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Story of Possession

My mind rhymes and I just stop

Stare through my brain and smell the rain of my blood.

Sometimes it’s sweet yet mostly sour… 114 more words


Past Imperfect - #208

At the Institute for the Analysis of Sexual Innuendo in Pre-Code Hollywood Films, a discussion took place concerning this image:

Scientist #1, also an amateur poet: “To me, it’s about rebirth, with the caterpillar becoming a butterfly and whatnot. 208 more words


Video: The Enfield Haunting, the true story

The Enfield Haunting: The truth behind Britain’s most infamous poltergeist.


ABC's of Dark Poetry ; D-emonomania

Walking around,

never making a sound.

Watching my body move,

doing actions I wouldn’t approve.

Speaking in different voices,

have no say in my choices. 66 more words