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Still in Love

It’s been almost a year since I got the post card bug, and I still feel like I’ve just begun. Ideas flow into my brain before I go to sleep. 275 more words

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For the Love (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1, please visit my other blog, the gist of which is that I blog because I love doing it and I’m not very good at promoting readership. 371 more words

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New for '15

Halfway through January, it’s time for an update. Here are new pieces of my own and fun ones received. Some have been sent. If you’d like to receive a card, just send your mailing address to jillybeanswiggins@gmail.com. 175 more words

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Postcard love

It recently dawned on me that one reason I like making postcards is that I’ve always liked postcards. Many that I’ve received are on the kitchen wall. 197 more words

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Secondaries, Tertiaries, New Stuff

After the fabulous markers I posted last month,

I recently found some water colors in a similar vein:

As I used them I realized they don’t have all the true primary colors–the reds tend to be off and I end up using tube color to get true red. 366 more words

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Cards received! More ZTs!

I finally got into an informal mail swap, although I’m having difficulty registering myself for it. Still, I have mailed some cards to people already listed, and received two in return. 96 more words

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Seven New Pieces

Between a week at the Texas coast with the grand-kids, a one-day turnaround trip to Arlington, recent lunch and dinner guests and now awaiting grandson today and granddaughter tomorrow, I’ve squeezed in some new work. 85 more words

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