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The jade for the Jane,
Cursed and polluted.
Yet beautifying.
Was the end of the days,
Forgiveness is forgotten,
Unbeknownst is the jade.
Kept within drawers and safes and walls once,
The foe is now misplaced.


This Is Why We Obsess About Our Exes Post-Breakup (According To Science)

We’re all guilty of checking in on our exes on social media, especially right after a breakup. Even if we’re not interested in seeing that person anymore, curiosity gets the best of us and we can’t help to check in from time to time. 293 more words

A Glass Half Empty

Some humans are lucky and they inherit love and attention, while some are not so.
My glass is half empty.

Some lithograms shine bright amongst others, while some mosaics eat dust under the sea, unrecognised. 95 more words


lately i’ve been coming on here and opening a post and just staring at it.

i don’t know how to express how i’ve been feeling… and i certainly can’t find the words to try. 510 more words

The Dead Don't Rise

He sat outside. Under the excuse of a streetlight as his lumisense under the dusk sky. Twilight reined both the sky and his mind. Hair covering his eye and a thin shirt that send him shivers from time to time, which he loved. 145 more words


Well you’re right about one thing:
Whether you live or die,
Stay in bed or clean your room,
Go to work or call in sick-

35 more words


“Enter the key… Twist it towards your right.”
“Towards the hand you write with, and voila! You’ve entered your apartment once again! Made through another day!” 788 more words