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Jummah Mubarak ♡

When you are experiencing something positive in your life trust that it came from Allah (swt). When you are experiencing hard times and difficulties, trust that this too came from Allah (swt) and that He will accompany you through it. 11 more words


I can

So in my last post, I established my rock bottom had been hit. What to do now? I have grieved and felt sorry for myself, I have made those closest to me aware that I need help but ultimately this means me helping myself. 246 more words


Home Sweet Home

For me one of the hardest things about getting a divorce is having to leave my home.

When we got married the first thing we did was to buy our house. 381 more words


Chronic ilness, the mind & the self

So, it seems pretty obvious that chronic illness will affect your mental health right? Yes, but the impact it can have on your mental health, I have found to be more varied than I had ever considered. 1,016 more words

Chronic Ilness

I've Discovered a No-Bullshit Attitude in Amsterdam

Today is the official two-week mark from when I moved into my dorm/apartment/unit in Amsterdam! I’ve been in the city for just over two weeks now, and I really can’t even begin to describe how overwhelmingly beautiful and fun and fantastic this place is. 774 more words


Feel good friday: embracing our quirks and flaws!

Morning little web makers!

I’ve taken a big leap in the world of blogging and have set this post to go live without me pressing the publish button. 716 more words


Finding happiness when life throws you crap!

Everyone wants to be HAPPY. So many of us are searching for it & trying our best to work out what it is that will make us happy. 748 more words