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The Space Between the Stars - Anne Corlett

After a deadly virus has hit Earth and spread to the surrounding colonies, Jamie finds herself completely alone. A distorted message from Earth gives her hope that someone from her past might still be alive. 180 more words

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Ottawa Comicon 2018 Friday Pro Pics

As we do every year, we went to Richard Dufault‘s booth and had him take professional pictures of us in our costumes. As such, all the photos in this post are his work — and, as always, they are great! 603 more words



Copyright 1984.

The year is 2089 and it is one hundred years since the Soviets launched a surprise nuclear attack. Thanks to their space based particle beam satellite they were able to decimate America. 930 more words

Post Apocalypse

Review - Turbo Kid

I heard about Turbo Kid when it came out but didn’t get the chance to watch it until I spied a late night TV showing of the film and recorded it. 291 more words

Post Apocalypse

Aliens from the Sky 02 – The Endgame

 Jeep and team finally reached a safe place, or so they thought. But, danger was always following them. One mad man, with a hunger for flesh, killed Sam. 238 more words


Aliens from the Sky 01 – The Origins

One day, they just rained from the sky, either killing us or taking us as prisoners. And when we made a stand against them with all the weapons we have, they started nuking one city at a time. 216 more words


Three Short Novellas

You wouldn’t call these new stories novellas. The pretty name for these must be short stories. But for a change, I have taken the liberty of calling these books novellas. 232 more words