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Whole30 Round1, Day7

Greetings, friends.  This morning marked day 7 of my Whole30.  Physically, I feel pretty great.  Tired, yes, but that’s to be expected when you completely eliminate a major (albeit crappy) energy source from your diet.  593 more words


Whole30 Round 1, Day 1

September Whole30 is upon us.  I started this morning feeling less than excited and confident, despite having prepped and planned for the last month.  I don’t plan to quit- don’t get it twisted- I just know I’m going to miss a lot of my old ways.  500 more words


T minus 2 days!

Wednesday, August 30.  Tonight is the Depeche Mode show down in Chicago (can’t wait!) and it is going to be a looooooooooonnnnnnggggg day.  Also tonight will be Mister Charlie-Man’s first sleepover at grandma and grandpa’s house.  394 more words


My body has changed, my body is amazing

Creams, oils, lotions, you name it, I used it. I really enjoyed massaging by bump; it made me feel more connected to my baby and I’m sure it relaxed her, I didn’t feel her moving around so much when I got into bed at night, it sent her to sleep. 1,070 more words


Birthday whatever, mirror-glaze what NOT to do, and more Whole30 prep

This past Monday was my 32nd birthday.  I celebrated by making myself cake and going out to lunch and bumming around a mall with my husband and our baby.  1,049 more words


Food & Fitness Friday - My Post Baby Weight Loss 

I’ve already covered some of my weight loss techniques in my breastfeeding alongside weight loss post but I wanted to share the end result.

When I was pregnant with Benjamin, I went up to around 12 stone. 420 more words

All About Me


The last week and a half or so have been a bit hellish, and I haven’t had any time to post.  I apologize for my negligence and hope it doesn’t become a pattern.   429 more words