. I ended up having a couple last minute things to do yesterday, including seeing a wonderful friend who is in town from Texas. 740 more words


Hitch hiking

I lay and wonder what kind of life I shall live.
I have never dwelled on the fact that I’m in control of my life and that I can go in whatever direction I please. 307 more words


Time Flies When You're Having Fun.... And When You're Having Babies!

So, recently I’ve been so busy being a mom that I had completely forgotten about something else that I love and am passionate about… WRITING!  It’s been over a year that I had written on my blog and I know that’s because I had moved down the shore in the summer and had been working a ton.. 1,386 more words