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The Postman: David Brin

Brin brewed up one fine cup of coffee, right until the end when he couldn’t resist stirring in some trite ideologies that left a touch of a bitter taste in my mouth.

Mutant Year Zero: Fast-paced Post-Apocalyptic Brilliance

I am up to session 6 of a short campaign using Mutant:Year Zero, a post-apocalyptic RPG from the Free League, a Swedish mob whose games I had never heard of before I stumbled on… 2,398 more words

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An Interview with Wil Magness... Creator of the post-apocalyptic indie film, The Manual.

The Manual – a film by Wil Magness

I was recently contacted by filmmaker Wil Magness, asking me to check out his post-apocalyptic film project, … 1,453 more words

Post Apocalypse

The Girl With All the Gifts (2016) Review

I have to whisper to you a secret. I am totally done with zombies and dystopian futures. Besides superheroes, this decade has been the decade of zombie outbreaks and YA dystopias in which adults are meanyheads to teenagers. 572 more words



Copyright 1991.

In the late twenty-first century the world is dominated by mutants. It starts with the Great Rebellion of South Africa in 2017. As the black population rises up against the Apartheid government they unleash their secret weapon. 759 more words

Post Apocalypse

Realmbound: Week 1

I’m truly humbled by all of the support i’ve received this week. You’ve helped make Realmbound’s publishing a success! I’m elated to see that so many of you have enjoyed my little fantasy novel, so i’m hard at work on book 2… … 56 more words


A Prayer to Saint Strelok

Now available for pre-order at Amazon. Release date: 16 December.

St. Strelok at Amazon


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