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Snip: How to View the Full URLs on Firefox

I came across an excellent tip from Security Now (https://www.grc.com/sn/sn-542.txt). To view the full URL on Firefox just do the following:

Why would you do this? 40 more words

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Snip: Shout-out to High Sierra and the best customer service I've experienced in a very long time

So before you ask – no this is not a sponsored ad or any such thing. This is about a great customer service experience which is somewhat unusual these days. 171 more words

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Snip: Clarify - best screenshot program is available for %50 off

I have used Clarify (http://www.clarify-it.com/) on an almost daily basis. I’ve tried lots of different screenshot programs and Clarify is really the best. If you’re looking for a rapid way to document anything with words and annotated images – then Clarify is your program. 29 more words

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Snip: More Vue.js goodness on the Changelog podcast including a great discussion about the nature of open source and personal projects

Yet another great discussion about Vue.js on the Changelog podcast (http://5by5.tv/changelog/184). Whereas the Fullstack Radio interview (http://eli4d.com/?s=Fullstack+vue.js) focuses on where to begin with Vue.js, the Changelog’s interview focuses on Vue’s origin as well as its comparison with other frameworks. 85 more words

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Snip: About Vue.js from its creator

I initially heard about Vue.js (http://vuejs.org) in one of the episodes from the Laravel Podcast (http://www.laravelpodcast.com/episodes/19454-episode-37-i-love-the-things-you-are-saying) where the hosts praised Vue’s clarity and closeness to plain ‘old JavaScript object. 36 more words

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Snip: Opinionated Testing

Great Test Driven Development (TDD) discussion at http://www.laravelpodcast.com/episodes/20182-episode-38-repositorybeanfactory about typical dogma and losing sight of the goal of testing.

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5 Tips for Blogging Emergencies.

I’ve returned with a bit of news. Blogging news. For one, Hugh is a bit absent for a time and I thought I would mosey on over here and snoop around a bit. 1,021 more words