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Cauchemares/Cathy's Curse

General Notes
Released: 1977 Featuring: Alan Scarfe/George Gimble
Beverley Murray/Vivian Gimble
Randi Allen/Cathy Gimble Screenplay: Myra Clément
Eddy Malaton
Alain Sens-Cazenave Director: Eddy Matalon Rating: 620 more words
Should Have Been Better

Kronos (1957)

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

A giant robot comes from space to steal Earth’s energy.

Spoiler-free Review

Standard giant monster movie fare enlivened by good acting and an interesting monster.

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United States

Pharaoh's Curse (1957)

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

An expedition to find a lost Pharaoh turns a young man into a vampiric killer.

Spoiler-free Review

Almost painfully close to a forgotten gem. 

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United States

Rôdosu-tô senki/Record of Lodoss War (OAV): I - Prologue to the Legend

Spoiler-Free Synopsis

A group of adventurers find their journey to a fabled sage plagued by monsters.

Spoiler-free Review

On the one hand, this is a questionable start for the series. 

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