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Its just me.....

I’m a funny old soul, some days I’m high on positivity, embracing my flaws and imperfections and confident that I have more strengths and qualities, than I do negative traits….. 314 more words

The Friday Post #3

Fashion Retrospection

These are my favourite red carpet looks from the Diyar-E-Dil Hum Awards ’16 that took place in Karachi earlier this week. I’m unsure if last year’s awards had better outfits or if I’ve been more selective this year. 416 more words


A Gemini is so versatile.

U hav read the title And you will think its a horoscope characteristics talk. But No, i m writing this because v r busy. Yes v r, v dont have tym to call our relatives and ask hey how r u! 242 more words



We are really afraid of talking with people who throw big words and technical terms around. They may think doing this makes them look smart and professional, but all it does is make us more confused than before. 113 more words


April 28, 2016

In just one week, I’ll be finished with my Sophomore year of college. The past two years of college have flown by. Moving on to greater opportunities was a huge turning point for me. 437 more words


Who Completes You?

I wonder why it is that we are conditioned to believe that we “need” someone to complete us, to make us whole, to fulfill our life. 1,250 more words

Day 30: Make Decisions With Your Heart

I’ve learned this lesson right after I’ve faced some tough challenges. The more you allow your heart to go into your decision making, the more honest your decisions will be to who you are. 156 more words

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