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LADY BIRD (2017) Finally, a Teen Movie for Poor Kids

It seems that, at least since John Hughes, coming of age movies have been defined by the upper-middle class. Problems are always “will I get into college?” rather than “can I afford college?” Even though they might not get what they want, the teens always seem to have what they need, protected from the real world and real consequences by a thick shield of privilege. 1,232 more words


Veterans benefit

It is a long time in coming, but f you served, you may again be eligible for GI Bill Education benefits that you may have thought expired. 616 more words


Urban Exodus during the Cold War and Security Anxiety post 9/11

Matthew Farish in his paper “Disaster and decentralization: American cities and the Cold War” writes, “The portent of geopolitical conflict was simply one of the numerous factors urging an unprecedented abandonment of central cities by manufacturers, corporations, and populations dominated by the white middle class.” 251 more words

16 Years Later

Yesterday was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on The World Trade Center. At that time I worked on 5th Avenue and 42nd Street and so if you looked straight down 5th Avenue you could see the whole bloody debacle unfold. 247 more words


Post 9/11 Military: What Has Changed Since That Terrible Day?

As you can imagine, this country and our military has changed quite a bit since September 11, 2001. That terrible day shifted the United States of America’s dynamic, and day-to-day way of thinking. 617 more words

Rereading Teju Cole's 'Open City'

I’ve been an avid reader of Teju Cole’s prose since 2011, when I first read his debut novel, Open City.

Reading the novel had left an immense impression on me, but I was reluctant at the time to read his only other book, … 1,372 more words