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"Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead" (2014) - Australian Zombie Horror/ Action

Well. May is fast fading away, but if I can rouse my lazy butt, I do believe there’s still time for one or two reviews. ;) So then… how about some Zombie Apocalypse action from the Land Down Under with the 2014… 1,617 more words


Silo Farm: Overview

This is my first drawing of the level’s exterior. While I started the drawing to get a better idea of the rhythm of the exterior space, it was also very helpful in nailing down the silo’s interior as well. 213 more words



May 2014 | c. jonathan brogdon
Form: Flash Fiction | Genre: Science Fiction
Stage: Copy Edit | Post: Complete Work
Word Count: 750

The vagabond had walked for an uncountable time. 742 more words

Creative Writing

"Fury Road" movie review

Fury road cuts to the chase and does not let up for 2 full hours of choreographed violence and emotion swelling, breathing, resettling and then doing the whole thing again. 217 more words


Watching the End of the World - the hostage 5

Omisha burst into the common room from the warehouse. “Where’s Akila?” she cried.

“Back in her room, I think,” Jenna said. She was sitting at the dining table. 500 more words


Mad Max: Fury Road Review

I saw Mad Max: Fury Road last week almost entirely because of this post (warning: profanity; trigger warning: rape, rape culture).

I was interested in the trailer before because I adore post-apocalyptic punk, but with no one planning to go with me I was more…eh. 152 more words


Ep. 52 - Casual Fridays: Talking it Through

To Listen, Click… Here

Why I’m quitting the post-apocalypse…

A brief criticism of Mad Max: Fury Road brings us into the casual point of the week, revisiting some old standbys of Internet feminism. 30 more words