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David Joyner

Post Card Art
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David Joyner is a mathematics professor at a local college who has been writing technical books and articles for over 30 years. 45 more words

Art-Post Card


1908 /09 New Year message to my grandmother
— Mayme Gollegly Perry — before she was married.
I have no idea who it is from!

Graphic Design History

Pretty Paltry

As I prepare for summer busyness with travel and grandchildren, here is my recent skimpy output, plus a card from my granddaughter. One other card was submitted to Postcard Poems and Prose, so I’ll save it to link to that site, should it happen. 113 more words

Mail Art

Still in Love

It’s been almost a year since I got the post card bug, and I still feel like I’ve just begun. Ideas flow into my brain before I go to sleep. 275 more words

Mail Art

For the Love (Part 2)

If you missed Part 1, please visit my other blog, the gist of which is that I blog because I love doing it and I’m not very good at promoting readership. 371 more words

Mail Art