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“It is possible to live in peace.”
Mahatma Gandhi

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A story of hope

“Undeserving”, “Failure”, “Worthless”

My anorexic behaviour left me not only starved of nutrition but also of my very being. The day of my engagement was supposed to be one of my happiest moment of my life, instead, vows were whispered by a wisp of a girl, wavering between life and death. 200 more words



There was a time in my life when this was my motto..Can’t say it wasn’t worth it coz that is one of the powerful 240 more words


I'm possible instead of impossible to do things. DO it or not.

I managed to change my mindset from thinking everything must be perfect to everything is possible.
How about that ?


The #Unhinged Lessons

Broken Doorknobs

If you were here last time, then you probably saw this pic and heard this story: Some Doors Don’t Open.

Here’s the backchannel. 568 more words