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What you seek you will find. When you judge people base on looks, you will find those who judge YOU by your look. Sometimes we hear friends complain why they never find good guy/girl, and we always tell them the same thing: love yourself first, then other people will love you. 112 more words



We woke up to what was promising to be a grey, rainy day even though the app said there was a 30-50% chance of rain. And sure enough, just as my husband was packing himself up to leave, it began to rain, and has been pouring steadily since. 726 more words


Perspectives & more

I’ve been seeing things negatively lately, and I do wanna attribute them to some things that have happened. It hasn’t been very easy for me, having to feel strongly against some things, which on hindsight are things I probably shouldn’t even fret about. 373 more words

Life's too short to be searching...

… For love.. or for being stuck in a situation of ‘Putting up with it’

Something I have been thinking of a lot lately as I look around me, whether it be friends or aquaintences on social networks, See it in Soap operas on TV, see it in reality shows, on the streets in town, at parties, along the beach.. 1,033 more words


Thumbs Up!

I finally finished! 😊

About a month ago I mentioned that I was reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I just finished about a day or so ago. 191 more words

Finding the new door

Unfortunately and very regrettably I have been made redundant from my position as business development manager at the Faze-Five Jewellery manufacturing company. It was a job, I feel, I was pretty good at. 237 more words