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Track Your Feelings

GOOD morning Kings and Queens, 

In addition to keeping track of what you eat and how much you eat, what you’re doing and thinking.  How much you’re doing, thinking, and feeling, take note of why you eat, why you do what you do, why you think, and why you feel as such….. 61 more words

Self Love

Tall Dark and Deadly: Slender Man's Latest Victims

‘Payton, if you don’t do it then you’re a chicken,’ the girl taunted as she ran out into the woods, bare feet and bare legs.

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Alter Ego and Confidence. 

I’m the kind of person who really admires people who are not afraid to be themselves or express their opinion without hesitation of being judged. … 304 more words

Brain Vs Heart

“Crisis”, said the heart, meekly. “Challenge”, said the brain, confidently.

It is all about the way we see things. Our approach in tackling the situations makes all the difference. 55 more words


Pink Made Her See Red

Once Upon A Time

I hade a friend who hated the color


She ranted about it, went off when she saw it anywhere, she always ended her tirades about how pink made her see red. 77 more words


You Do Not Explain Why

GOOD morning Kings and Queens,

You shouldn’t feel the need to explain yourself or justify the “No” to anyone. As the reason you say “No” is NOT important to the other person….

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Self Love