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Breakfast at Billy's

Seating one at the booth she says
Introducing my thoughts to being separated
I only came for the french toast
It’s too early to be greeted with this reality… 116 more words

Another post on recovering (47)

So, a week ago, during one of my (thankfully rarer) low points, I decided to download this app called Mend, which labels itself as a kind of personal trainer for heartbreak. 438 more words



I know I’ve talked before about the perks of walking in this city, but I just want to take a moment and add this…gem to that list : … 199 more words


They say exercise is good for a cold (40)

Another marathon study session – this one in the reading room of the Arts de Spectacle department at the Richelieu site of the BNF – another burst of energy that must be walked off. 394 more words



You spat on my remains
your last farewell –
you threw it away
in hopes I would lie there
and accept this insult.
It drips and soaks… 38 more words


Films and finally finding kale (20 + 21)

Guys. I’m going to get very, very basic for a minute here, but, today I discovered – to my surprise – that my local marché has…kale. 761 more words


Day N Night

I once had all these crazy fantasies and ideas about my relationship. It’s almost wild looking back on how overly-naive I was! We all know I’m a people pleaser, and that’s kinda what my relationship was based around: not pleasing our feelings, but always pleasing his. 300 more words