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I feel as though professors in the humanities set different expectations for their graduating students than other professors in the more quantitative, analytic fields such as science, math, and business. 57 more words

Literature Studies

7 Tips To Surviving Life At Home After Graduation

Post-graduation life is both the ultimate blessing and the most depressing time ever. Sure, you’re done with the papers, the all-nighters, the midterms and the anxiety-inducing finals. 628 more words


Car Troubles

Hi. Hello. I know it’s been awhile- a couple months to be moderately exact. And to the two readers out there (bless your heart), I am deeply sorry. 1,265 more words

Career Contessa Wants To Help You Find Your Dream Job

It’s almost April. For freshmen, sophomores and juniors, this means it’s finally socially acceptable to day drink outside again. For seniors, it means putting off the job hunt is no longer an option and a monumental freakout is in progress. 1,107 more words


Why Traveling is The Best Kind of Therapy

Whether you’re hoping across the ocean to a new country, backpacking across the world, or going on a road trip, there is nothing like travel to fix all your problems. 536 more words


Your Chance of Making it to the Big Leagues

Every D-I athlete wants to play professionally. It shows that you are one of the best players in the world for your sport. With that, your chances of getting drafted are pretty slim.  245 more words

An Overwhelmed Publishing Student at LBF

I was told before heading down to London Book Fair that it is an overwhelming and tiring week and I was to be prepared for sore feet and a heavy bag by the end of it. 782 more words