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Why You Need to Learn to Love Yourself

There are many different kinds of love in this world: the unwavering kind you get from your parents, the fun and comfortable love from your friends, the unconditional, all-consuming you get from your partner. 571 more words



Just a little note as to why my blog has been dormant as of late, I am currently studying for my exams, therefore my creativity is very much so at the back of my mind whilst judgements, law cases, and which highlighter is going to make me remember everything, is at the forefront. 13 more words


the one you don't expect

I’ve been busy living life in my post-grad world. I have a job. I have an apartment. I even have a retirement account. I thought I was getting my ducks in a row. 465 more words

Growing Up

sorry for all the whining I'll inevitably do on this blog

I don’t have high expectations that this blog will be viral or really be read by anyone, maybe my boyfriend will check it out occasionally.  This is mostly a space for me to process my feelings and exist as a space to for self care.   317 more words


8 Things I Wish Someone Had Told Me When I Graduated College

Ah, college…the days of beer pong and glorious freedom that you thought would never come to an end. You survived the Freshman 15, the sophomore slump, the junior year study abroad, and the never-ending bar crawl that was your senior year. 702 more words

Why I Love Not Having a Job (Yet)

Yes, you read that wrong. Of course I don’t love being unemployed. I go through my Indeed app more times a day than my Facebook feed. 448 more words


Post-Grad/ Summer 2015 Goals

I made one of these posts last year and decided to make another one. My goals have changed quite a bit since then. It’s always interesting seeing where you were a year ago versus now. 207 more words