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Appointments galore.

As those of you with eating disorders will well know, they come with a whole host of health complications.

This is obviously due to the stress your body is put under trying to survive on reserves all of the time. 373 more words

It's All About A Different Perspective

I can still remember when I was twelve years old and my friend told me why she was vegetarian. She said that she couldn’t eat animals because she loved them. 471 more words


Motivational Monday's: you control Your race

There are so many obstacles that will come across your way, should you give up? Nope! Your biggest competitor is yourself and you can’t afford to have self defeat. 17 more words


One person, an army

“What the world needs is people who believe so much in another world that they cannot help but begin the enacting it now” -Shane Claiborne… 176 more words



Learning. We (hopefully) do it every day. But what I think some people forget is how we almost learn more for negative experiences than positives ones. 475 more words


A Positive Mind, A Positive Life

When life seems to keep throwing curve balls, we are faced with two choices. We can watch the pitches fly by and strike out or we can keep our heads up and swing for the fences. 716 more words