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Join The Canadian Union Of Harper Photo Op Workers Today

If I was going to organize a union from scratch, the first people I would sign up are the workers who are forced to stand behind Stephen Harper when he makes an announcement. 1,124 more words

When being Afghan was being the Enemy

I remember in second grade when my friend once told me

“My father is in the army…”

Okay, and?

“He said he’s going to kill the enemy.” 353 more words

Locus Amoenus in the Woodstock Times

Upstate Novelist, Victoria N. Alexander, To Give Reading at the Golden Notebook
by Gary Alexander

Have you spent too much time trying to convince your girlfriend that ‘Decadent’ is not a flavor? 951 more words

Literary Fiction


No More Mulberries by Mary Smith captured my attention because I love to read stories set in cultures different from my own, but with the commonality of the human condition to draw me into the plot. 640 more words

Book Review Friday

In Which I Hate Conspiracies

I intended for this to be a Facebook post, but it got too long to be one and TWELVEtwenty-three needed some love. Here goes nothing. 550 more words

Tangential Rants

Conflict of Interest

Blog based off NY Times article: Former F.B.I. Agent, Sues, Claiming Retaliation Over Misgivings in Anthrax Case by Scott Shane. Article can be found here: … 230 more words

K Is For ~ K9sForWarriors.org


BBB Accredited
Assistance Dog International Accedited
2014 Top Rated Non Profit by Great Non Profits

The mission of K9sForWarriors.org is to bring together service dogs with service members suffering from post-traumatic stress/traumatic brain injuries resulting post 9/11. 292 more words

Blogging From A To Z April Challenge 2015