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Student Stumper 44: Why do people make a word like "today" possessive?

Question: We can say today’s lesson, so when is it correct to use the possessive with inanimate objects?

Answer: In this case, a learner was already aware that nouns don’t have to refer to a human to be possessive. 476 more words


Possessive Nouns - Proper use of Apostrophes

The apostrophe is a talented little guy.  He is one of the busiest characters in the English language and wields immense power.  He can change a pronoun to a verb, identify ownership, replace letters, and make plural words. 230 more words


A guide to the possessive forms of nouns

Nouns are one of eight classes of words or parts of speech in the English language. Broadly, a noun is the name of a person, place or thing, or it can be an abstract notion such as “information” or “wish”. 920 more words