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Study Says You Can Put Those Stretch Mark Creams Away

Are all of those creams and ointments claiming to prevent or reduce pregnancy stretch marks actually just a waste of money? Dermatologists from the University of Michigan think so, explaining that they still need to get to the bottom of what causes stretch marks in the first place. 303 more words


Not a size 10 anymore

Type ‘post baby body’ into just about any search engine and you’ll get a ridiculous number of images, articles, blogs and opinions. Typing it into Google alone brings up 220,000,000 results in 0.4 seconds..! 739 more words

Baby J

They're going to judge you anyway...


Everyone does it which means everyone is subject to it. This was a paralyzing fear I had/have. When I was much younger I would do whatever made me happy and was fun. 823 more words


My Post Children Body 

Let me start by saying that I know I’m not by any means ‘big’ in size. I’m a healthy size 8-10 (more towards the 10 than the 8 these days, damn chocolate). 398 more words

Body Claiming

This post is not a request for reassurance or compliments. It is not an attempt to shame. It is not a passive aggressive attempt at communication. 739 more words

30 day challenge update and some postpartum bullshit

Remember how I was going to do Whole 30 and Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 4 for the last month? Here’s what happened.

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 4… 527 more words



Being a new mum is hard. We were as prepared as we could have been for our little ones arrival in the sense of having all the necessary equipment, but was I emotionally prepared? 839 more words