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Meet Gen Z

If you are in collegiate ministry you need to stop reading about Millennials and start reading about Gen Z.  And that is part of the problem.  549 more words


"The Future of Christianity" by Alister E. McGrath

What a good book! On April 8th while attending The North Shore Writers’ Festival luncheon circle with authors, I noticed a display of books near the door to the room. 915 more words



Yoga is our new religion. Its priesthood is female. That’s a nice change.

From The Counsellor


Most of my mornings begin with an earlier than expected awakening; this morning around 3:00. When I slip into my bedroom shoes, Coach arises as well, flopping his half breed Beagle ears in some helicopter-like motion, all excited about the trip down the driveway to retrieve the newspaper, at some point relieving himself of fluids built up during the night. 703 more words


Being a Christian Under Trump

Though I have not yet had the chance to read Rod Dreher’s book The Benedict Optionit sounds like it is a thoughtful work on how Christians should handle themselves in a society that would elect, say, a Donald J. 319 more words

Book Release

The Benedict Option Part 2

Here is the second part of my interview with Rod Dreher on his book The Benedict Option.  In this second part, we talk about what the Benedict Option might look like on a college campus, and what Christians face in the modern academy. 19 more words

Culture And Christianity

A Fourth Man

These last couple of weeks has been quite involved at several levels, within my business, my community engagement and also my family.  April 6th is a special time given that my daughter, Summer, and now her daughter, Caroline, were both born on that same date! 1,113 more words