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Get What you Expect!

Until now, I used to believe that “we get what we deserve” or ” we get as per our efforts” but after my recent readings, I have got more insight on this subject and that seems nearer to my real life experience. 268 more words


It seems as though all things are possible. You can look across the limitations of your own life, and see that they are really nothing. In that moment when time stops, it is as though you know you could undertake any venture, complete it and come back to yourself, to find the world unchanged, and everything just as you left it a moment before.

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Book Quotes

To feel warm again

Love in the dark

where I don’t have to see your need

The wanting in your eyes

How you long for something

I do not have to give… 84 more words


A New Day

I would like to awaken

to a NEW tomorrow

not like my usual

ones but (to) something

exciting, fulfilling,


I always debate–should

it be easy & effortless… 95 more words

Lessons from the past

Emily tells us that Hope is a thing with wings…

(or at least feathers)

if so, it sings.

(no matter the weather)

it is up to us to listen to the song – 8 more words

The Now

Once upon a Time.....

Walking Maggie back from the supermarket this morning, my mind wandered to this.
Do you believe in Time Travel?
That Time Travel is possible or perhaps could be within your lifetime? 428 more words