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Watching the End of the World - Chapter 90

“Holy shit! What do we do now?” Caleb had just slammed the door and locked it. The sound of gunfire outside was nearly constant.

“You follow me and we get to the coast as fast as we can,” Akila replied. 581 more words

Action And Adventure

Watching the End of the World - Chapter 89

Sibalin stared down at Akila for a long minute. No one moved. No one spoke. Though Sibalin’s men could not understand Akila’s words, they could understand her gesture. 613 more words

Action And Adventure

Pink Glass Ballerina

In an empty house, after the war had come.
Once, a little girl’s bed room, still pink, bright.
I hold in my tired hands a music box. 76 more words


Watching the End of the World - Chapter 88

Jenna walked across the airstrip, the whole time scanning the trees, looking for movement, the flash of sunlight on a gun barrel. She felt exposed, acutely vulnerable. 1,044 more words

Action And Adventure

Creating Characters

This week I chose to talk about my character creation process.  Usually I don’t have any trouble creating new characters. On those rare occasions when the ideas just aren’t there, I use these tricks to get the creativity flowing again.  55 more words

Rule #1: Nobody dies. Protect the living at all costs. Rule #2: Everybody dies. At least once.

What you need to know about Rise of the Chosen:
  • This is not another zombie book
  • Action-packed
  • Unpredictable page-turner
  • You will hate me when you’re done (in a good way…hopefully) …
  • 61 more words