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NerdCon Stories Part 2: Friday

After hanging up with Dad, I walked a few blocks to the light rail and rode it back to the airport to pick up my phone.   674 more words

Yes I'm A Nerd

An Ode to My Hometown

I grew up in one of those places where most people are born, live, and die (happily) without ever leaving. I had never quite been able to get my mind wrapped around the fact that not everyone had the same burning, fiery pit of liquid hot magma-y desire deep within their loins to escape this place like I did throughout high school. 805 more words


Why Can't I Bloom All Year?

I’m not the type of person to have a positive quote for every anxiety-inducing situation I find myself in, but I am the type of person to print out a bunch of random irrelevant mantras when I’m feeling good, hang them above my bed/desk/ mirror and then fail to take any of my own preemptive advice when things get tough. 326 more words

My Life

Old Stomping Grounds Made New

I spent about two hours wandering across UC Berkeley campus alone this weekend.

It’s been five proper months since I last spent this much time on campus, and back then, I was running from one building to another, dropping off last-minute forms and meeting professors for one final time. 692 more words


All of This Crazy Weather is Putting Wine Production at Risk... But Don't Totally Freak Out

The extreme weather we’ve seen this year may directly affect not only how much you’ll be paying for wine, but how much you’ll be able to get your hands on. 162 more words


Why Inexperienced Employees Should Be Hired

Oh the stressful, draining and discouraging experience of job hunting. For recent graduates, this is by far more stressful than any class they’ve ever taken in college. 279 more words

Studente se Rol in Die Tlokwe Verkiesing

Vandag is 3 Augustus 2016. Politieke kenners voorspel dat die verkiesing so interessant gaan wees soos die 1994 verkiesing. As student, is daar baie gefokus op studente in die Potchefstroom-area. 454 more words