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Every decade there is a popular fantasy subgenre that sells better than your regular everyday fantasy. During the 90s it was assassin and epic fantasy, which the echoes of can still be felt to this day with authors like Brandon Sanderson refining the genre down to a fine art. 604 more words


Character Interview, Extended Excerpt and Giveaway: North to Zombieville by Meg Bawden (Zombieville Book 1)

The year is 2028, and Dallas and Raleigh Jenson are torn apart when a worldwide zombie apocalypse ravages their home of Townsville, Australia. After a year of searching, Dallas, a former Australian army rifleman, finally reunites with Raleigh, but it’s not like old times. 3,584 more words


Watching the End of the World - Chapter 60

“Next up on the show we will be meeting the psychologist behind the reality show everyone is talking about, the man who says he was instrumental in putting it all together.” 2,283 more words

Action And Adventure

In the After by Demitria Lunetta

Amy survived the apocalypse. The aliens arrived and wiped out almost the entire human race, but through using her brain and more than a little luck – she just happens to live in a house with solar panels, a water filtration system, and an electric fence (powered by the solar panels) that keeps her safe from the very fast, green, hungry-for-human-flesh creatures. 526 more words

YA Novel


Copyright 1984.

The Great Conflagration has scoured the Earth’s surface of life but Rourke was able to get cryogenic chambers for his family and friends. He has a plan that is a bit radical. 273 more words

Post Apocalypse

Watching the End of the World - Chapter 59

Marlene opened the door to Cornwall’s office. “Senator, Max Simpson from the Post is here for the interview.”

Cornwall had been dozing in his chair. It was upholstered in fine leather, was massively stuffed, reclined at the touch of a button, and was awesomely comfortable. 1,741 more words

Action And Adventure

Drabble #68

After midnight. Bleary faces of different shades stand at a bus stop. Some for longer than twenty minutes waiting for a bus that only arrives twice an hour. 98 more words