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What to Expect in Possible "Rangers" Sequel

A few days ago, Power Rangers creator Haim Saban has announced that he is hoping that the success of today’s reboot of the original series will be successful to warrant the beginning of a franchise, which will comprise of a six-film series. 217 more words

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Reasons Why

“Some men have thousands of reasons why they cannot do what they want to, when all they need is one reason why they can.” (Martha Graham) 11 more words

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Philosophy Tuesday

This is a philosophical statement.  It is intended to spark thinking and examining.

Today, it comes in the form of a quote:

In retrospect it may seem naive. 91 more words



There’s something interesting that happens sometimes, when you stop and suddenly you just know something. Between a blink and a breath, you become filled, chest full and rising away from your spine, and in the back of your skull your brain pushes forth a signal. 446 more words


The Quarter-Life Crisis.

What happens when you grow up?

My friends and I, people, colleagues, strangers, children of the 90s are now in that scary ass time when you are officially an adult. 1,058 more words

little boy

I’ve dreamt of little girls before and I’ve found they symbolize either myself or women who are close to me or are religious in nature. These past two nights, I’ve had dreams with the same little boy and a faceless man. 438 more words

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