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Welcome to My Almost Post-Graduate Life

Typical isn’t it? Senior in college, floundering to figure out what to do with their life needing to distract themselves from the panic, frustration, and down right dread. 561 more words



I am happy. Really, truly happy. I am smiling even as I write this post and I have that elated feeling where your mouth just seems to drift into a happy smile. 320 more words


How To: Spruce Up Your Wardrobe On A Budget

When you first start working full time, getting dressed up for work is kind of exciting. For the first time you get to routinely wear “grown-up” clothes. 573 more words


FIVE THINGS FRIDAY – February 27th, 2015!

Wow! Super busy week here! Anyone else? Oh well, time for five things!


  1. Turkey Curry — Might sound a little odd, but definitely worth it!
  2. 327 more words

What They Don't Tell You About Post-Grad

I was having a conversation with a good friend the other day, a friend who is another recent graduate, and we were catching each other up on our lives. 674 more words

Finding Yourself