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Covering fire from Amnesty and the International Crisis Group

While suppressing the evidence it had commissioned from the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Amnesty produced yet another report to denigrate Sri Lanka during the sessions of the Human Rights Council, and has been actively canvassing against us in Geneva. 1,620 more words

Post-Colonial Practices

Further excesses of Channel 4 - Manipulation of the body of young Balachandran

Let me deal first with what they have presented as their most damning evidence, the pictures of the dead body of Prabhakaran’s son. The killing of a child is always shocking and, unlike the celebrated Elie Wiesel, who excused the killing of members of Osama bin Laden’s family on the grounds that ‘ 1,840 more words

Post-Colonial Practices

Channel 4 and its false testimonies

The strange case of Peter Mackay

Perhaps the most telling perversions in the latest Channel 4 film come with regard to what is termed its first case study. 1,815 more words

Post-Colonial Practices

The Deliberate Targeting of Sri Lanka – how, why, and the use of Auxiliary Forces including Channel 4

The American creation of opposites

Over the last couple of weeks Sri Lanka has had to face a number of attacks and critiques, most obviously the latest film from Channel 4, but also reports from both Amnesty International and the International Crisis Group. 1,139 more words


Whether the LLRC report is good or not, we will get you in March – US representative in Geneva to Sri Lanka

I was shocked last evening to be told that this was what the US Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva had told her Sri Lankan counterpart last in September 2011. 1,265 more words

Post-Colonial Practices

The viciousness of Channel 4 in its pursuit of regime change

The latest Channel 4 film on Sri Lanka dwells on four points, most of them expanded versions of what it claimed previously. Once again, actual evidence in the form of documents dating from the period concerned, indicate how selective it is. 2,227 more words

Post-Colonial Practices

Innocence or Subtlety? The American Ambassadress in action

One reason I will not make a successful politician is that I have far too much interest in human nature. I find people fascinating and, when they are slightly unusual, I enjoy trying to understand what makes them tick, and how they perform in different situations, in comparison with others. 2,037 more words

Post-Colonial Practices