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WORD: Ignoranus

Why do people like these exist??? Can’t we just be nice? For some reason, they know which buttons to push. Ugh!


LIVE   LAUGH …  47 more words


Yep, call me SELFISH

Often we are victims of injustice because (let’s face it) Life doesn’t play Fair.  Thus, often the question is how we fare after we’ve been served the “injustice”. 539 more words


Full Bellies & Empty Souls

Dear Paul Ryan,

I want to talk to you today about what I read in an article from Time Magazine. Here is the link: Paul Ryan Says Free School Lunches Give Kids ‘An Empty Soul’ 707 more words

Post A Day

Life Can

Can I for once have a day where the sun’s rays make it to my life and linger on leaving a sense of complete happiness… 93 more words

Self Expression

Sacred - John Doe

You defiled my sacred temple by breaking in without an invitation. Not deterred by the word “no”, you forced yourself inside of me. You tainted my lips with yours, you contaminated my flesh with your bare hands and left me impure, in pain, crying from the inside out by the thrusting of your sword. 307 more words

The Voice Of ALL

Vanish, if you must

People say I am very good at “the vanishing act”. I do not doubt the “people”.  So from an expert, in case you might want to carry out “the… 316 more words