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Musings: The Post-Holiday Depression 🚫✈️🌴☀️

You can probably tell I’m all too glad to be back from my holiday…

Here are a few things I’m currently experiencing – can you empathise with any of these? 166 more words


Ready Get Set Goal!

As I finished my evening run today, I am glad that I am able to hit my target of doing 15 rounds. Hitting a goal gives me a sense of fulfillment, may it be on a simple workout or run or completing a project at work. 434 more words


And it’s only half four.

Dee-Dee returned to work today after a week on holiday and it’s so tiring. The constant back and forth. Which means I’ve not got as much done as I would have liked but I think (I hope) that what I have got done is good stuff. 32 more words


Chocolate Hang Over

Easter has come and gone. The chocolate bunnies have been eaten.

Now its time to work through the post-holiday hang over.

Oh to be a child again during the holidays. 209 more words


Hi Just Cause, Holiday Fat and Smoking

Jesus. Okay so hi. I haven’t been blogging or posting much just because, I’m not really sure as to why, I don’t really feel like crap and I don’t really feel like Beyoncé either so I’m not sure why I’m posting at all. 449 more words


Overseas wedding and teambuilding

i have a very quiet life… most of the time, it is just work and home, with yoga a couple of times a week, and an occasional night out with friends. 1,156 more words

Where The Heck Did Christmas Go?

It’s January 11th and I really hope Christmas gets here soon. Wait, Holy Crap, it came already didn’t it? Mother of God, I think I missed it! 746 more words