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Step by Step

It’s so easy for a man.

No, this post isn’t about the current trend of #metoo or about unequal pay in the work place…it’s about freaking weight loss! 1,367 more words


We all have our own stories about our body size: the love and the hate. There’s very rarely apathy. I’m no different. There’s some body hate- more often than I want to admit- and there’s the small periods of love. 788 more words

New Year Resolutions & Diet Fads

It seems every year there are many people planning to pledge or re-pledge themselves to getting healthy or finally losing weight.

And along with those great goals comes fad diets :/ 413 more words

Don't Mention the F Word - How not to look Frumpy (Part One)

If there is one word that’s guaranteed to send shivers down the spine of a mother, then it has to be ‘frumpy’ (OK, there are a few other, like maybe ‘softplay’ or ‘poo!’ but today we’re going to focus on the f word). 368 more words


Ode to my Bellybutton

Outtie, innie, in-between,

Pierced, tattooed, scarred, and clean.

Lint-catcher, clone-teller,

Peek-a-boo shirt hider,

Even an exit for an evicted gallbladder.

Once just a scar from infancy, 242 more words