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Change your thoughts, change your life

Your world and your life as you know it is full of infinite possibilities. The trick is knowing how to tap into those. I’m sure you’ve heard time and time again about how you can create anything you want if you’re just positive. 477 more words

The Balancing Act: When You Feel Overwhelmed

Have you ever had one of those days where seemingly everything began to shake your world every which way, including loose? You know the days where the kids are like little (or big) tornadoes, the husband has… 320 more words


On not giving a fuck.

Lately I’ve had to stop caring. Not like in this tragic life has no meaning kind of way – I mean that I don’t care what other people think about my life choices. 735 more words


On Soaring Wings

When I fly, I soar above created things in the brilliant glory of who you are.


–  I shake and yet it feels so good!! 165 more words


Three Little Mushrooms Sitting in a Tree.

Everything moved in slow motion.

The little mushrooms waited.

The rays from the Sun¹ brought the gift of life each and every day of their existence. 650 more words


July 20, 2016 Prayer

Dear Lord, beautiful Creator of life, love and possibilities, please fill me with unwavering faith toward the realization of my dreams and positive, loving change for this world.  64 more words

Daily Prayer

The world is my oyster

I believe in magic. First off, let me just say that people have a misconception of what Tarot cards are and how the readers are just Gypsy phonies who want your money. 302 more words