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Retail Therapy

A funny thing happened recently. I was on the bus home from work, and decided to make a list of things I’ve been thinking about buying. 682 more words



You reminded me to lock the doors,

I guess to maintain the sanctity

of a house that is no longer yours.

We both know that I’ve never lived alone, 16 more words

Happy Birthday to Me (70 - 73)

In the spirit of relaxing/recharging/recuperating/renewing, I decided to take a break from things for my birthday weekend. Well, for the most part anyway. Sure, I found time to read one or two articles, but other than that, I decided to devote the majority of the weekend to ‘treating myself’ in the fullest extent of the term. 436 more words


Celebration of the Break Up Part 2: 2 YEARS LATER

…So after a fun dinner and a trip to Defy Gravity with my coworkers we had thoroughly exhausted our “G-Rated” Corporate-Friendly attitudes. The whole lot of us ended up at Jax (a bar we all frequented close to our restaurant) and began drinking rather heavily. 345 more words

12 (Not-So-Pretty) Stages Of A Breakup Every Girl Goes Through, Because Girl, You’re Not Alone

Whelp. It’s happened again. Another relationship bit the bullet. Just when you got cocky and thought you could slide through winter gaining weight and bingeing Netflix, instead you have to retire your sweats and pretending you like going out. 808 more words

blunt force trauma

Blunt Trauma

n.               a usually serious injury caused by a blunt object or collision with a blunt surface (as in an automobile accident or a fall from a building) the patient died of blunt trauma to the head —called also blunt force trauma… 794 more words


A post on affirmation (60 - 62)

First things first: I finally finished writing that conference paper (hence the lack, in part, of posting here).

Second, I’ve been wanting to post something like this for a while, but wasn’t sure how. 540 more words