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4 Simple Postnatal Exercises For 6+ Weeks Postpartum

Looking to workout for the first time since giving birth? I joined forces with mummy fitness haven Slice Studios to show you 4 simple moves to gently ease yourself back in to exercise.



This week, I did some research on improving blog content and performance. I thought I’d maybe get a logo and start to promote it on a few different platforms, perhaps even try to guest blog if I was feeling terribly brave. 423 more words


Work work work work working on my s****

Okay so as you know im trying to get right with Jesus and my diet.

I have just lost control. I feel like Nikki Styxx in the 80s except im addicted to bacon and brownies instead of heroin. 345 more words


10 Day Post-Partum Style and Shrink Down

The last time I took a belly measurement I was 36 weeks pregnant, with polyhydramnios and a 7 pound little one in there. It measured, at it’s largest point, an impressive 42.5 inches. 207 more words

Weight Loss

Body After Baby: The 'Miracle' Product Every Pregnant Woman Needs To Know About

“I’m pregnant!!!!” First comes the big announcement

Then comes the apparent fact that you can kiss your waist, breasts and “lady bits” goodbye.

Perhaps for me, it was because I’d spent the last decade working part time as a model, perhaps it was the well meaning, yet overly terrifying images that people unintentionally imprinted into my imagination, or perhaps it was the fact that my mother had lamented on an almost daily basis about the mummy tummy gifted to her by yours truly. 952 more words


A post pregnancy body update...

So it’s been 3 months since little Evie arrived in to our lives and yesterday I hit my pre pregnancy weight! It took me 9 months after Louie was born to get to this weight so happy is an understatement. 264 more words