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Liberal and Conservative Harmony in 2012

At the start of what looks to be an ugly campaign season, we would all do well to remember points of agreement between the American left and right.   746 more words

Weekly Article Roundup

Another short list this week, just one excellent article. It’ll take a while to get through, though. I also comment below on my Tweets this week about the San Francisco mayor’s salary for 2012: 313 more words


A Journey: My Political Life by Tony Blair

I got interested in this book by watching an interview with Tony Blair on the Daily Show.  I was also interested in his defense of the Iraq, that I thought was a terrible mistake, but I am also willing to think I could be wrong.  The ultimate result of the Iraq war is likely to bad, but it is pure hubris on anyone’s part to be certain of anything about that war.  As a one time supporter with profound buyer’s regret, I can’t seem to get away from the subject. 396 more words


Music news: Akon’s No Labels anthem

Wow, this is some serious crap:

Akon’s No Labels Anthem.

It only took one conversation with Lisa Borders, one of the founding leaders of No Labels, for Akon to immediately understand the meaning of this movement’s message. 

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Barak Obama: the heir of Woodrow Reagan?

Man, it’s really tough getting a handle on this President. Is he Woodrow Wilson incarnate, or Ronald Reagan?

The Right wing thinks he is an  anti-American, quasi-Christian (or maybe-Muslim) pseudo-intellectual who is hell-bent on forcing his national socialist agenda upon the United States,  impoverishing it enough so that it will easily comply with the demands of a European-led New World Order.  413 more words

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58. Post-partisan-ship-ness

Much is different in comparison to 1997 or 1984. Today most of us know that we are living in a pluralistic and changing world in which it becomes increasingly difficult to find some really great and compelling truths.  351 more words


And Some People Are Just Now Figuring It Out

Obama is no post-partisan. Of course, plenty of us were pointing that out during the entire campaign: he had one of the most partisan records as a Senator.

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