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“Enter the key… Twist it towards your right.”
“Towards the hand you write with, and voila! You’ve entered your apartment once again! Made through another day!” 788 more words


The Top 9 Post Breakup Mistakes We Make

Love. Probably one of the greatest feelings in the world…until it ends. There is no denying that breakups do in fact suck, especially if you were deeply in love with that special someone for a very long time. 974 more words



Readers it’s been awhile. Missed you all…

WAY BACK WHEN I was getting over a breakup and I wrote “They broke up with you: Now let’s move on (in ten steps)” 253 more words


Concerning Breakups

A couple days ago my mom and I were standing in her kitchen, discussing my ex boyfriend. At one point she said, “I am so mad at Kevin.” (We’ll pretend my ex’s name is Kevin) I was taken aback. 417 more words


Let them.

People come and go. That’s the harsh reality that I need to accept right now. It’s hard being the type of person who gets easily attached especially with relatives of friends and significant others. 130 more words


I miss you, like everyday 

I woke up missing you like crazy this morning. Every part of my dream was about you. We were at some theme park and we had to ride these weak but cool rides. 70 more words

And...they're back


Remember how I thanked my ex, because without him I never would have written this blog? Yes? No? If no click here.

Anyways…he, the ex, called me. 578 more words