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Post-Break up Stuff 

You’re left with mixes of memories that meant something to you once and maybe will forever. Right now, i have three different diary which includes feelings i wrote down for three different boys. 608 more words


10 Post-Breakup Reminders You Need To Hear Right Now

1. Put yourself first.

You resent him for wasting your time. You put everything you had into the relationship, so when it ended, you felt lost. 615 more words

constellation of souls

I just had a bath. Soaked in the darkened room with two little pink candles for so long that I almost dissolved. Then I threw on an old T-shirt and a pair of pajama trousers and walked the dog to the end of the street. 355 more words


50 Things To Do Instead Of Being Sad About Your Breakup

1. Make a playlist of your 10 favorite super awesomely cheesy 80’s pop songs to dance it out to (“Hold On” by Wilson Phillips is a MUST). 556 more words

5 Morrissey sob songs for the single gal

“The More You Ignore Me…” Vauxhall and I, 1994

Being vulnerable in the d8ing world today is like putting an unprotected  peach in a schoolbag and taking it out at lunch only to have it drip through your fingers in a pulverised mush. 644 more words

7 Life-Changing Lessons To Learn From A Bad Breakup

If you’re going through a breakup, then you already know how gut-wrenchingly painful it is. And, as much as you might not be certain about things right now, there is truly a silver lining. 877 more words

If We're Going To Stay 'Just Friends' Then Please Don't Make Me Hope For More

Last night I had a terrifying realization: whatever we have is exactly what I’ve always wanted, and you don’t feel the same.

As you drove me home with the windows down and the music turned all the way up, I decided I needed to kiss you goodnight. 587 more words