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Staying Positive Through Injuries

I’m sitting at work reflecting on the last few days. My current situation has me all kinds of pouty, and I’m ready to choose a different mindset. 295 more words


Use Case Spotlight: Cultivating Positivity

In last month’s Use Case Spotlight we featured tips and tricks from Habiticans about using the site and apps to work on Learning Languages. This month we’re changing it up a bit and looking at not only keeping your mind active, but keeping it happy and healthy as well! 611 more words


Global Warming

The climate changes and suddenly you’re in a drought. In creeps the negativity along with self-doubt. You must use positivity to bring on the change. Pour it into your life and bring in refreshing rains. 109 more words


we are in a cycle of constant change

(Note before you read: this is just a whole blog of writing and probably many grammar mistakes and zero pictures fyi)

you are so young. you have your whole life ahead of you. 570 more words


Magdalene's Good Advice

Meet Magdalene, Senior Physiotherapist, St. Andrew’s Community Hospital. Her main role is to help patients in promoting functional mobililty and palliative care at her work. 250 more words

The Good Advice

YOUR IMAGE...............................

Why do so many people feel unhappy with their image and are holding hidden agendas about themselves and how the world see’s them.

They feel that the image they project is truly horrendous, it is difficult for them to look in the mirror and love themselves, they start to have weird thoughts about finding a partner or friends. 293 more words

Chase Your Dream

Daily Positive Day #8

I challenge you to stop yourself from complaining about anything today. When you catch yourself complaining, stop. PAUSE, regroup, and reflect on the things that you are thankful for. 8 more words