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Heavy Metal Magazine Bargain Bin Dive

To change up what I was reading a bit (lots of superhero books), I decided to get a handful of European comics from a sale that was hosted by… 809 more words

Science Fiction

Big Sister says put down 1984 and read Parable of the Sower instead

1.1: The ’80s are back.

Dystopia is big business at the moment. Sales of 1984 skyrocketed some 9,500 percent since Kellyanne Conway coined “alternative facts” and Sean Spicer started turning the fake news hose on the real news during every press briefing. 2,191 more words


Interesting Times

1.0 Begin at the end

Since the election of Trump, dystopia has taken cultural center stage. 1984 went right to the top of the best seller’s list, and… 90 more words


The Last Town #6: Adventures in the Mosh Pit

In this excerpt, Single Tree patrolman Mike Hailey and his better half, Suzy Kuruk of the Tribal Police, give the dead what-for from atop the secondary walls surrounding Single Tree. 2,181 more words


TV Review - The Feudal Future: thoughts on Into the Badlands

A long and bloody war, or perhaps an accumulation of several wars are inflicted upon America… Or a region of America… Or maybe it’s just Louisiana… Anyhow, THE EVENT leads to a re-emergence of feudalism. 1,289 more words


Civil WAR! Soldier Up Book Six

Civil WAR!  Soldier Up Book Six

Coming Soon!