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After the breakup

Don’t try and change his mind
You could beg him to stay
And he might even accept
But what you have will still be broken… 180 more words

Who would have thought?

If I have to think of a year of changes, I would say it was last year, 2014. However, 2012 was a year of some too. 334 more words


What's Really Important

I recently watched an episode of “Suits” on USA. As one of the partners is convincing his client to accept the terms they negotiated for her divorce, she asked him for a reason why. 827 more words

Creative Catalyst Coaching

Welcome to my world

Last year I graduated university.

Then I moved to a country on the continent in Europe to start Grad school.

Finally found a group of people here I call family after a lonely few months. 127 more words



The jade for the Jane,
Cursed and polluted.
Yet beautifying.
Was the end of the days,
Forgiveness is forgotten,
Unbeknownst is the jade.
Kept within drawers and safes and walls once,
The foe is now misplaced.


This Is Why We Obsess About Our Exes Post-Breakup (According To Science)

We’re all guilty of checking in on our exes on social media, especially right after a breakup. Even if we’re not interested in seeing that person anymore, curiosity gets the best of us and we can’t help to check in from time to time. 293 more words

A Glass Half Empty

Some humans are lucky and they inherit love and attention, while some are not so.
My glass is half empty.

Some lithograms shine bright amongst others, while some mosaics eat dust under the sea, unrecognised. 95 more words