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I'm Baaaaaaaaack

My Munro article is in the can, y’all, and here are the things Imonna do now:

  • Read the fourth Neapolitan novel
  • Write a long think piece about my mixed feelings about Hillary Cl– oh wait…
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A number of years ago, when I was teaching a graduate seminar in Postcolonial Literature at Cal State Dominguez Hills, I assigned Bram Stroker’s The Jewel of Seven Stars… 240 more words


6 Months Later...

Anniversaries can be funny things: overdetermined occasions on which we attempt to fit ourselves into a narrative or trajectory of progress. I tended to think of my academic career in this way: judging where I was by an abstract idea of where I thought I should be (based on yet another abstraction of what counts as success). 726 more words


What the Hell Are You DOING?

Jesus Christ. I’m 26.
All the people I graduated with,
All have kids,
All have wives,
All have people who care if they come home at night.

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Stick With Toilets and Condoms, Bill Gates

Why does a Thinker for Hire waste even a fragment of a second?

A fragment of a second is 3 seconds too long on these… 1,019 more words


A New Start

In twelve days I start my placement at a sixth form college for my PGCE and I’m really excited. I’m excited for a fresh start which involves learning a new set of skills and applying them in a practical context. 212 more words


Moving into teaching

Now that the PhD viva is over and I have done my corrections, my thoughts turn to the year ahead in which I will be training to be a teacher. 471 more words