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La gente comincia a prenderci sul serio: Tottenham - Southampton 2-1

La partita con il Southampton potrebbe rivelarsi la partita più importante di questa stagione. Sarebbe stato il giorno perfetto se il Chelsea avesse pareggiato, ma la giornata dice comunque +3 punti guadagnati sull’Arsenal, +2 su Manchester City e Liverpool. 295 more words


People understand we are serious now: Spurs - Southampton 2-1

The Southampton game may end up being the most important game this season. Would have been the perfect day if Chelsea had drawn, but the day still says +3 points gained on Arsenal, +2 on Man City & Liverpool. 308 more words


“I was referring to my daughter” - Married Ghana star Mohammed Anas after thanking girlfriend in post-match gaffe

Footballer Mohammed Anas who thanked his wife and girlfriend in a post-match interview has dug himself an even bigger hole.

Anas, who plays for South African top flight side Free State Stars gave a bizarre explanation for his slip of the tongue after his team drew 2-2 with Ajax Cape Town on Friday. 172 more words

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Ciao cari lettori,

Lo so, mancavo da un pò. Perdonatemi, ma ero troppo impegnato a guardare gli Spurs, spero comprendiate.

3 partite in 10 giorni, quasi senza volerlo. 501 more words



Hello dear readers,

I know, it’s been a long time. I do apologise, but I was too busy watching Spurs, hope you’d understand.

3 games in 10 days, almost without planning to. 517 more words


Settimana "Spursy"

Settimana strana, davvero.

Se cercate ‘Spursy’ sul vocabolario, potreste trovare un riferimento alla settimana appena passata.

Siamo stati terribili a Liverpool. 0 mordente, 0 desiderio, 0 concentrazione. 289 more words


Spursy week...

Strange week, really.

If you look for ‘Spursy’ on your dictionary, you may find a reference to the past week.

We were terrible at Liverpool. No fire, no desire, no focus. 306 more words