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Spectral Lore's III Reviewed

When I was looking for best of 2014 albums that I missed, I stumbled across Spectral Lore’s III. Last post I said I was going through a black metal phase, and this is the album that got me in the mood for it. 471 more words


Finally arrived!
Looks and sounds amazing!

Collector’s edition available here (limited to 75 copies worldwide)
Black vinyl edition available here (limited to 200 copies worldwide)

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Album Review: Kraków - "Amaran"

If you’re of a gambling persuasion, you can probably bet on not finding an album as all-over-the-place Kraków‘s newest one, Amaran, over the rest of this year. 499 more words


Caïna - Setter Of Unseen Snares

(Broken Limbs Recordings, 2015)

Andrew Curtis-Brignell has been working on Caïna since 2004, handling mostly all the instruments on the bands releases, with an exception of a few other people responsible for drums, bass and vocals during the years (the band has featured people like Chris Ross of Revenge and N.Imperial of Krieg as vocalists). 381 more words

Black Metal

Abstracter - Wound Empire

(Vendetta Records / Sentient Ruin Laboratories, 2015)

Oakland-based Abstracter have been active since 2010, releasing two full-lengths of which this is the latest. The band started out as a Noise-outfit, before morphing into delivering more Post-Metallic and Crusty Sludgy Doom, still keeping their Noise background evident. 444 more words

Black Metal

Album Review: A Swarm Of The Sun - The Rifts

“And hope has never seemed so far away
I need you to survive another day
I pull you deep below to make you see
That you’re the greatest thing I’ll never be” 273 more words

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