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Degenesis 1: A Swarm of Lies

If you want to make it in this world you need scrap; if you want scrap you need to travel with Scrappers; and if you travel with Scrappers you’re going to tangle with Chroniclers. 3,740 more words

Game Reports

Audio Book Review: The Zones are shifting.

Terminal World

Written by Alistair Reynolds.

Narrated by John Lee.

Quillon is an odd bird in more ways than one.  As a medical examiner for District 3 of Neon Heights he gets to check out all weird brain teaser corpses collected by sanitation.   157 more words

Reviews Of The Works Of Others

15mm Gang Member

Still on the 15mm figures at the moment and the Post Apocalypse gang member sets from Khurasan miniatures are pretty fabulous. Whilst I like the Ion Age figures a great deal, the Khurasan figures certainly pip them to the post in terms of crispness of casting – granted my experience is faily limited as yet and I hope to purchase the Prang Raiders set in the near future (this month’s freebie from Ion Storm is a robot monkey, which quite frankly I must have). 135 more words


Review - Oblivion

I started watching this film knowing little about it. I didn’t know it was based on an unpublished graphic novel, written by the man who ended up directing the movie – but I’d love to read it. 376 more words


Issue #1: On War

As a website of contemporary critique, The Fourteenth Floor has always sought to respond to the most urgent problems of our time. War is all around us- in the droned exigency of the anti ISIS mission, in the threat of lone gunmen slaughtering citizens in public space, in floods of refugees streaming across porous borders, and in the daily humdrum of media coverage that urges us to support more interventionism abroad, so the forces of light can finally, once and for all, conquer the forces of darkness. 625 more words

Issue #1- On War


Raw Feed (2002): Wolfhead, Charles L. Harness, 1978.

The post-apocalypse setting of this book, three thousand years after a nuclear war, is something different for Harness, but many of the themes, techniques, and plot devices of his novels show up. 460 more words

Science Fiction

The Zombie Apocalypse After-Show, Part 4: Rulepole

I can’t remember who started it, but someone painted the rules in black on plywood, nailed them to the wirepole by the wall. We just kept adding rules with time. 946 more words