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Post Grad or Postpartum?

While you are in school, the possibilities seem endless, your dreams are as close as graduation day. The truth is though that graduation day is going to come but your dream job or any job may not be there waiting for you. 360 more words

Post Grad

Little Cameron, Big City

I’m optimistic, as much as it kills me to say it. I believe in happiness and goodness and all that other crap that I shouldn’t trust, but I do.  312 more words

Average Girl

The 2024 Olympics Might Be In Los Angeles

Will the 2024 Olympic Games be held in the United States? That’s to be determined, but if it is, Los Angeles will be the host city. 180 more words


A Week In Review: August 24-30

Had an extremely long day at work. I was there pretty much all day so I did nothing after work except sleeeeeep.

More work, but I did make it to the gym so that’s good! 126 more words


Let's Talk: Vanity Fair's Tinder Article

I want to talk about Vanity Fair’s “Tinder and the Dawn of the Dating Apocalypse” article, today. Because it’s the latest in a series of commentary on twentysomething dating culture and, as a twentysomething, I feel like I have an obligation to address the issues it brought up. 886 more words

Post Grad

How Many Consecutive 'Law & Order: SVU' Episodes Can I Watch Before I Go Insane?

Here’s the situation: I have two weeks of unadulterated, living-at-my-moms-house freedom between the end of my internship and my senior year of college. Obviously, I’m balancing my very precious time between thinking about working out, not working out, and spending the beautiful and sunny daytime hours watching Law & Order: SVU. 520 more words

Thank you, Rae Earl

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

I remember having a myriad of answers as a tiny grade school student: astronaut, policeman, teacher, soldier, actress—the Starstruck Kids were at their peak, don’t blame me—and doctor. 1,737 more words