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Estranged by Alex Fedyr -- A Review

Estranged by Alex Fedyr

RaeleighReads rating:

“She could still remember the very first E-day, the day when the Estranged first showed up in the city. One had shown up on their doorstep in the form of a young man, and that man had taken her life away from her with a hug.” 430 more words


Retro Review: And the Tweak Shall Inherit the Earth


Peter Stenson
2013; Crown/Random House
295 Pages Horror

Paperback ISBN 978-0770436339
Google Play Ebook ISBN 978-0770-436322

What if the characters who wouldn’t make it past the teaser of… 451 more words


Science Fiction and Religion - The Apocalypse

I love Hickman’s Avengers. I’ve written about that fact before, and especially one of the things I love about his Marvel work – and his other comics – is how he works with both science and mythology. 2,330 more words


Watching the End of the World - Chapter 52

Ross landed in Zurich in the morning. It was drizzling and gray. There was a car waiting for him on the tarmac. Andy got behind the wheel and drove him directly to his office on the Bahnhoffstrasse, in the heart of the city. 1,069 more words


Review: Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Rot and Ruin by Jonathan Maberry

Genre: Young Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Zombies

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

My Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Nearly fourteen years ago, a freak virus swept across the world – turning those infected into the undead. 654 more words


Song of Benjamin

A poem by Ashley Uzzell

A breeze begins, tossing grains of sand
It blows dead leaves across this barren land
Stirring the ashes left in my hand… 217 more words