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Distance and Time

Man I have been very absent and M.I.A. for quite some time. I have to admit, that I truly haven’t been feeling myself lately. It got hard to give when all I had nothing to give so I stopped and took some time to breathe. 186 more words

Self Love

Wednesday 26th October 

Today I found an old sketchbook with lots of unfinished sketches. It was nice finding something I thought I’d lost however I did cringe at some of the drawings I’ve produced… 11 more words

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The One That Got Away

I always knew I was going to be single.  As a young child, while other kids were vying to be princesses and super heroes, there I was humming… 301 more words


Betcha don't know about copyright!

Betcha didn’t know you can get in trouble using photos for your blog.Unless you’re using a photo for news, commentaries, or criticisms all images is strictly copyrighted unless the owner of the photo say it’s free for use.You can’t just take photos to pretty up your blog. 182 more words

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This is excellent info... I found this at Betcha didnt know this. Check them out. Thanks for sharing, Betcha... hope you can post a part II on how we can protect ourselves or where to find sources for photos that are not copyrighted + how to find the original source.   NAMASTE!


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Tuesday 25th October

Whilst I’ve been ill I’ve been keeping busy by keeping up with ArchDaily posts.

These sketches are from an article I read on the importance of sketches as a form of representation. 17 more words

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Love and Marriage

All Rights Reserved D.R Breshears – Another small snip from a novel I’m drumming up, enjoy (or don’t)! Feedback always welcome.

Little girls growing up always dream about their wedding day, taking precious time to play pretend with their dolls or their siblings, or even their friends, in order to feel a little closer to that big, sparkling, magical day. 796 more words