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02. Beggar Belief

On any given day there are thousands of thoughts (more like a million in my head) circulating round our brain. Positive, negative, indifferent, and they are all holding power over us in one way or another. 180 more words


Don't Quit

When things seem tough, and you want to¬†quit…DON’T. You are a champion and you will get through this, YOU GOTTA FIGHT FOR IT. Remember why you started, realise the sweet success of victory that will be yours. 61 more words


Never give up

We all have that one dream, that one goal, that one ambition. It could be anything from wanting to become the next “phantom of the Opera” on Broadway or something as simple as getting over that dreadful flu that’s stopping you from hanging out with your friends and going to that party that you desperately want to attend. 340 more words

What a difference a smile makes....

I’ve travelled many different places in different countries and on different types of transportation but I want to dedicate today’s post to Perth’s bus drivers. 206 more words


What's going through my head?

When I think of Bondi I think ‘food precinct’. It’s usually our 1st choice for a date night & heaps of friends wonder why we even need to leave The Shire – we are quick to answer, ‘Cos it’s heaps better!’ (Until recently with the opening of the new Miranda Event cinemas & restaurants) This describes us to a tee. 263 more words


5 Reasons Why I Love Mondays

I know a lot of people hate Monday and associate it with negativity but I see them as a good thing. You don’t have to make it the worst part of your week if you simply change your mindset. 410 more words

Nighttime Ramblings

Support and Motivation.

Surround yourself with people who support and motivate you! I follow so many motivation pages on Instagram and I used to be an admin for a general support group. 294 more words