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A Quick Update

It’s been a bit since my last post. Things have been busy and a lot has happened. Last month was the Charlie Hebdo attack, and it was interesting to be an American abroad during that time. 393 more words

Getting Through Betrayal, A Personal Story

When my friend from Canada sent me Reiki, she told me I gotta let the anger fire burn out.  She said it was a purification fire, and that I couldn’t deal with the hurt and pain until the fire was done burning. 920 more words


Blog Update: New Theme Underway

This is just a friendly note to let everyone know that I may change my blog theme. I really want a cleaner look and it just seems all cluttered right now. 22 more words

Current Events


I remember feeling quite unsure if whether I should be too chit-chatty, knowing that I have not known him for so long. I remember asking him about the places where he used to hangout at the city as we puff our dose of cigarette together. 276 more words


Just A Thought.

Some days everything is alright. The sun is shining; the long day’s worth of school is cut short with a sudden cancelation of your night class, and before you know it the semester will be over and you will walk out of class with the birds chirping and 60 degree weather that feels oh so good. 313 more words


'Just Get On With It'

Why won’t I ‘just get on with it?’

Because I want everything.

I want the Moon and the Sun.

I want to drown in my tears. 169 more words

My Real-inner-self