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EARTHFALL 2: Playin' Footsie

“They look so cute together,” Kelly Jordello said as she looked over the sandwich she held in her hands.

Mike Andrews glanced up from his own lunch, then turned to take in what had caught Kelly’s attention.

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Book Review: Anna by Niccolo Ammaniti

Everyone knows I love a good apocalypse fiction, and this is a marvellous, although bleak, rendering of a world where a mystery virus has wiped out all the adults, and children die soon after they reach puberty*. 396 more words


Fun little dialogue exchange I enjoyed writing #conflictresolution #marines #amwriting #postapocalypse

SSgt Blake “Gibs” Gibson is probably one of my favorite characters I’ve ever written.  Well, “written” may be putting it strongly.  He’s basically just an amalgam of some good friends who picked up a rifle and served. 262 more words



This book gives me hope and also crushes my dreams. It gives me hope because it is a self published novel that found success and is now a new york times bestseller. 189 more words

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Stranger in the Field

A trail of smoke came from Luke’s cigarette. His head rocked and weaved with the motion of his seat. His seat was a mobile fortress, complete with missiles, rail-guns, and a truly frightening array of machine guns. 1,481 more words


25 for 25 - E.X.P.L.O.D.E.

Man, when I think about Otomo Katsuhiro’s 1988 anime adaptation of his own manga Akira these days, I feel bad. Once upon a time, as a teenager watching this movie in the middle of the night to avoid sleep, everything about it blew my mind and opened me up to exploring animation in film further than any moment of my life beforehand save for when I was a child and really ate that stuff up. 1,402 more words