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The Ho Phase

I’ve tried to distract myself, doing things to make me happy again. And they work, but it’s not a genuine type of happiness. Well, I feel happy at the time, but sooner or later it just dissipates into that empty feeling. 507 more words

Personal Life

Don’t Send Your Intimate Photos to an Ex-Boyfriend

A Q&A, translated…

Q: As My Younger Sister Gets Stuck in the Whirlpool of Love, How Do I Console Her as an Older Sister?

J who’s never been in a relationship, but now, she’s worried about how her younger sister had sent the intimate photos of her sharing moments of intimacy with her boyfriend, she wants to know, how, she can console her sister to, put an end to, this past love that’s been put through the storms? 550 more words


Blog October Sixteen

AHHHHHH! NaNoWriMo is only SIXTEEN days away!!!

I have no good story ideas this year. Well not enough for novel size anyway. I have some short stories cooking up. 468 more words


What's up?

Hello my dear friends,

Yes it feels like forever I made a blog post!

Don’t worry, I didn’t get super despressed and spent my days in my bed crying my eyes out while listening to sad music and wonder why this is happening to me… it’s what old Nad would have done. 174 more words

Hugs X Life

After the breakup

Don’t try and change his mind
You could beg him to stay
And he might even accept
But what you have will still be broken… 180 more words

Who would have thought?

If I have to think of a year of changes, I would say it was last year, 2014. However, 2012 was a year of some too. 334 more words


What's Really Important

I recently watched an episode of “Suits” on USA. As one of the partners is convincing his client to accept the terms they negotiated for her divorce, she asked him for a reason why. 827 more words

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