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The Carrot

I’m starting out in my marketing career and I the first thing I’ve learned is marketing is all about “The Carrot”.¬† Perhaps you could argue all business is about the carrot. 182 more words


An Ode to Bar Shampoo & Conditioner

Last year, one of my friends gave a presentation about everyday sustainability, and things everyone can do to live a little more “green.” As an environment and sustainability geek, this kind of stuff is my JAM. 602 more words

Post-Grad Lifestyle: 101 with Tina M.

Here on Life After: 101 interviews with college grads will be one of the recurring posts featured. College grads from different colleges, majors and more will share their experience and give tips on how to adjust to life after. 1,077 more words


The Food Network Shared A Detailed 'Peanut Butter Hack' & The Responses Are Unreal

My cooking repertoire is admittedly limited, but I mastered peanut butter sandwiches in the second grade. My mom began asking me to make my own lunches for school, complete with grapes, fruit snacks, and tiny packets of pretzels from Costco, and in spreading the peanut butter on Wonder bread, assembling a sandwich, I found some semblance of independence, of accomplishment. 457 more words


You Can't Tell by Looking at Me

You can’t tell by looking at me that I have a master’s degree in art history. I concentrated in museum studies when I got my Master of Library and Information Science; I didn’t care about the Dewey Decimal or MARC. 1,113 more words


Public speaking; one of my one true loves (not).

On Wednesday this week I did a practice presentation of a journal article for my assessment in two weeks time. I picked a journal article based on the topic I was researching on my placement, which was body image. 436 more words


Post-Grad Life Update

So, it’s been TWENTY TWO¬†months since graduating from university. It’s almost two years!! I think I should stop calling these “Post-Grad” life updates and simply life updates because as much as I don’t want to accept it, … 845 more words