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Crawl – Old Wood and Broken Dreams (Review)

This is the debut album by US Sludge band Crawl.

Crawl have come to stink up the place with their dirty brand of Sludge.

This is Southern-tinged Sludge Metal with a healthy swagger and a groove that won’t quit. 228 more words


A hidden treasure unearthed

Last week a good friend of mine recommended me this album, called ”Renewal”, by Colaris. Until recently i had no idea about the band. So i asked my friend ”is it post metal or post metal related?” and then he asked me ”wow, how did you know?”. 238 more words


Below the Sun - Envoy (Review)

Below the Sun are a Sludge band from Russia and this is their début album.

This is Atmospheric Sludge Metal that’s as heavy as a rhino and as daunting as a pack of predators. 328 more words


Minsk - The Crash and the Draw

 Typically when a popular band comes back from an lengthy hiatus there is much anticipation about the album that they’ll put out whenever they return. For lack of a better example, the best example of this in recent years is Slipknot’s “.5: The Gray Chapter”. 335 more words

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Abstrakt - Limbosis

So ”Limbosis” is the title of the album we’ re reviewing today. Or else my exit pass from my personal limbo where i had temporarilly lost some interest in heavy music. 460 more words


Ur Draugr – The Wretched Ascetic (Review)

Ur Draugr are from Australia and this is their début EP.

This release is 20 minutes long and features Ur Draugr’s captivating take on Atmospheric Death Metal. 223 more words


Album Review: Pyramids - "A Northern Meadow"

A Northern Meadow is a cold and calculating mix of post-punk, post-rock, black metal, and ambient from the Texas band Pyramids. It’s the band’s first solo ( 510 more words

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