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I'm Back with a Degree and Another Post.

So it’s been almost two weeks since I’ve graduated and if I thought my “Idk wtf is going on mentality” was bad this past school year, oh boy. 548 more words

Here Are The Best Rooftop Bars For Your Perfect Happy Hour

Sometimes everyone needs a quick getaway after a long day of work or school. What could be better than looking at incredible views while sipping on cocktails with your best friend? 550 more words


Post-Grad Update: Part 1

For some reason, writing makes me feel like I am not alone, like someone else is listening to my thoughts. I guess being able to express my feelings without actually telling them is comforting. 552 more words

The Unconventional Post Grad

I’m not actually a college graduate yet.

I took the pictures and walked the stage. But I’m not a graduate.

I’m taking three online courses this summer and then will be mailed my diploma in late July (if I pay my outstanding parking tickets). 384 more words


this is (not) "the end"

Honestly, it’s been lonelier since graduation. The walks home from the grocery store have been sadder than usual; saying goodbye is harder than I’d thought. These past two months I’ve distanced myself from people, so I guess that helped me deal with the emotional stuff. 260 more words


On Post-Grad Depression and Learning Balance

If you’d ask freshman me what my plans were post-college, a wide-eyed, energetic, all dreams, no plan Lisa would have answered “world domination.” I was convinced that after finishing my four years at New York University, the world would just bend to my will, my wants, my dreams, and my aspirations. 1,189 more words