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Choose Optimism

Today I was asked if I was “okay”. The answer was that I’m great, and then of course they wanted to know why I was great. 58 more words

IF ONLY ....

Ever wondered how many moments you missed ?? How many memories you could create ?? How much time is left here on earth with  your loved ones ?.. 722 more words

The Ripple Effect

I love this quote. It often guides how I try to meet the day, especially when working in my lovely school. I think Love Bomb week breathed life into this intention for our whole school community. 1,239 more words

Life is an artform

This is my art.  I previously felt odd calling this art, but it’s my creative expression and it’s my voice, so why not?

Creativity comes in many forms but it all begins with a thought, and sometimes that’s all it takes to make something beautiful.   136 more words

Personal Development

Sunday Thought: Integrity & Sincerity. Get rid of discord.

Why do people listen to you? Okay, why do people listen to you AND follow what you say?

“In everything set them an example by doing what is good. 426 more words


She was charming.

Was no beauty

Just a bundle of radiating charm

That radiation did not kill

So,she let them free

Very Infectious

Her smile just killed

but… 50 more words


Quote of The Day

One door closes as another opens, positivity is key.

No matter what comes in front of you, take it in your stride and use it to better yourself then you will know you have become the best person.

Bookwormsazzyb x

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