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The Crucifixion (2017)

Plot: Nicole Rawlins (Sophie Cookson) is a reporter in need of a powerful story, so when she learns about an exorcism in which a nun was killed, she sees a potential breakout article. 596 more words

Kami Powers, Rorqual Edition!

It’s time for me to post more content for the Possessed. Yay? The original source of the Powers below is World of Darkness: Blood-Dimmed Tides (pp. 1,005 more words

"Wa, wa, wa, wa"

There’s a story happen a long time ago. I was visiting my family in Florida and my parents were not at home. They all gone to attend the wedding party of my older cousin in Chicago so I decided to stay in the cabin next to our home since I couldn’t open the house. 691 more words

Mini Review - The Foster Child

When Imogen arrives back to her childhood town, she hopes that her time there will be less traumatic and emotionally draining than her younger years. Sadly not. 209 more words

Book Review

My phone is possessed

“I’m sorry sir, but I think my phone is possessed isn’t covered under the warranty.”

“Why not?”

“What are you using to call right now, sir?” 56 more words


Possessed. Short Story.

Jacob stood at the gate, looking at the house, it was two stories tall and made of red brick, the garden was quite large with an abundance of flowers, all of which were wilting and dying. 2,356 more words

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