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Its OK that I don’t know or haven’t discover my life purpose as of yet, but in the meantime I’ll keep pursuing my curiosity, I’ll keep giving flames to the things I’m passion about,and my desire to learn, to grow, and to become a better human being that path I will continue on.

~Micheline Jean Louis


Prologue of a Chrysalis

Today, I feel like yet again, I am being reborn from a chrysalis of my own creation.  This birth chamber is nourished on a life of creating the many mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and soul “cocoons” of well-being for myself and others.   177 more words

Healing The Body & Spirit

Rabbit Trails

Rabbit Trails

(for Tina Chiang)

Gardens fresh

Full of vibrancy,

Full of new horizons

And the concepts

Of Heart and Truth

Grow stronger still, 

Yet with Rabbit Trails… 64 more words


Perfect impossible moments

Nothing, absolutely nothing will ever turn out the way we want it too. Living our lives, can seem completely normal and ordinary, but then out of the blue something unexpected happens causing a chain events of similar events. 234 more words