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Done With the Divorcee To-Do List. Now What?

Today I move into a new apartment, which is officially the last item on the divorcee to-do list I created after my husband and I separated. 278 more words

The post that's seeing possibilities

Do you know what the best thing is about travelling?

You do? Oh, we’ll knock this post on the head now then.

See you later. … 642 more words


Face the Challenge

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If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you. – Curiano.com

It may seem like it’s the same troubles, but on a different day, you’re probably right.

67 more words

I Freaked Out and Left the Love of my Life

My first boyfriend spoiled me for life.

I was only 19 when we met, he was three years older than me. Everybody thought we would get married, including me. 525 more words



Rugs are pulled out, but
Bruises from tumbling heal-
Expectations fizzle
Hope is depleted…
Fanning the flame
becomes impossible
under a steady stream
of changing winds. 56 more words



And then there is a day like today. Its sunny birds are chirping and the wind is swishing. Its a day like today when anything seems possible. 27 more words