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Last Line Read

And she’d taken my hand, and I’d led her down the final few metres of the track, and now here we were – standing outside the cottage, shadowed in the light of the moon, exhausted and cold and relieved.

Candy by Kevin Brooks, page 244


Picking A Face

Picking is a bad habit. Whether it be your nails, your hair or your skin. It’s bad.

Picking can give one pleasure and satisfaction. However when you pick to the point of bleeding, it’s time to start worrying. 136 more words

Food For Thought

Dissecting Understanding: Part II--Three Sides To Every Story

This Sunday I wanted to continue dissecting the meaning of the word understanding. This time, I want to discuss the idea of different sides. There is always another side, another heart to be broken, another viewpoint to be seen…and can we truly understand the other side? 1,832 more words

Philosophy Sunday

Here's A Little Something To Think About

Princess Penelope graced our towns (and Krustyland’s) with her presence a few days back and gave new life to a mostly forgotten part of the game. 202 more words




There better be some Chandler/Kent in the final episode. There has not been any where near enough this series. I love Man!Kent but what happened to pining after Chandler?

52 more words

Film Review: Tim Burton's Dark Shadows

The perfect way to end the school week is a movie. On Friday night I went to my local theater with my brother and sister and saw Dark Shadows. 334 more words



I saw the movie and… as a friend said “I feel like I have been dry humping for two hours”.

And while I have never been in that situation, I think they were saying something like: I feel like it was missing a lot and when it was all over with, I feel cheated. 93 more words