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Copyright 1990.

Rourke and his new join commandos are able to successfully repel the Soviets in both Iceland and the Eden base. There is a new threat besides the Soviets. 142 more words

Post Apocalypse

The Dagger

Well, a day late but not a dollar short.  I’m glad I took the extra time to flesh this out.  The Drunken Dagger and the Dagger’s Inn are like characters, and they deserved a good character sketch.  95 more words

The Dystopia that is London

Dystopia?  What dystopia?  Isn’t London fab?  Full of interesting stuff and people and food and people and things to look at and people and things to do and people.  1,277 more words


Review - Terminator Genisys

Recently, I was afforded the time to watch a trifecta of epic sci-fi films. First up, Terminator Genisys.

As a big fan of the franchise, I really wanted to like… 443 more words

Post Apocalypse


Copyright 1989.

The war is entering a new phase. Mid-Wake is officially joining the alliance and has made John Rourke a Brigadier General to command a join commando force of troops from the various factions. 181 more words

Post Apocalypse

Yen Pox - Between the Horizon and the Abyss 

I was telling someone the other day that dark ambient hinges on horror, that the two have a complicated but deeply intertwined relationship. I have always been a fan of subtle horror, the kinds that sorts sneaks up on you and covers you before you have a chance to escape rather than the jumpy scary stuff which is 95% predictable. 496 more words


A post-apocalyptic world

The craving for a good post-apocalyptic film has been growing inside me for awhile now. I’ve been looking online for new films or old ones to watch over again but nothing can satisfy what I am desiring.  663 more words