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Everything I say in regards to this man has to be prefaced with the fact that I don’t want him back. Nor would I take him back given the chance. 895 more words

Post Breakup

And so it begins...

Dear Dairy,

I woke up this morning and life had caught up to me. I’m a 28 year old single mother, sleeping on my friends couch (in a swanky large home albeit) with another horrendous, failed relationship behind me. 214 more words

Post Breakup

12 Steps Back

After my recent break up with a long time “on again, off again” love interest, I moved back into my childhood home with my parents. Months ago I had so much planned, and this was not the future I had in mind. 517 more words

Empowering Women

6 months post breakup

Ok, if you read my last post at the 3 month mark you know that I was still going through a lot of hard emotions at that time.   745 more words

Stop / Start - to self

Stop thinking about her. It’s not healthy. The relationship stopped being healthy a long time ago. She started taking advantage of you. The relationship is over. 70 more words

Thoughts N' Things

Change - a constant

The only constant is change.

I’m scared, but hopeful.

My life is in pieces, but I think it’ll come back together better than it was before.

We’ll see…

Thoughts N' Things

Midnight Pool Party’s “Collide” Is Your Post-Breakup Party Jam

Sydney duo, Midnight Pool Party, knows that the sweet part of a bittersweet breakup is the after party – their latest single, “Collide,” embraces the inevitability of endings in an electronically stretched poetry. 107 more words