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To the Victor the Spoils

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Crystal Palace 0 Spurs 1

27th April 2017

A gritty, uninspired one-nil.

The type of victory that Fergie’s Man United teams built numerous PL titles on. 523 more words

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Reach for the Sky

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Chelsea 4 Spurs 2

22nd April 2017

Another day, Dier’s header goes in. Another day and Matic’s shot balloons into the stands. Another day even Kane’s last-minute free-kick squirms over the line. 932 more words

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Spurs set up for storybook finish

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Spurs 4 Bournemouth 0

20th April 2017

Another Saturday, another 4-0 spanking. Our marvellous team administered discipline yet again to brave but limited opposition. 554 more words

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[Italiano] Well, That Escalated Quickly

Pazzi quattro giorni.

Sono sempre stato un tifoso orgoglioso, ma questa settimana ho potuto quasi sentire un pizzico di invidia da parte dei colleghi che tifano altre squadre – … 388 more words


Well, That Escalated Quickly

Those Four Days were mental.

I have always been a proud Spurs fan, but this week I could almost feel some degree of envy from colleagues of other teams – … 411 more words


La gente comincia a prenderci sul serio: Tottenham - Southampton 2-1

La partita con il Southampton potrebbe rivelarsi la partita più importante di questa stagione. Sarebbe stato il giorno perfetto se il Chelsea avesse pareggiato, ma la giornata dice comunque +3 punti guadagnati sull’Arsenal, +2 su Manchester City e Liverpool. 295 more words


People understand we are serious now: Spurs - Southampton 2-1

The Southampton game may end up being the most important game this season. Would have been the perfect day if Chelsea had drawn, but the day still says +3 points gained on Arsenal, +2 on Man City & Liverpool. 308 more words