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Steps To Better Sleep Part Four

Sleep is so important for us but it is so difficult to shut our brains down and just relax get into REM and recharge those batteries for the next day. 451 more words

Writers Block And The Pain We All Face With It

Writers block is possibly one of the worst things to grace this planet (ok that was a joke.)

In truth, we all face the prospect of hitting some writers block and not being able to get past that very wall which stops us. 213 more words


I Saw Foo Fighters!

So, yesterday I posted I was going to see the legendary Foo Fighters in Manchester.

Well, I saw them. It was AMAZING!

Now, they’re my favourite rock band so going in I was baffled by what songs hey could play, there’s such a huge catalogue! 222 more words


End Of The Line

Bag. Check.

Pass. Check.

Life in order. Check?

It was a day like no other. I wandered into the depths of work, through the large revolving doors, a smile to security and a wave of my pass. 654 more words

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