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That’s OK
Isn’t asking the right questions enough?
Maybe the answers are within. What do you think?

Morning Mindfulness

Between ecstasy and the depths of despair

They do tell you this: that all or nothing thinking is unhelpful. That the mood highs are unsustainable and in a sense cause the lows. But the temptation for me is still to run so hard from painful feelings and unresolved emotional mess that you only look for “perfect” situations and “perfect” feelings or that you sink down so far into your depression, kind of give in and wrap yourself in it and become defined by it. 905 more words

Challenging Thinking

The satisfaction we need

As our experience opens to wider perspectives,
our senses, our bodies, and our consciousness
become vibrantly alive.

Patterns of craving and frustration
give way to the flowing interaction with the process of living.

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Movie Thursday

The Nerdwriter just posted a video that’s a great continuation/compliment of my post last Thursday about the lack of good storytelling in many films today.  He uses moments vs scenes as his breakdown, and I think its a good one: 158 more words


God Speaks To Us In Whispers

But Jesus would withdraw to a deserted place and pray.”     (Luke 5: 16)

We too often look for the answers to life’s challenges as if they are going to announce themselves with loud trumpets and blazing light beams coming down from the skies, the wind spinning around us and depositing clay tablets in our hands with all the answers to our problems. 494 more words

Infinite galaxies, One life

One city I live in that resides in a state that resides in a country on earth in the solar system in the milky way in such a big universe… 503 more words


Why not change your attitude?
You’ll change your altitude.
How does that feel?

Morning Mindfulness