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I woke up - It's a good morning

Sunday Inspiration    Post By David Joel Miller.


“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.” 44 more words

Sunday Inspirational Quotes

Just Say "No"

My writing is like my running.

Once I begin, I’m O.K.

Inertia is a paper dragon

at most–

leftover thoughts that didn’t

get deleted on the last cleaning. 120 more words

Calling Me Home

You opened your arms to welcome me
You spoke as to a friend
You smiled as we passed
Your heart whispered,
As it flowed alongside mine… 57 more words


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[Video] ELON MUSK: The Story behind The Glory

Elon Musk is a profound entrepreneur recognized for his audacious and unrelenting drive of revolutionizing the entrepreneurial landscape with green solutions. It qualifies to say that Elon is a serial entrepreneur with a number of successful startups under his belt. 242 more words


Things to remember this weekend.

Sometimes Monday to Friday takes its toll on us and life just feels like a little too much to deal with. The weekend is the perfect time to recharge, unwind, and gather our thoughts and reflect on the week and i wanted to share today 10 things worth remembering this weekend, just in case you are in need of some inspiration… 22 more words


Like Taking A Gun

Lots of people taking sides on who shot who, why they pulled the trigger, were they right, were they wrong…

At this time of peace, I keep getting drawn back to this meditation, written in response to an atrocity in Syria, but applicable to so much happening in our world right now… 149 more words


week 363 ~ just take a deep breath suffocating on

just take a deep breath suffocating on
dreams that we like to put on monuments
no one seems to care that they make no sense… 94 more words