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Midnight Pool Party’s “Collide” Is Your Post-Breakup Party Jam

Sydney duo, Midnight Pool Party, knows that the sweet part of a bittersweet breakup is the after party – their latest single, “Collide,” embraces the inevitability of endings in an electronically stretched poetry. 107 more words


30 Things That Happen When You End Your 'Almost Relationship'

1. You stop fretting over why he hasn’t replied you yet and feeling upset that he’s ignoring you.

2. You stop feeling as though your life revolves around one person. 716 more words


The last week or so has been a little bit…not crazy, just lots to get done. Full. Very, very full. I look forward to the establishment of a routine. 1,333 more words


Sometimes I feel almost desperate for attention. When I’m not getting the attention/affection I crave from the person with whom I’m in a relationship at the time, I tend to look for substitutes. 1,338 more words

How To Be Single And Happy (Instead Of Miserable)

1. Know your worth.

A lot of people say this all the time, but you have to know who you are and what your limits and standards are. 1,151 more words

How To Get Over A Breakup And Find Love Again

Can’t breathe, can’t sleep, can’t even think about ever laughing again—you know the feeling. When a relationship falls apart, it can feel like your world is falling apart with it. 1,400 more words