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Excited! Blog updates!

Hello everyone!

Hope that you are having a good week! :)

This post is about the few changes that I made to my blog here. This beautiful image here is to show off my excitement (Yay!) :) 543 more words


From Sad To Fab

Mental health is something that is being discussed more openly than ever. Although I have never been diagnosed with a mental illness myself, I have witnessed friends and family who have battled their health and come out the other side. 275 more words


Mid-Week Motivation!

So, let’s talk about something really quick. Today, I’m questioning life a little bit, so it’s important to get this out there, as a reminder for me and anyone else who’s feeling the struggle. 274 more words



Don’t expect for anything in this world. Don’t waste away your time thinking about your achievements or the glory that you are going to have. Or expect anything from anyone, because keeping expectations will only lead you to disappointment – if it doesn’t happen as you wanted it to happen. 174 more words



I have been wanting to start a blog for the longest time! Along the way I made up various excuses of why I needed to wait and now I have pushed all of those excuses out of the way and taken that leap of faith! 244 more words


Best Year of My Life...Thus Far

I didn’t earn more bucks this year. Neither did I done any extravagant things this year.

But mentally, I’ve grown, i feel. I’ve had clearer views of my values & my priorities. 70 more words