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A new perception of possibilities.

We as humans might often say that something is not possible, or not very possible. We put limits on what we think can be done or achieved. 352 more words

I Dwell In Possibility.- Emily Dickinson.

Dwell in possibility,
open your eyes, around you, there are limitless opportunities.
The doors are closed,
look closely,
there’s an opened door, you can’t see it, you can only sense it, 56 more words


Snapshot Challenge Saturday

There is always the possibility of greatness and beauty on the other side of potential barriers.

Achieving Happiness

Stranger stuck in my head…

Have you ever had a stranger or a certain person that you just met or just talked to for a few minutes and it got stuck with you for a long time? 253 more words



I refuse to dwell

on what might have happened here

moving towards what’s next

Daily Verse

Mind run

I ran and covered so much ground. Almost leaping with excitement to keep up with impatient brain surges. A week’s thinking expanded and expelled in a session. 53 more words


The Future of Abundance

Some mornings I wake with a snippet of a song stuck in my head. Often it’s a line heard the day before that somehow stuck with me, whether for liking it or being profoundly annoyed by it. 1,414 more words

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