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Work in progress - April 15 2016


I loved him

beneath the weight of the ocean pushing in from all sides

in primordial waters
where there are no words

before language… 45 more words

The Professor

The "Ideal" Guy

I’ve been single for almost 2 months now. And I am definitely not in a rush to commit in a new relationship. How do people starts anew so quickly where here I am still struggling to get over my previous… 181 more words

Daily Post

Trust Issues

I’m feeling much better now emotionally and mentally ever since I had my epiphany about being single and spending some me time. But I can see it doesn’t mean I’m completely better and myself. 314 more words

Personal Life

The single life every girl needs after a break up

Okay I’m not sure how this will apply to the boys but it’s definitely for the girls.

Most of us have been in a relationship before we turned 23. 912 more words

How Could You Fall In Love With An Addict?

A few months after breaking up with my fiancé, I have been able to look back at our relationship with much more clarity.  I have been trying to figure out how I ended up so far into a relationship with someone whose actions caused so much pain. 1,033 more words

Starting over 

As tempting as it is to just curl up in your bed and binge watch a new Netflix series with Ben and Jerry by your side after a breakup you just can’t. 889 more words

The Dos and Don'ts of Ending an Engagement

Something in your gut is telling you this person isn’t right for you.  Could it be pre-wedding jitters?  Maybe, but probably not.  If you can’t ignore that gnawing feeling telling you that things aren’t okay, you need to act on it.   1,234 more words